Where to invest in London The top 20 areas to invest

The property market in London is notorious for its high prices and popular areas. Identifying a new area could be compared to tapping into a gold reserve. Many people are no longer bothered about postcodes in the way that they used to be and so they are happy to look at other areas. So where should buyers invest?


This is the final area around Hyde Park as prices here have never been the same as those in areas such as Knightsbridge or Mayfair. However, more investors are purchasing here because there are older properties such as terraced houses and old hotels that could be converted into desirable properties.


In the past year, house prices in this area have increased by 31%. The area is located close to the North London Line which is undergoing improvement while other healthy price rises have been seen at other London Overground Stations.


The price of property in the area is expected to increase by 25% by the time Crossrail is completed in 2018 but developers have only now decided to consider its potential. This is one of the most interesting markets being developed in London.


Peckham has grown in popularity as the area has been undergoing improvements. It is located close to the city and in the last five years, prices have doubled.


The area has seen trendy apartments spring up in recent years while its impeccable residential streets have a real appeal but prices here are lower than other areas of the city. A profit can be achieved in the long term.


The area has undergone some serious changes in recent years and this is likely to lead to price rises that are on par with the prices in Soho. The area will benefit from the Crossrail project and a new development on the Old Street roundabout will also add to the area.

Nine Elms, Battersea

Experts believe that this area has a lot to look forward to in the future due to the regeneration of Battersea Power Station and the relocation of the US Embassy. The plans to extend the Northern Line will make the area more accessible and so this is an area that could be worth investing in.


This is the perfect area for those investors looking for something priced lower than the more established areas. Prices have increased by 20% in the last year and the new Streatham Park has drawn attention to the area along with good transport links.

Stoke Newington

Many young professionals have moved to the area and this has means that it is making a name for itself. It is a multicultural area that is being redeveloped offering excellent gains over the long term.


New developments on the south side of the River Thames are now paving the way for other developments and the potential they have. New apartments being built in the area are certainly working wonders for its popularity.


The area is steeped in history but it is now attracting the city types who cannot afford to purchase property in Canary Wharf. It is the ideal alternative.

West Drayton

This is another area that will benefit from the Crossrail project. Investors have already started purchasing property in the area as they believe that they are likely to see a good return on their investment once the Crossrail project completes.


London property hotspots are now reaching wider than ever before. Young people want to live in the area because it is up and coming and has a lot to offer. Lower prices and regeneration are helping investors to benefit from purchasing property in this area.

Earls Court

Regeneration in the area, notably the Earls Court Exhibition Centre and Seagrave Road are likely to turn the area into a real hotspot. Urban villages and a new school will see house prices rise.wc102


Prices in the area have increased by 24% over the last year. The area has a huge amount of history mixed with modern warehouse conversions that are fast becoming extremely popular.



Victoria has long been hiding in the shadow of Belgravia but its fortunes could soon be set to change. Regeneration of the Coach station and Victoria Street along with modern buildings replacing tired and worn properties will certainly help to enhance confidence in the area.
Tottenham Court Road

This has always been an area that has not had a huge amount of attraction but perceptions are changing. Redevelopments of existing buildings into classy residential units as well as the tube station will make accessing the city centre a lot quicker enhancing its potential.

Honor Oak

Improvements to Honor Oak have really made the difference while links to the city centre are being improved through the Thameslink project. Victorian terraces with huge potential and competitive prices are making this an area to consider.



Mayfair is known to be one of the more expensive areas of London but there is a reason why it is included in this list. It was once home to mainly offices but the residential market is being developed and so it is growing to the point where it will offer great returns in the long-term.
Elephant and Castle

Once an area that was not pleasing to look at, a significant regeneration project has turned this into a desirable area. Property prices are reasonable and new retail space will give the area a new dimension. It is in travel zone one, which is an advantage while it is not a million miles away from other desirable areas.

For more information about property investment in London, please contact Hopwood House

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Unique Changes To Your Home Design That Will Attract Buyers

Interior designers might have the best job in the world. They can see inside hundreds of different properties. And they have the creative vision to turn what they see into something spectacular. But you dont need to be an interior designer to make a few changes to your own home. If youre looking for some unique ideas that will get a buyers heart pumping, you could be spoiled for choice.



Most of us hide rusty old radiators behind the sofa or cover them up altogether. The trouble is, we do need these unsightly beasts in the winter time. So why not swap out the grotty white thing blocking up your wall for something you actually want to look at? You could choose a tall Ultraheat radiator that takes up less width along the wall. Or maybe youre looking for something that is sleek and mirrored in the finish?



Give each room in your house a wow factor with a wall-hung electric fire. LED surrounds give the room the kind of glow youve always wanted. If youre looking to create a period feel, why not restore an original fireplace? You can do this on your own by cleaning up a reclaimed mantel and hearth. You will need to book a chimney sweep to give you the all clear if you want to fire it up, though!



Exquisite chandeliers in a contemporary style can work well in any room. There are even bathroom light fittings that can add that special something to the room. Decorative light switches can also look a lot better than a white plastic button on the wall. There are many bulbs to choose from, although LEDs tend to be the cheapest to run overall. Why not pick one that is app controlled? That way you can select the brightness and colour you want to illuminate your space.


LED striplights are highly flexible and hugely versatile. They can be placed along the trim of your stairs, around the TV cabinet, or even along the corners of the walls. This can offer a brilliant lighting effect or a warm glow in any colour you choose. Many systems are remote controlled. You can buy them cheaply from your local DIY store.



Bespoke storage ideas are wonderful to have in your home. These offer maximum use of space because they are designed exclusively for the room they are in. Of course, when youre looking for smart storage for smaller spaces, its best to seek out clever options. If you can clear every surface and free up the floor space, your home will look more spacious and less cluttered. This can be very attractive to potential buyers.



Finding your own style is important. It doesnt have to be mainstream or part of a trend. But seeing that style through by working it from room to room can be very attractive to a potential buyer. Its sometimes best to pick a feature like a fireplace or a chandelier and design from there. What will inspire you in your home design today?

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Pinterest Up Your Home SOS

Have you just moved into your new home? Or just decided it’s time to get going with that DIY project you’ve been planning forever? Whatever your goal, here’s 10 Pinterest Boards you need in your life…

1) The Garden Fix

Whether you’re planning a flowerbed or a treehouse, get pinning your ideas onto a garden themed board. You can use both Rightmove or Pinterest itself to find beautiful homes to inspire you, and also get onto websites, like B&Q and Homebase, and pin products you might buy at a later date – to keep all of your ideas and prospective products in one place! See some of our favourite ideas here.

pinterest blog 1

2) The DIY Hacks

Planning to upcycle your furniture, make an old bed frame into a bench or even just make some home-made bunting? The sky’s your limit so pin away on all of the Buzzfeeda article and hack guides you can find on Pinterest! Then once you’ve done all the hard stuff, you can add those quirky little touches. See some of our favourite ideas here.

3) The Spare Room Planner

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your new home, you might want to incorporate a few passions and needs into one mega all-needs-covered spare room! See some of our favourite ideas here.

pinterest blog 2

4) The Furniture Matcher

As in your garden board, browse the furniture stores and pin different sofa suites, your wooden furniture sets and garden furniture sets in line with the rest of your décor.

5) Save For Later

If you’ve just moved in, we understand you might be a bit strapped for cash – so why not make a ‘save for later’ board where you can plan all the dream features you don’t have the time or money for right now but you might integrate later! See some of our favourite ideas here.

6) Cater For The Kids Or Pets

From great home-made dog toy ideas to how to decorate your children’s den so they haven’t grown out of the theme by winter, pin a board for your little friends. It’ll help you match everything in there and give you lots of creative ideas so you can get DIY-ing yourself. Most importantly, it’ll stop you splashing out little and often on all the treats you buy them and help you organise their space, instead of impulse-buy (we know you too well!!). See some of our favourite ideas here.

pinterest blog 3

7) Space Hacks

We don’t all have lots of space in our new home but that doesn’t mean we can’t get Pinterest-busy creating a homely little space that fulfills our needs. You’d be surprised how many hacks there are to make the most of your space – so get yourself a board to collect them all before you start decorating.

8) Room-by-Room

Planning a DIY project in a specific room? Make a board dedicated to that room and whether it’s the nursery, the bedroom or the kitchen, you can pin all of the wallpaper patterns, furniture and equipment needed for the room in one place to make sure they match. This will save you two hours running back to the John Lewis returns counter when you accidentally buy five different shades of a colour for one room! See some of our favourite idea, by room, here.

pinterest blog 4

9) Décor

Once you’ve done the hard work and got all the basics covered, it’s time to indulge! Get on the hunt for cushions, bunting, plants, ornaments and more, to spruce up your new look!

10) Your Local Area

One last job – once you’ve sorted the home, you’ll want to get out exploring the local area so have a root around for local parks, pub gardens, attractions and close-by towns you want to visit and you can work your way through them at your own leisure.

Well, there’s the 10 Pinterest Boards you need in your life! From pre-planning, to DIY, to finishing touches, to getting out into the local area, make your home move as fun and easy as possible by keeping all of your ideas together in one place, with Pinterest.

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Good things about moving house!

When moving house, we all prepare ourselves for the worst – what could go wrong, what we might forget to organise, getting hot and bothered and all the unpacking BUT there’s so many good things to remember – here’s just a few of them…

  1. You get to drink champagne (with a valid reason).
  2. You get that satisfying feeling once you’ve unpacked and put away everything (you legend).
  3. You have a reason to make a cardboard box fort.
  4. You get to buy new decorative items (and give in to that cushion addiction).
  5. It’s completely acceptable for you to sit in each room for prolonged periods of time with a cuppa, just looking around, and nodding. Well done you – this is all yours.
  6. You’ve finally found that item you packed months ago and had accepted you just wouldn’t see again.
  7. You can play on Pinterest for hours and have a good reason for it.
  8. It’s an excuse to go through all your mix-match cutlery and buy new sets. You have never looked at the Ikea website this much in your life.
  9. It’s a good excuse to get all your friends round for a house warming.
  10. It’s an amazing chance to declutter.
  11. You’ve just gained some new friends in the form of your neighbours.
  12. You get to buy XXL bags of Daim Bars when you visit Ikea. Which will happen several times. By which time you’ll be addicted to Daim bars.
  13. You’ve got a new hobby to talk about with your partner, friends and family and this one is ever-changing and evolving, depending on how DIY-happy you get.
  14. Finding a new cupboard or storage space makes your heart soar , every time.
  15. Best of all, once all is said and done, boxes are unpacked and binned and your house is looking lived in, you can sit down, breathe a sigh of relief and know you don’t have to do that again anytime soon!


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Most Unusual Listings This August

So, suddenly it’s August! Our Great British Summer has come and gone and post summer-holiday, we know you guys need cheering up, so we’ve searched far and wide for some quirky listings, and here are some of our favourites. Enjoy!

First up is this gorgeous home which, at first glance, just looks like a grass mound but, on closer inspection, reveals a hobbit-sized door and some pretty lush interiors. Being a beautiful, lavish abode, we’re shocked at the price – so maybe we’ll be making the move up north!

unusual property aug 1

Next up is this stunning Surrey home. With seven bedrooms, a cinema room, beauty salon, gym and wine cellar, we’d never need to leave this home. What we can’t get our head around, though, is why the elevating garage goes down to the pool? Phew – the minds of the rich and famous eh!

unusual property aug 2

Step back in time with this mini castle in Todmorden in The Pennines. With views over the town and the gorgeous local scenery, you’d definitely feel like the king or queen of this beautiful home!

unusual property aug 3

Any Harry Potter fans? Recreate dinners in the Great Hall in this incredible Peterborough property! The gorgeous Grade I Listed £1.6m manor boasts links to Oliver Cromwell and a gatehouse, keep, stables and privy of its own – woah!

unusual property aug 4

This beautiful castle sits magnificently by this Inverness lake. With 40 bedrooms, a grand hall, a ballroom, a billiard room and a drawing room, the castle has a pretty cool history – being built in the early 1900s and believed to be the last castle built in Scotland.

unusual property aug 5

This quirky five bedroom home boasts a distinctive clock tower as you approach – and some even more interesting decor when you enter! See if you can spot what we mean…

unusual property aug 6

If you’ve got a spare million knocking around and you’re a lover of the sunshine, this Dubai dream home might be just what you need! Like nothing we’ve ever seen before, this floating home listing shows the builders in the process of fitting this property just off their coast… Watching the fish from bed? We’re so in, it’s unreal.

unusual property aug 7

Last off for this month’s amazing and unusual properties is this charmingly converted Chapel. Like something out of a fairytale from the outside and classically decorated inside, this is a gorgeous home for a young family in Northumberland.

unusual property aug 8

Seen any unusual properties on Rightmove? Share them with us over on Twitter @Rightmove with #topoftheprops!

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