Tackle Those Everyday Household Problems in Your Home

Giving your home an injection of curb appeal doesnt have to mean you must seek a renovation. It doesnt have to mean you must go for a big build. It doesnt have to mean you must use the services of an interior designer. No, you can give your home a fresh curb appeal by simply taking to tackling the everyday household problems within it.


You can start by tackling those stains that seemingly just wont budge. You will probably have noticed a whole host of stains and smudges around your home that are contributing to its current lack of curb appeal. Whether they be watermark rings induced by drinks not being put on coasters or bathtub rings brought about by overuse of the tub, you should take to tackling them.


One way to tackle the former, the plight of the watermark ring, is to combine equal parts olive oil and vinegar and to rub the subsequent concoction onto the inflicted area. And once it is gone, make sure to use coasters in the future so that you dont have to deal with the problem again! To tackle the menace that is bathtub rings you will need to take a different approach. One approach you can take is to dip a half-cut lemon in salt and then take to scrubbing it upon any rings you see. The combination of the lemon and the salt will form a cleaning product strong enough to wipe the dirt that has inflicted the porcelain. But just because it is strong, it doesnt mean you should be forgetting to add some elbow grease into the equation too.

Another common household problem in your home that you shouldn’t be forgetting about is dust. As you are probably aware, dust builds. And not only does it build, but it holds. It holds in carpets. It holds in bookcases. It holds on to anything and everything it can possibly hold on to. But it wont hold on to something once you start to tackle it. And to do so isnt a particularly hard job. You should start by dipping a cloth in a cleaning product of your choice. You should then take the cloth and wipe away the dust. Simple, isnt it? Well it does get tougher than that, upon occasion. If dust has built in the deepest and darkest crevices of your home you should wrap the cloth around a knife and then poke around in the crevice. But dust problems can be harder still. If you have ever taken to de-dusting a big area, where the dust is thicker and there are more layers of it, you can probably attest to the fact that it is a hard job. To tackle this kind of job, you should buy yourself a dust extraction product to help you, such as those offered by Bryson Products Ltd. You can also find face masks on offer there too, which are a pivotal piece of workwear when it comes to the task of tackling a lot of dust. If you value your lungs, that is.


You dont have to blow your budget in order to enhance your home. You can enhance your home by simply tackling the everyday household problems that try to bring it down every day.

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Just Breathe: Ways To Manage Your Money While Moving

Moving house can be stressful for a whole myriad of reasons. You never feel certain that the whole things going to work out the way you want it to until youre actually in your new home – and aside from all the logistical issues of packing up all your stuff and getting your kids acclimatised to a whole new space, there are also a lot of financial issues that you need to think hard about before you move. Here are some simple tips to help you manage your money while youre moving house.


Make A Budget

First of all, ensure that you make a budget. This will help you to become much more certain about exactly how much money you have and how much you can spend. Figuring out exactly how much you have to pay in taxes before you actually have to do so, will help you figure out whether you can easily afford a moving company or whether you should pay your friends and family in love and pizza to help you out instead. Being aware of your financial situation is the first step of learning to harness it and work with it.


Talk To The Professionals

Secondly, dont be afraid to talk to the professionals. If you have never bought a house before by yourself, or if youve split from a partner who always helped out with the financial side of things, or even if your money situation has recently changed, you might be feeling a lot of uncertainties. Remember thats okay – no one is sure of everything in their lives. But you shouldnt try to battle through alone as you might end up making mistakes and getting into a bit of a mess. Talk to a broker like Enness Private who will help you to figure out what exactly youre doing.


Get Prioritising

Thirdly, if youre looking around at your brand new home and trying to figure out what comes next, its time to start prioritising. Sure, you might want a shiny new waterfall shower but that doesnt mean that you shouldnt prioritise an extension that will mean that your kids get to have separate bedrooms. Before you think about what you want, think about what your new house needs. From there, you can make decisions that will benefit every member of your family.


Consider Your Other Costs

Finally, make sure that youve considered the costs of moving that you havent quite thought about before. For instance, packing materials can be pricey, and so can hiring a moving van. Cleaning services can cost a lot of money and you may not get all of your deposit back if youve been renting. You may have to pay for childcare or to put your pets in kennels safely so that you can move house without unsettling and disturbing them, and if you work freelance or you have to take unpaid days off to move then youll be losing out on money. Make sure that you consider all the costs of moving to work out your budget.

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Gawdon Bennet! Buyin’ Proper’y In The Smoke : Things To Remember. OK?

Knowing the lingo isn’t the only thing that you need to be up to speed on if you are looking to purchase a property in the capital. In fact, there are a lot of ins and outs that you need to be aware of to make the best of your investment. So read on to find out more.


Is the area up and coming?

One of the most important factors to consider when buying property in London is whether the area is an up and coming one. This can be easier said than done though because the gentrification of a borough can happen very quickly.

To help you with this look for signs like high-end stores and restaurants being open in the area. As this usually points to an influx of well-paid workers seeking accommodation.

Also rising rent and purchase prices are another sign that the area is up and coming. But when buying it’s important that you swoop in at the right time. So you aren’t paying too much and can still make a decent profit if you choose to rent or sell.


What are the transport links like to central?

Another very vital aspect of getting property investment right in London is checking how good the transport links are from that area to central London. This is particularly important for two reasons.

The first is that many people will work in central, which means that they want to be able to commute in the easiest way possible.

This could be by either tube or bus, and one of the most important things is that the distance from the property to the tube or bus stop isn’t too far. As this can really increase the desirability of the home. As it makes it a lot easier for the person that is living there to get around.

Secondly, it’s important to be near the transport links for when you are not working. This is because most people in London don’t run cars due to the traffic and congestion charge. So to get anywhere, they will need to use the city’s transportation system.


It’s it close to shops and pubs?

Of course, it not just about how good the transport link to the centre is, but also what the local area is like that is important when buying a property in London.

For example, flats and houses that are close to larger supermarkets chains, good shops, and decent pubs are going to be much more desirable than those that aren’t.

This is because they allow the resident to have a better quality of life, without travel great distances for everything. Which can be something that gets tiresome in London, after you have lived there for a long while.


Is there a garden or outside space?

Lastly, also remember when buying a property in London is that anywhere that has access to a garden or an outside space is more valuable than this that don’t.

Think about it if you are living in a city jammed full of people, with only limited green areas, having you own little slice of greenery can be a lifesaver!


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De-Stress Your Home Life

Your home should be a stress-free environment, but for many of us, thats just not the case. Instead, the home is just as stressful as say, the office? Theres plenty of chores for everyone, keeping the home well maintained is a nightmare, and theres no rooms that are set up for relaxing. It all makes you wonder why you even bother coming home at the end of the day.

Ultimately, you might be better off just staying in the office for a few more hours. Of course, we dont want that because thats not how your home life should be. It should be a safe haven far from the stresses of life and the perfect place to enjoy time with the family. So, the question is, what is making your home stressful and, more importantly, how can we eliminate that stress? Well, there are a few key areas to focus on here.


Low Maintenance

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If you want to make sure that your home isnt stressful, it needs to be easy to maintain. This means that you shouldnt have to do the vacuuming twice a week to pick up all the hairs and dust. Instead, you should think about simply making your life easier. You can do this with a renovation of your home and laying down laminate flooring in some or all of the rooms. With laminate flooring, the floors will be easy to clean, and you wont have to worry about spills. This is going to be wonderful for anyone who has children or pets. They constantly make mess on the floors whether its dropped food or muddy feet. With laminate flooring, its easy to clean up all these little stains. Is that the only way you can make sure your home is easy to maintain?

Another issue in the house that certainly causes stress would be cost. We constantly worry about how much the home is costing. Are the accounts being drained due to big bills on energy and electricity or perhaps water? If thats the case, you might want to think about investing in a smart meter. A smart meter will allow you to keep track of your energy usage. With a device like this, you can keep track of whats costing you the most in energy. You might then be able to replace expensive appliances, cutting the costs and the bills.

Of course, another problem that makes homes impossible to maintain is clutter. If your home is constantly cluttered, you need to think about ways to make it less crowded and cramped. You can get storage units that are great for areas of the home, like a childs bedroom. That way, you can keep everything neat and tidy.


Peace And Serenity

If your home is going to be a stress-free environment, you do need to have places where you can relax and forget your troubles. So, what are the options here? Well, you should start by thinking about the bedroom. You can design your bedroom in a way to ensure that you get a good night of sleep each night and you should certainly consider upgrading your bed. A comfortable bed could be exactly what you need to sleep right and not toss and turn in the early hours.

If youre wondering about the type of bed you should get, you might want to have a look at some of the luxury options from companies like John Ryan by Design. There, youll find every type of bed imaginable, and by perusing the full list of options, you can find the right one for your comfort needs.

You should consider upgrading your bathroom too because thats a great place in your home for relaxing. Consider investing in a new bath with jacuzzi features for the perfect relaxing soak that will soothe your body and your mind.


Awesome Automated Options

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Imagine for a moment that you walked into your home in the evening, and it was setup in a way to match your every desire. A song was playing on a surround speaker system that immediately soothes you at just the right volume. The temperature of the home is perfect for escaping the sweltering heat outside. The lights are at the perfect power level not to give you a headache without your home feeling dreary and depressing. It sounds like a dream come true, doesnt it? But actually, the tech for this possibility is already on the market in the form of a smart control system.

With a smart home control, everything can be controlled from your chosen smart device. That could be a phone, a tablet or a computer and it can be accessed while youre out the house. The latest tech is also able to learn. This means that once you start choosing certain options, it will record them and have them ready when you walk in the house.

Try some of these ideas in your home, and we think youll be amazed by the incredible impact they have.

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Brick by Brick: What To Think About Before Building A Property Empire

Building up a property portfolio is something that many of us would like to do. However, it is a process that takes a great deal of time, hard work and commitment. A property portfolio can generate a healthy second income, while the marketplace seems to be growing all the time. There are nine million renters in Britain, and one in five renters is a family. Before you get carried away with dreams of your property empire, it is worth making a few important considerations first.



Treat It A Business

The first thing that you would do before starting any business is carefully do your sums, and this is exactly the same when it comes to investing in property. You will need a substantial amount of cash before you can even think about getting rental property. A deposit of around 25 percent will be needed before getting a buy-to-let loan. You should also work out where you are planning to buy your home and think about which neighbourhoods are up and coming. If you are planning to undertake major work on a house or developing on a plot of land, it is worth getting in touch with property development solicitors. Ultimately, you can never be over prepared.


Local Research

Think about the type of person you are likely to rent to before you invest in a property; will they be students, families or young professionals? Consider the demand in the area. If the property is located close to good transport links, or surrounded by good facilities then you are more likely to find renters. Scouting out the area in which you are buying should be one of your first priorities.


Check Lettings Agents

There is no doubt that being a landlord can be hard work, particularly if you have difficult tenants. Lettings agents can take away a lot of the strain in exchange for a fee. You may decide that they just take care of just the actual lettings process itself – advertising the property, finding a tenant and collecting the rent. The other option is full management which means that they will take everything off your hands including repairs and maintenance. Ultimately, you have to factor into your calculations the cost and work out which is the most desirable option for you.


Dont Forget About the Taxman

Remember that you will have to pay income tax on any profit that you make from rent. A number of the costs are tax deductible like repairs, letting agent fees and landlord insurance. You can also deduct any income you pay on the mortgage. As well as this, if you plan on selling the property then you will have to pay capital gains tax. Once again, it all comes back to making sure that you do all your sums.

Building a property empire is hard work, but for the people who succeed then it can really be a rewarding enterprise that is worth all the hours put into it.

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