Beef up Property Value With These Kitchen Improvement Tips

The kitchen could be seen as the heart of a home. Its where you can socialise, cook food, and eat dinner together with guests and loved ones. Its the reason why many families that are looking for a property will always take extra time to scout the kitchen. Theyll make sure that every nook and cranny is explored and that the kitchen is absolutely spotless. In fact, many families consider the kitchen to be the deal breaker when buying a home.

When renovating a home to sell, you could be in for a nasty surprise if you dont focus enough of your attention on the kitchen. In fact, last minute thoughts about your propertys kitchen might prevent you from selling a home altogether.

Kitchen Storage

Big families require big storage. If your kitchen doesnt have enough cupboards and cabinets to store all their stuff, then its a no-sale. You can add some additional storage by using drawer runners to create easy-access shelving and cupboard units. You could also consider an extra wall shelf or two. As long as your kitchen has ample amounts of storage, then youre guaranteed to score good marks with potential buyers.

Let There Be Light!

But a kitchen is no good if its in the dark. Make sure you have ample lighting to brighten up your kitchen. Utilise everything from multi-tiered ceiling lights, to wall lights, to lamps that can be used to save energy in the night. Mix coloured lighting with regular lighting and set up control boxes so that people who view your property can sample the different moods that coloured lighting can give the kitchen. Dont neglect windows either. Letting in lots of natural sunlight is a great way to improve the overall look of the kitchen.

Colour Coordinated

Make sure that your kitchen colours coordinate well with everything else in the kitchen. Dont neglect to match the kitchen colours to the rest of the house either. You dont want people to walk into a circus of different moods and colours with every room. There needs to be a colour plan that goes throughout the house, and your kitchen should be no exception. Paint the walls, the ceilings, use coloured lighting, and match appliances to the rest of the furniture.


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Decorate and Furnish

People dont want to walk into a bland and empty kitchen. You want to sell people their dreams, and their dreams are to use the kitchen! Set up plates (actual plates, not paper ones) on the tables, cutting boards, coffee tins, fill up the fridgedo everything to make the kitchen look livable and believable. Its a great way to give your potential buyers an idea of how much space theyll have in the kitchen.

Shiny New Appliances

Buyers want to see shiny and sparkling surfaces on their kitchen appliances when they walk into your kitchen. They dont want to see dull surfaces and food stains. Make sure you give the kitchen a tech makeover and upgrade all the appliances. Everything from the stove to the microwave should be replaced. Itll add extra value to your kitchen, and prospective buyers will love you for the amount of work you put into it.

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So Youve Just Bought a House – What’s Next?

For most people that have just purchase a property the issue of home decor and design is very important. As it is unlikely that you will buy a place that is already decorated perfectly to your taste. So it is usually the first job on the list to get the interior sorted. However, this can sometimes be more difficult that it originally appears. Read on to find out what you can do to make sure you avoid as many problems as possible.

Check what’s there

The first thing that you need to do is check what state the house is in. This is especially important for those that have bought at auction. As they may not have had a chance to look around the house property before purchase so there could be some nasty surprises in store.

Keep an eye out for mould, unsafe flooring and cracks in the walls. As these could all signal greater problem that needs to be sorted before you can get on with renovating the rest of the property.

Where possible it makes financial sense to use items that are already in the house. So consider whether doors and cupboards can be painted instead of being replaced.

Also remember that while it is nice to be able to do some structural work on the inside as it can increase the value of your property. It will also increase the cost of the work that is being done. Therefore consider it carefully before you stark knocking through any walls!

Create a plan of what you want

The next step, once you have assessed what is there is to create a plan of what you want. In fact, you may have several plans. The first may show any building work that needs doing such as fitting a new kitchen. Then you may want to create some mood boards for the decorative aspect of the rooms that you will overhaul as well.

This is a worthwhile activity because seeing how all your fabrics and colours work together can save you a lot of money in the long run. Especially you decide that they don’t match as well as you’d hoped.


Secure funding

One you have fulfilled the first two stages, then it’s time to secure some funding for your project. The assessments and plan that you made should give you a good idea of the costs involved.

If you’re lucky, you have some money left over from the purchase price of the property. But if that sum will not cover all of your planned renovations, consider the option of homeowner personal loans as well. A loan like this can provide you with enough money to get the finish on your property that you are looking for sorted, even before you have to move in.


Get Quotes

Once you know that you have the right level of funding to proceed with your renovations you can contact contractors to get quotes. It is always better to speak to at least three contractors and to compare the prices that they give you. Look out for ones that includes labor and materials in the total cost and can do the work on a convenient time scale.

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Let The Right One Out! Why Scrimping And Saving Can Harm Your Buy-To-Let Income

Renovating a home to let can be difficult. No, scratch that, it is difficult. It takes time, money and effort, and all of this comes with an additional helping of stress. It’s worth it, in the end, to have a home that you can let out or sell on for a good price. But while you’re among it, the strain can have very noticeable effects on you and those close to you.

Among those effects is the impact it has on your decision making. This is a time when every decision you make has an impact not only on your end result, but also your bank balance. And whether you’re letting it to tenants or end up moving in yourself, you need to make sure that those decisions are the right ones. After all, one way or another you’ll be living with, or in, the consequences.

What is vital above all else is that, sleep-deprived and desperate to finish as you may be, you make a decision for the right reasons. Although saving money is always an attractive prospect, sometimes lower prices are bargains. Sometimes, they are false economies. Dont pick something thats worth less if it will hurt your rental income.

In The Bathroom – Pick The Right Flooring


The bathroom, the smallest room in most houses, is an area where you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Weirdly, this makes some people feel like it’s an area where they can make cuts. The logic goes that you’re not spending much there anyway, so a little cut won’t be missed. Well, maybe not – so long as it is a little one.

For example, don’t invest in cheaper flooring for the bathroom to cut some money from the budget. Cheap flooring has a habit of showing its lack of quality very soon after installation. In a room that is going to be wet for a lot of the time, this will look awful after not too long at all. If someone is renting this place for six months, will you just have to redo it when they move out?

In The Bedroom – Protect The Key Pieces

There are many spots in a bedroom where a little bit of a saving can be made. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can potentially run up your own curtains and save some cash that way. Going with less vaunted suppliers for bedroom furniture can help too. Even high-end vendors tend to sell flat-pack these days, so is it worth splashing out? Maybe, maybe not.

Make sure that areas like the bed itself are taken care of, though. It’s not much extra expense to go with bed linen from Richard Haworth or a similar supplier, and the bed will look and feel so much better for it.

In The Kitchen – Don’t Overdo The Appliances


If there is one room in the house where even penny-pinchers are prone to profligacy, it’s the kitchen. You need to bear in mind that just because there is scope for an appliance, and it’s a nice one, it doesn’t mean you have to have it. Have all the usual – cooker, washer, etc. – and then maybe one “Wow” addition such as a great coffee machine. Otherwise, they become too much expense for a lot of clutter and not much function. And if youre renting the place out, the tenant will add most of what they want anyway.

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It’s The Little Things: Four Simple Ways To Help You Sell Your Home

Your home is your biggest asset. In the financial world, there are few things that can come with larger price tags than property. In an ideal world, any buyer would immediately offer you the price that you want for your property. Sadly we don’t live in a perfect world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t boost the value of your home to what you think it deserves. Bringing your home’s value up doesn’t have to involve massive renovations or significant changes. In fact, there are plenty of ways you can improve the chances of getting the offer you want without having to spend huge amounts of time and money. Here are four ways to help your property sell and to make sure you’re offered a decent price for it.

First impressions


It’s true what they say; you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And what’s the very first thing that prospective buyers see when they arrive at the property? That’s right, the front door. It doesn’t matter if the interior of your property is filled with the most beautiful, modern and elegant design possible. If the front of your property looks dated, chipped and uncared for, it’s going to affect how customers think about the whole property. Make sure that the door is newly repainted in a subtle color. You should also be sure that any outdoor lights are newly repainted and if there’s a front garden, make sure that it’s neat and well kept.

Let there be light


Lighting can really make or break your home when it comes to selling it. It changes the way everything looks, turning a spacious and modern property into somewhere that looks dark, dingy and cramped. Make sure that all the lights in the property are recently changed to bright, modern bulbs. You should also ensure that the rooms are arranged to let in as much natural light as possible. It really is amazing just how much more space a room can seem to have when it’s well lit.

Check everything (including the kitchen sink!)


Selling your property is not the time for major overhauls. Unless there’s actually something really wrong with the property, this is the time for small improvements. Minor updates to things like the lights, mirrors and carpets can make a big difference without too much effort. It’s also a good idea to update your taps in the kitchen and bathroom. Places like Tap Warehouse are great for modernizing your home in preparation for selling it.


Keep it clean

This might seem obvious, but it gets forgotten far too often. Make sure your house is spotless before someone comes to view it. Give the floors a vacuum, clear out last night’s takeaway and give the surfaces a quick dust. It’s a minor thing but rest assured it will make a huge amount of difference the way that a potential buyer sees the property. A half-hour clean beforehand can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

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Investing Is Crucial To Making Your To-Let A Lot More Profitable

As with any venture involving property, being a landlord can be tricky business. Now, more people are renting due to the difficulty of getting in the housing market. But that doesnt mean its easy to make a profit when letting out a home. So sometimes you need to take that extra step and make a little more investment to make sure your to-let project gets you the money it should.


The where of it all

If you havent bought a property to let it, yet, then hold off on that thought. One of the ways you can make sure youre dealing with a steady income stream is by letting out a home to the right market. You might want to let to families, which means choosing a property in a nice residential neighbourhood. Similarly, there are some locations that are good for the steady stream of student and postgraduate tenants you can expect.

Curb appeal matters

Never let anyone tell you that a great garden is for selling a home only. If your property is in an upscale area, then people will most definitely pay extra for a garden that has had some work put into it. Remember that a lot of your tenants might otherwise be buying a home if they could. If youre willing to offer them what they want from a home, youll find they can be willing to pay more to live there.

More rooms, more money

The more usable space that you can offer your tenants, the better. Many will rush to convert spare rooms and attics to bedrooms. But dont ignore just how important the number of bathrooms can be to some tenants. Bathroom renovations might seem like a lot to handle. However, you can cut down on the cost and effort involved with services like PRS bathroom pods. When youre renovation, consider the materials that you use for those renovations, as well. It can be a good idea to choose those that are easier to maintain and clean. That way youre less likely to be facing hefty cleaning fees.

The longer they stay, the better

Vacancies are bad, we all know that. You dont want your property sitting around empty for long. While its a good idea to keep the one-year contracts, try looking for people who want to stay in a property for longer. Screen your tenants for duration, not just how likely they are to take care of the property.


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Consider offering more services

You never know what kind of tenants youre going to get. Some will be more than happy to pay extra for services. For example, they may be willing to pay for the kind of services a contractor would offer. Landscaping, cleaning and the like. Its your property, so they know youll want to keep it in good condition. This way, you can get more profitable from being hands on with a few properties instead of managing a larger amount. If you take care of cleaning on an ongoing contractual basis, you can avoid disputes at the end of their term, too.

There are plenty of ways to ensure your property stays profitable. From choosing the better property to taking on more responsibility. The more work youre willing to put in, the better.

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