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For those foreign property owners who leave their homes empty, they could find themselves paying more tax if the Mayor of London has his way.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan as requested that the government agree to increase the council tax bill in those London boroughs where high valued properties are empty.

This request comes after a report was carried out last year to understand the role that overseas investment plays in the property market of London. The London School of Economics and the University of York carried out the research and they consider the how overseas investment contributes to the new housing supply along with any concerns that the public has about those homes that are being left empty after they are purchased by overseas buyers.

It was found that the number of empty properties was relatively low but there were more empty homes in those locations that are upmarket and considered to be prime areas.

Therefore, the Mayor has requested that the Government supports the proposed changes to increase council tax on empty homes above the current 5% level. He stated that councils should have the ability to increase council tax to a rate that is meaningful to the point where it would encourage owners to occupy their properties. It was also suggested that the increase could also help to enhance investment in affordable homes in an attempt to deal with the housing crisis. He made a point of mentioning the Westminsters top Band H, where properties can be worth millions of pounds but due to the empty homes levy would be no higher than 668 per annum.

London is facing a real housing crisis and this challenge alone will not be sorted out overnight. Therefore, a solid plan needs to be put in place in order to deal with the issue.

The Mayor believes that even one empty home is one too many and that is why he wants to form relationships with boroughs in an attempt to stand up for Londoners by asking the government to charge a higher rate of council tax at rate that really does help to make a change.

Many of the boroughs have made their support clear and are now asking for increased flexibility to be provided to local authorities so that they can have a greater control over the amount that can be levied on properties that are empty.

While this would send out a hard hitting message it would create extra money that can be re-invested so that it can benefit those residents who live in these areas. There is no a large push and an increase in support for affordable housing to become available in the capital.

This suggestion from the Mayor should be considered by the government. They certainly need to consider what is working and what is not working in order to reduce the number of empty properties currently located in the city.

Fletcher Day are commercial and residential property lawyers in London.

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Investing in a property is a smart move to make in these current financial times. After all, your money isnt doing anything in savings accounts anymore, so its always been good advice to put your money in bricks and mortar and invest in property. You may already own your home, so other options to consider are to buy a house to rent out to people who are struggling to get onto the property ladder themselves. While it all may sound very simple, there are problems even the most experienced landlord can have. I thought I would share with you what some of the most common ones are.


Payment issues


A good tenant will always pay on time, and of course, if you have the support of an agent, then you may always be guaranteed the rent. But, there are still issues you could face if you find yourself with tenants who dont pay their rent on time, or at all. This means that you may have to get involved in regards to bailiffs or chasing arrears of payments if you find they start to pay the agreed amount. It can be an unpleasant thing to do, as often, the tenants are not paying due to circumstance. However, you do find that you can end up with tenants that are trying their luck with messing you around.


Needing the tenants out at their end of their agreement


With all tenancy agreements, there will come to a point where the contract ends. Of course, you may have already renegotiated for a new term or agreed with your tenants the next step, but, in some cases, landlords may want to have the property vacant once more. Maybe to sell it or renovate it, or get rid of problematic tenants. However, you may find yourself in a situation where the tenant wont move out. This is when you may need the help of property litigation solicitors to resolve any issues. It wont be easy with sitting tenants in your home, and they may even change the locks or cause you distress. So it is vital to have the law on your side.


Damage to the property


If you have a decent tenant, then the chances are they will take care of your property as if it was their own. Ensuring that no damage is done and that it remains, and anything you provided within the property, in good condition. But there could be times where a tenant damages the property and then leaves without any way of you contacting them to pay for the damage. In rare cases, the damage can be substantial.


Residential problems


Finally, as a landlord, you may find that you are expected to resolve any residential issues that may arise due to your tenants. They could be disruptive to neighbours, cause brawls or issues on the street, or perhaps dont leave the property looking as good as it should be, for example, leaving rubbish on the front. There are all types of residential issues you could face with your tenants, and it can be quite hard to resolve and deal with people who have such a difference in opinion.


I hope this has made you more aware of some of the problems you could face when renting out a property, however, do bear in mind that this isnt always the case, and renting out a property can be a very worthwhile investment to have.

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During 2015, the way in which stamp duty was calculated was changed with the previous system creating bands that were not necessary and that held prices back to key figures like 250,000 or 500,000. A progressive tax system was introduced where new rates apply to the amount of the purchase price that falls within the stamp duty band. This has helped the market as well as first time buyers and anyone purchasing a property for less than 937,500 made savings of up to 4,500 on stamp duty costs. For those paying over this figure, they have been hit with an increase.

The General Election did not damage the demand for property in the way that many predicted but there was a slight break in demand during the build up to the election as a result of uncertainty surrounding the results. After May, the market movement increased again and it progressed as the year went on. House prices increased across the UK by 9.5% but prices in London did not do as well but there has still been a healthy increase. This growth is down to the fact that there is a shortage of property and demand is still high.

The economy on the whole is improving and wage increases are implemented and this has led to a rise in demand, however, the number of properties entering the market has barely grown in 6 years. This is likely to continue for some time and the belief is that prices in London will continue to move upwards with price increases predicted to rise.

The Mortgage Market Review which was introduced in 2014 has maintained its grip on lending criteria and Banks and building societies are likely to make their stress tests more thorough as an interest rate rise could be around the corner.

The chancellor has made it clear that rates are likely to move upwards but nobody knows when or by how much but the predictions are saying that a rise of 0.25% is likely at the end of the year.

The government has made housing a main priority and they have promised 200,000 new homes each year during this parliament. They have also promised to help small and medium house builders in order to help them build more homes. The government are keen to push home ownership with the introduction of schemes to encourage first time buyers to save while being offered discounted first homes.

For those who are looking to enter the buy-to-let market, 2015 was not a great year. The Chancellor announced changes that would impact small to mediums sized landlords and this included a reduction in tax relief and a 3% increase in stamp duty on investment property and second homes form April 2016.

These measures have come in to help cool the buy-to-let market which was growing at a fast rate. They have been put in place to put amateur investors off which would free up property for owner-occupiers but it is likely that rents will increase as new supply is condensed.

The media have made a lot of noise about how the buy-to-let market is coming to an end but there are still many reasons to invest, especially in other similar markets like the student accommodation investment sector. As rents increase in the medium-term it is possible to have good returns.

Legislation is changing and financial penalties are growing which makes it more difficult to have a good return and this will put many people off. However, there is a still a huge demand for property in London and this will mean that rent will increase. This proves that now is a good time to invest in a buy-to-let property and doing so, before the end of March will ensure that you do not have to pay the added 3% stamp duty.



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Are looking to rent a home for you and your family in London? If so, this article is for you. We’ll take you through everything you need to know before you start your search. Read on to find out more about costs, deposit protection, and much more.




The basics

First of all, let’s get the most obvious point out of the way: renting in London can be incredibly expensive. So, your first step is to plan out how much money you can afford to spend on your rent each month. Don’t forget to allow for council tax and utility bills. Again, it seems an obvious point, but you have to understand all the costs before committing.

The average price of renting a home in London was £1,500 per month in June of this year, and that is expected to rise in the coming years. So, it’s also a good idea to allow for your landlord raising their prices in the near future. Of course, rental prices vary depending on where you live. This interesting map of the Tube reveals what you can expect.


Choose an area


As you can see from the link above, prices fluctuate a great deal. So, perhaps more than anywhere else, it’s important to decide on an area before finding a lettings agent. There are several things you need to think about for your family home. First of all, is there enough space to fit you all in? You should also consider garden space for your kids to play in – and you can expect that to come at a premium.

Local facilities should also be high up on your priorities. Good schools, local playgrounds, and a safe environment are all essential for people with young children. But, again, they will mean you pay a little more. Also, bear in mind that the mishmash nature of London means that a beautiful area is never far from the opposite. So, you might want to think about gated communities or something similar.


Find a lettings agent

If you are moving to London from another city, we would advise getting a lettings agent to help you. They will have intimate knowledge of the area, and can help you get organised while you are still living elsewhere.

Always go with a local agent, as they will know where to look for you when you lay out your expectations. For example, if you were looking for a place in Wimbledon, you might want to try Brinkley’s Estate Agent. They have offices all across the south-west of the city, too, so will know the market outside Wimbledon if you need a cheaper location. Feel free to shop around, and if your agent isn’t delivering the goods, find someone that can help you.


Deciding on your new home

There are no guarantees when it comes to renting in the private market, so make sure that you meet the landlord – if possible. You have to trust that they aren’t planning on selling up in a couple of months, as moving again so quickly might affect your kids.

You will also have to give a deposit. These are given to a third party Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme, who look after your money until the end of your contract. You and your landlord will agree on any damages you cause, and the TDPS will pay you back your money.

OK, so that’s all from us today. We wish you every success in your London family home!

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London is one of the most desirable places to live in the world right now. It’s not hard to see why. It has all the best qualities a capital city should have. A rich, cultural diversity, a deep sense of history and wonderful tourist attractions. Not to mention the daily, energetic hustle and bustle. It is the jewel in England’s crown. It’s very tempting to want to be a part of this exciting city. London has some of the highest property values in the world. Meaning hundreds, if not thousands are looking into renting property instead. Whether you’re coming here for business, pleasure, relocating or just on holiday. London still has plenty to offer it’s ever expanding letting market. But what if you’ve never rented before? Which area will best suit you and your family? Follow our Do’s and Don’ts to make the process completely painless and enjoy your tiny piece of the ‘Big Smoke.’


Do: Decide what kind of property you want to live in.

This seems like quite an obvious point. There’s no point beginning your search if you don’t know what kind of property you want to live in. Do you need one bedroom? or multiple bedrooms? Would a flatshare be something you would consider? Would you prefer to look at serviced luxury apartments? These are the questions you need to answer, as truthfully as possible. Remember to always consider a compromise, but don’t be bullied into it. This initial decision will make search more precise and stress free. Central London areas will always have properties to accommodate your needs. It just takes patience to find the perfect one.


Do: Your research

This is another important one. Find out the areas that would be most beneficial for you to live in. If you enjoy walking to the office, there’s no point renting a property that is miles away. If you like a strong art and musical scene maybe look at Camden. If you want somewhere trendier why not try Soho. It’s essential that you know what you want from a place. Why not visit the area and  speak to the locals. They will be able to tell you what the area is like and may even know of available properties. If you find a suitable area and the ideal flat or house, why not try and get in touch with the current tenant. Ask as many questions as you can as this will be priceless information.

If you’re new to Central London, you should also check the neighbourhood statistics. This will give you the local crime rate and other useful information that could help inform your decision.

Another thing to research is how you are going to find this dream property. The internet is an wonderful tool and essential if you are property hunting from abroad. Estate Agents will be a useful contact when organising viewings, but don’t let them influence your decisions too much. If you didn’t like the property and it didn’t meet your needs, just leave it and move on. Again visiting the area could be advantageous as you may stumble across properties that are not yet online.

Don’t: Be disheartened

It isn’t easy to find exactly what you want in such a desirable location. There will be stiff competition at every turn. The Landlord will have the final say and that may not always work in your favour. This could be due to finances or general circumstance. It may be worthwhile going back over what you want. Is there any room for compromise? Are there any other Central London locations you would consider? This may allow you to cast a wider net and uncover some more potential properties.

View up the Thames, London
Don’t: Be afraid of your Landlord

So you’ve found the property you’ve always wanted. But it’s standards are not quite what you expected. Don’t be afraid to raise any issues you have with your Landlord. Nine times out of ten they will sort the problem out straight away. It’s a good idea to create a detailed inventory of your new place as soon as you move in. This will provide you with undeniable proof of the conditions of the property when you arrived. Always take lots of pictures to include too. Refer to this article here for more information.

If you follow these steps you will be well on your way to renting bliss. It can be a scary process, especially if you are unprepared for it. Central London has plenty to offer to everyone and with the right insight and knowledge you will find your ideal property in no time.



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You might be in the process of trying to sell your property, and if you are then good luck! It can be a tricky and difficult process. And you need to know about the things that might prevent you from closing a sale. Here are a few of those serious issues.


A Change of Heart

As is often the case with these things, people sometimes have a change of heart. Now, there’s nothing you can do if this happens. You just have to roll with the punches, and hope that another offer comes along. People might seem interested for the longest time, and then get cold feet when it comes time to close the deal. This often happens in the housing market, and there’s no remedy, unfortunately.


Financial Difficulties

The problem with trying to close a sale is that, ultimately, your fate is not in your own hands. You are heavily reliant on the situations and circumstances of others. And this can be frustrating because it leaves you in a kind of limbo. You might have buyers who are interested, but due to financial constraints they can’t buy the place. And this can be infuriating from your point of view. Consider playing around with your price a little, but remember, you have to be true to yourself.


Property Damage

Accidents and anomalies can happen all the time, at any time. And you might find yourself in a situation where your property develops some damage. Things like flood, fire and subsistence can have a huge negative effect on a property. You shouldn’t list a damaged property, and you might have to withdraw yours if it becomes damaged. People aren’t going to be happy buying a property that has had extensive damage.  So, you need to try to think up things you can do to protect your property from damage. Making sure you have insurance would be step one. You could get some Flood Barriers at FloodBlock, and cut down that tree that’s ruining your foundations.


The Economy

Like it or not, sometimes the success of your sale is going to be out of your hands. You are very much beholden to economic changes when you’re a homeowner. And whether you can make a successful sale or not which largely depend upon the housing market. There are certain socio-economic changes that will affect the prices of houses. And this may well end up pricing you out of a sale. If your price is too high, you aren’t going to attract buyers. But you don’t want to price yourself too low and be out of pocket. Instead, you need to pay attention to what the economy is doing. This will help you to work out how it might affect your chances of selling.

Trying to sell your home can be more of a headache than trying to buy a home! There are so many variables to account for, and the situation is a bit less secure. This list details some of the serious issues you might encounter that will affect your ability to sell. Now you’re aware of them, hopefully, you can combat them.

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London properties, and particularly those in North London, are performing well and seeming to distinguish themselves as safe investments as UK house prices fall. While the rest of the country contends with falling property value growth rates, the capital is performing well with the highest house prices since records began.

The capital is also seeing some encouraging data from the stock market and from London estate agencies. On the FTSE 100 index, major London agent Foxtons has risen by a very impressive 49%. Online property portal Rightmove has risen almost as drastically, up 47%. Rival online property portal Zoopla, while not quite on the same level, is not to be sniffed at either with a rise of 31%.

As well as companies concerned in the selling of properties, those businesses that build homes are also performing well on the FTSE 100 at present. Growth levels in the same 30-50% bracket have been achieved by the likes of Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon and Berkeley.

While the UK as a whole is seeing house price growth fall to its slowest rate in two years after significant declines over the course of June, London remains pretty resilient. It is growing faster than anywhere else in the country, and recent figures from Nationwide show that the city’s house prices are up 7.3% compared to a year ago.

Foxtons’ North London director Alex Heiskanen said that “the North London market is strong this year” and “demand in the area significantly outgrows the supply.”

“Right now in our north offices,” Heiskanen continued, “we are seeing 31 buyers registered for every available property.” He therefore feels that this is a good time for investors to get involved in the North London property market, singling out Camden as an example of the kind of area that should be especially interesting.

“Having attracted consistent interest from investors over the last six to seven years due to its trendy appeal and great transport links,” he explained, “[Camden] still offers good value to buyers with more affordable prices per sq ft than the nearby areas of Hampstead or St John’s Wood.”

The strength of London’s property market is partially propped up by high volumes of investment from overseas. London has a strong international reputation as a secure market for UK property investment, and this has made it a choice market for investor-buyers from around the world. In particular, London is currently experiencing a surge of investment from the middle classes of Greece. Amidst the economic turmoil of their own country, many Greeks are looking for an overseas safe haven in which to put their money.

According to Black Brick’s Camilla Dell, a managing partner at the property agency, these Greek buyers “tend to be buying not terribly expensive properties and I wouldn’t say there was any one particular area they go for, just all around central London.”

“In terms of north London,” she continued, “Greeks really like St Johns Wood and all the mansion block buildings. It’s a good area as it’s close to the London Business School and the American school.”

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Over the last 12 months, sales of commercial property in the UK have grown to the highest level since the credit crunch with a total of 115,400 sales which is a 6% increase on last year’s figures.

In 2008/09 there were 92,900 sales but this increased by 26% however, the levels are still not as high as they were in 2007/2008, where there were 139,000 sales.

Commercial law firm EMW have analysed the figures and it shows that England is currently in the lead when it comes to market throughout the country. In England alone, there were 97,500 transactions which accounts for 85% of the total market within the UK. The report shows that compared to other investments, the high yields seen on commercial property still manages to attract investors from the UK and abroad. Due to the high yields and interest rates sitting at an all-time low, sales figures are now back to levels which were common before the financial crisis hit.

Overseas investors are also showing an increased interest because lease terms are extremely encouraging. There has also been an increase in lending from the banks and this has increased activity in the market as they are now willing to fund purchases that have a higher loan to value ratio.  Without this kind of funding, investors were struggling to make their investments work.

The most recent Commercial Market in Minutes report which is released by Savills suggests that there is likely to be a continuation of the downward pressure on prime yields in the six sectors of the market which will help income and rental growth to continue pushing the final return total.

There is an expectation that downward movements in prime yields will return across high street retail, shopping centres, M25 office, provincial offices and industrial distribution. When compared to May of 2014, West End and City office prime yields are at the lowest levels seen at both 3% and 4.25% respectively.

When the UK began its economic recovery, investors relied on an upturn in capital value to create total returns, but now there will be more of a focus on income return and rental growth. The rate of capital growth has begun to slow down which is a sign that the market has moved on from the peak it experienced in October 2014 of 12.95% when compared to the current level of 11.04%.

London is no longer the only location benefitting from rental growth despite office and retail remaining at the top. This recovery is being seen in a number of sectors and regions also with the South East and other important regional cities benefitting.

There is now upward pressure being seen in many of the top regional cities and this supports the report as there has been a 10% increase in leasing movement along with 10% decrease in the availability over the last 12 months.
The industrial sector is also expected to experience strong growth as take-up was up by 40% in 2014, with Grade A availability being halved in many UK regions.

Over the next five years, the main challenge for investors is to find assets and rental growth that will offer the best returns. London will still offer the best rental growth but other regions are likely to show excellent investment opportunities.

This article was contributed by London commercial property law firm Fletcher Day

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The London housing markets are as hot as ever. Even in the worst of the economic downturn, London held strong. It’s easy to see why. It’s a very desirable city. Due to that, home prices are becoming increasingly profitable for those selling. If you’ve already got yourself a home in London, you’re set with an incredible asset. That said, not just anything will sell. You need to know how to get the most out of your property if you’re looking to sell it off.


Make It Functional

This is a fairly generalised statement. To put it in simpler terms, if you have any DIY jobs that need doing, it’s best to get them done now. A squeaky door or crooked shelf won’t attract the buyers. What you need to do is make sure the little things like that are just perfect.

To do that, you need your tools and power tools. You might want a Makita BL1840 too, so that you have a spare battery for the power tools ready. Every minute counts when you’re trying to get a home in shape to sell. You can’t spend an hour waiting for the battery to charge so you can continue.


Make It Beautiful

Even if the new owners were intending to change their decor of the home, having good decoration is more likely to sell people on the location.

Unpainted or unevenly painted walls won’t make anybody want to buy your home. Make sure they’re given a fresh and more importantly even coat of paint.

Add a little decoration around the walls too. Ornaments and pictures, something to make the rooms look cozy. Avoid family photos though. Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living in the home. They don’t want to have that illusion broken by seeing people they don’t recognise in the pictures.


Make The Outside Shine

You need to focus on the exterior of the home. If the brickwork is dirty, it needs to be cleaned. Nobody expects you to do it yourself though, and it’s hardly a job for a bucket of soapy water and a rag. Get in contact with a pressurised water or sandblasting service. That’ll rip the dirt right out of the brickwork and make it look like new.

If the windows are old and need fixing up, switching over the double glazing can do the trick. Not only does it look nice, but it adds heat efficiency to the home as a plus.

If you have a garden, you need to do one of two things. Either make it as blank and featureless as possible, so they can get excited about a prospective ‘project’ to work on in their spare time. Alternatively, you need to make it look as beautiful and attractive as possible.

Neither of these methods are sure fire for all types of people. That said, it is your decision and dependant on if you yourself can afford the time to make it happen.

Getting the most value out of your home is as easy as that. Happy selling.

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Finding a property in London isn’t easy – there is no argument about that. No matter what part of the city you want to live in you will not just walk into a house or an apartment hassle free, even with the help of some of the most professional estate agents in London such as Leo Newman. Money is always an issue, but there are numerous factors which you have to consider when looking for a property. Of course, the salaries and opportunities in the South East are the highest and most numerous in the country but it is all relative to the higher standards and cost of living. In addition, the social side of the city is rich in culture and incredibly cosmopolitan; just living in London isn’t enough, you need to experience it. As a result, finding a place to call home in the ‘Big Smoke’ will unearth snags which you have probably never come across before. No one wants to walk into the process unaware and uninformed, especially if living in the capital is your dream. To make life a lot simpler look out for these issues.


  1. Deposits

You have searched high and low, found a property in the right area and also one within you’re budget, and you’re floating on a cloud as all the hard work seems like it is behind you. But, in reality, it is just beginning. Whether renting or buying there is always the tricky issue of finding a deposit big enough to hold down the property. London isn’t like any other city in the United Kingdom or the world if a recent survey by The Guardian is to be believed, so a couple of hundred quid won’t be enough. On top of that there is stamp duty and legal fees, and before a key is in the door that is fifteen to twenty grand of hard earned cash splashed out. To be honest there isn’t much to be done about the cost but what can be done elsewhere is a little bit of bookkeeping to get all your accounts in order and to be mindful of what is to come. Remember, your estate agent is your best friend!


  1. Think again

As a knock on effect you might soon find yourself lowering your expectations. Ask anyone who has moved to London and they will tell you the same thing as the issue of money and expenses raise their ugly heads. Obviously, everyone wants a nice little starter home in a central zone with atmosphere and brilliant transport links, but all this costs and if you soon realise you don’t have the funds then you are going to have to rethink. Try as hard as you can to fulfil your dreams but be realistic at the same time and have a back-up plan as London’s property market has a way of turning dreams on their heads. Your new property might not be in zones one or two and it might not be in the heart of the action, but the tube is the great equaliser so as long as your next to it then you can be anywhere in central London within an hour.


  1. Boracic lint (skint!)

Regardless of what you end up in or where you end up, expect to be broke for the foreseeable future. Now, you might think you are a professional when it comes to having no money, a specialist even who could ironically charge for seminars in how to be skint, but London is a whole different level. You might be the proud owner of some walls, a bit of carpet and a couch but every time your friends mention ‘getting a round in’ you are sure to break out in a cold sweat. This might not be you and your wage might be enough to sustain the life that you already have but don’t be too sure and do be prepared for twelve months of scrimping and saving.


  1. The right thing

All this amounts to one thought which is inevitable – am I doing the right thing? Getting cold feet is predictable and it would be irresponsible not to give the move the once over so be wary of overthinking and scaring yourself into pulling out. Yes, for the same money you could probably get a manor house in Cheshire instead of a one bedroom apartment in Wimbledon, but then again Cheshire isn’t London. Just remember if it’s what you want then you have to make the tough decision. Go on, go for it!

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Recently, London overtook Hong Kong to become the world’s most expensive city. The rising costs of an average property is regarded as what turned the tide, but other factors like living costs and the average wage were also taken into account. What about the buyers who don’t care about the rising price of bread, though? London, after all, is home to some of the world’s most expensive, luxury properties, prices of which can stretch to tens of millions of pounds.


With no worry that the precarious bubble that surrounds the current London property market might suddenly burst, the top end of the market is seeing no slow down as foreign buyers dominate. Billionaires from Europe, particularly Russia, the Middle East, and Asia are not only interested in buying vast mansions, but large blocks of flats and apartments. Much criticism stems from buyers sitting on homes and watching their value increase as first time buyers struggle to get a foot on the property ladder. There are even accounts of large blocks of luxury apartments being left completely empty, not even being made available for rent.


When buying these kinds of properties, the financial capital necessary means you have almost free choice of some of the most stunning homes on the planet, but the technicalities involved in the maintenance of such homes is often complex. The sheer size of the estates can make thorough inspections difficult, and extra components like swimming pools, elaborate gardens, and the latest technologies built into the home need to be carefully and regularly maintained by a qualified staff.


While sitting on small properties is proving to be a good investment for buyers, it is the bigger estates on the outskirts on the city that are hit hard when the bubble does eventually bursts. These properties can sit on the market for years, and the regular maintenance costs start to accumulate. Real estate agents will encourage the sale of bigger properties as it means they’ll earn a higher commission. If your intention of buying London property is to make money, though, homes in affluent areas like Fulham will handle the market falling better than more prestigious locales like the neighbouring Chelsea. Local real estate agents found on websites such as would be able to create an inventory of available properties that might make a much better return on your investment.


When looking for an estate agent for these kinds of properties, you’ll want to make sure the agent fully understands your requirements so they can best match you to what’s available right now or what’s in development. Specialist agencies are much more likely to be aware of any changes in this particular field than more general property firms. If you’re looking at a specific area of London, take a look at our property guides.


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Are you hoping to move to London for further study at university? Then you’ll need to figure out where you are going to live. Here’s where’s popular.

If you are thinking about moving to London next year for further study at one of the prestigious universities then you may be starting to consider where you are going to live. Moving to a new area can be hard if you are unfamiliar with it, so let us help you out a little.

Here are four of the most popular postcodes in London for student housing:



The London area postcode NW1 resides in Camden and Westminster. NW1 is one of the most popular areas for students to live in thanks to Camden town’s fashionable atmosphere, popular music venues and internationally renowned markets.

A home in NW1 is within walking distance to many universities. A few of these include:

  • The University of London
  • The University of Westminster
  • The Regent’s Business School
  • The Royal Veterinary College
  • The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance
  • London Metropolitan University

To rent in this area expect to find many multiple occupancy houses and flats that friends and fellow students often share. If you would like to buy a property in this area for your child to live in or to rent out to students then expect to pay £800,000 in Camden or £1.3million in Westminster. These are however great places to invest in property – according to the BBC Property prices in Westminster have gone up nearly 20% in the last year.


Ranging from Bloomsbury in the West to St. Pancras in the East with a bit of Clerkenwell and Finsbury added in, WC1 is a postcode with many open spaces close to tourist attractions. Thanks to its close proximity to King’s Cross St Pancras station the area is widely accessible by the rest of London and further afield.

Student properties here are mostly flats or for larger budgets a period terrace may be suitable. WC1 also lies in the borough of Camden so expect average property prices of £800,000 plus.

Some of the universities which are in walking distance of WC1 include:

  • The University of Arts London
  • The City Law School
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Hult International Business School
  • London College of International Business Studies
  • UCL School of Pharmacy
  • Birbeck, University of London
  • University College London


East of the London borough of Camden you will find the area postcode N1. This mostly resides in Islington and Hackney near two of London’s most popular theatres, The Almeida and Sadler’s Wells. This postcode is the most central of all the N postcode districts and property as a whole is quite affordable. Rent is lower here and so are property prices. Estate Agents in Islington will back up the BBC’s claim that the average property price in Islington is £580,000.

Student accommodation flats sit next to Georgian terraces in this green area which is central to:

  • The Royal Veterinary College
  • City University London
  • The University of London


One of the most highly desired areas to live in London, the area postcode W1 is a highly developed area which includes places such as Mayfair, Marylebone and Soho. Known as the West End this district is split into 14 subsections. W1G is home to Harley Street, a famous location for doctors and surgeons, W1S is home to Vogue and the famous tailors of Saville Row.

Property in this postcode is some of the most desired in London, and in fact the country. The most expensive property on the recent market in the UK being listed as £90million. Fortunately if you are looking for student accommodation in this area you won’t have to pay that much. The average home here is £1.3million to buy whereas rent starts from £1,500 per month.

Property in W1 best serves the following universities:

  • The University of Westminster
  • The West London College
  • The London School of Business and Finance, Marble Arch Campus
  • The AA School of Architecture

Which of these areas do you think will be the most suitable for you? Check out our other blog posts for more information on buying property and living in London.

Hugh Grover Associates (HGA) is the go to independent residential sales-specialist in Islington, London. Hugh Grover has nearly 30 years of experience in the Islington property market and set up the company in 1993. HGA is a respected company and is a member of the National Association of Estate Agents and the Property Ombudsman scheme. Hugh Grover Associates are the obvious choice for Islington properties.

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Highgate is a village located on a hill with panoramic views across the city over Hampstead Heath and over to London. It offers residents an upmarket London village life. Affluent home buyers are attracted with Highgate’s pricey properties. Highgate could also be clarified as an upmarket community which is well served with unique independent shops, restaurants, bars, pubs as well as popular schools nearby and around the village. One is Highgate school for boys and Channing school for girls as well as a good selection of other state schools. There is a tube station and a number of bus routes operating from Highgate into the city and the West End.

Some of Highgate property agents are Residential Lettings –London, Vermont Country Properties, Barbara Gibson Properties, Taylor Gibbs, Day Morris, Benham & Reeves, Prickett & Ellis, Fitzroys, Russell Baldwin & Bright, Ariston, Dapper Estates, Kendal Estate agents, etc. The ‘National Directory of Letting Agents in UK’ lists the names of letting agents in Highgate enabling you to find houses, flats or other properties to rent.

The Modern House Estate Agents are famous for architect-designed properties in Highgate. You are able to access online their newest offers.

Senior Living – Retirement Home, Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Care plan is another service rendered by ‘Vancour Highgate Senior Living’ to customers by the Highgate Property agent in Canada.

Re. overseas dealings, Highgate is listed with Singapore agents, ie. Chesney Real Estate, ST701 who could assist you in buying, renting or selling of houses as well as commercial properties and condominium. In Australia, L.J.Hooker & Coldwell Banker are the famous real estate Companies. There are Highgate agents in Hayward, California and Palm Harbor Florida, USA which could be accessed online.

Platinum Commercial Highgate is another real estate agency which enables you to access overseas commercial properties located in Australia and New Zealand.

Operating from Highgate is Noel Lynch – Auctioneer and Valuing Service Company which offers auctioneering service to clients throughout Britain.

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Searching for North London Property? There are some websites over the internet which are offering potential buyers and even tenants a huge variety of property in London specifically several North London Property. These websites contain huge lists of new homes in London which are definitely updated regularly for the convenience of the probable buyers. Therefore there is no chance that you won’t be able to search for a prospect of a new flats, new homes, or new apartments in London when some of this property becomes available.

Some of these websites provides a section in which you can select a property in London that is for sale. This enables the users to look in thousands of the newest flats, homes, apartments and other property which is available in North London or other places in London. You may be able to find for several North London properties though keying in the postcode or either by searching through area, you can also narrow down your lookup through keying in the quantity of bedrooms that you prefer or either the minimum and maximum cost of a property in London.

Some websites provide advice on aspects that have to deal with the North London property like the mortgages, conveyance, insurance, removals, selling as well as the buying procedures.

There are also websites which are praised through their papers that were sold through newsagents as well as in supermarkets in London as well as the area of South East. If you choose to lend a property in London such as new flats, new homes and new apartments in London you can check out the Renting magazine, this will help you to gain advantage in the latest competitive rental market. Some website provides an updated bulletin about the latest housing market in the areas of UK as well as overseas.

These sites offer the most comprehensive as well as easy to use source for information about North London Property as well as other property matters that you need. The information are available in the magazine and also in the internet. There are thousands of properties in London listed that can give the readers the entire information about the latest developments in a particular area. North London Property websites gathers the best estate agents in London who will share advice and quotes upon a particular product about properties. A potential customer may also learn about council tax rates as well as practical information on the matters of buying and selling procedures.

These North London Property websites are doing their very best in providing their clients as well as the potential buyers with the utmost property search service that is available. This website provides customer care if ever you have any queries or suggestions for improvement for the services they are providing. They really appreciate active participation from site visitors. You can always contact estate agents in London or either the customer service representative of a particular website providing North London Property. Customer care may be provided by email, live chat or voice call.

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Historically, Camberwell has been a part of Surrey. The neighboring areas of Camberwell are East Dulwich, Herne Hill, Peckham, Brixton, Stockwell and Walworth.

Modern Camberwell has become a highly residential area in the outskirts of London, because of the range of property styles in and surrounding areas including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, mid-wars, Post-war built and varied ex-council properties, gated court-yards and mews developments, exclusive town house developments, converted schools, churches, hostelries and other mixed style spacious apartments and shopping centers.

Re. transportation service, Camberwell is only three miles south of Charing Cross and it is well served with numerous bus routes and rail links to South London through Camberwell and other district areas.

The real estate market in Camberwell is handled by many local agents and to name some of them are: Donald Shannon, Morgan Berry, First National Real Estate, Acorn, haart, Field & Sons, Hamptons, Homes & Properties, Fletchers, Wooster & Stock, etc.

Fletchers offers property management services locally in the Camberwell area plus overseas property services in most Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The First National Real Estate, also works with Australian properties. Camberwell Commercial Real will assist you in comprehensive commercial real estate, industrial, office and retail Australian properties, ie. Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Donald Shannon offers customers a cosmopolitan range of property listing which is being constantly updated online. Property market in Bulgaria could be accessed by Top Bulgarian Wooster & Stock mainly cater to people who are looking out for buying apartments and houses in Camberwell.

Another way of looking into motivated sellers of properties is to contact ‘Real Estate 43’, a Company who will aid you in the internet for successful buying as well as selling of your home/property, covering every relevant area of the trade, ie. mortgaging/remortgaging, insurance, surveying, valuation of property, conveyancing solicitors plus legal assistance, etc.

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South East London is a given name to the most common south eastern part of London, england. This is located at the south side of the Thames River. Just like any other part of London, South East London Property offers great deal of houses that could be a best pick for your investment. When you grow older, you may think what would the world offer you? You may even worry about things like your lifestyle and how will you be able support it as you retire. Investment is the ultimate resort to all your doubts, and the best place to invest is at South East London Property.

Among the great property investment in South East London is Vogans Mill Wharf, 17 Mill Street, London, SE1 is a stunning and amazing apartment that occupies the 16th, 17th and 18th floors of this particular landmark conversion. It offers a breathtaking 360 degrees view of London skyline. The interior design is a master piece of Vogans Mill and Taylor Howes. This apartment is an impressive South East London Property which is famous in the market today. The entire 17th floor is being occupied by the living area alone and it offers an amazing view of the Tower Bridge, London Eye, Canary wharf and a lot more beautiful landmarks of London. The whole area has is represented by an open plan dining and kitchen area, a reception area and a lot of terrace surrounding the apartment. The whole 16th floor was designed to cater the bed rooms, all of them have en suite bathrooms and two bed rooms that have direct accessibility to the terrace. The 18th floor is comprised of two more rooms and three balconies that is perfect for a reception area of a study area. This development is located just a few moments away from the famous Shad Thames, London Bridge and the Tower Hill stations.

Vanbrugh Terrace, Blackheath, London is an Italianate inspired Victorian house that directly fronts the Heath. It offers an approximately 500 square feet accommodation carefully arranged to fit in 4 main floors. This house has en elegant fashion perfect for those who have classy lifestyle. Not a lot of this type usually come out in the market.

Peninsula Heights, 93 Albert Embankment, London is a renowned and famous building that offers 24 hour underground parking and portage. This building is situated just opposite to the Tate Gallery, south side of the Thames river and situated just between Lambeth bridges and Vauxhall. The exceptional apartment can be seen at the 9th floor of this amazing riverside development. It has been refurbished to a contemporary high standard plus a panoramic view of the River of Thames going to the Houses of Parliament.

These are just few among the great properties that can be found in South East London. These houses offer a high class experience of a London lifestyle. Some of them look dainty old fashioned yet refurbished to fit the contemporary lifestyle. A lot of them comes in wide range of prices that fits perfectly to any kind of budget.

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Estate Agents E15, who deals with all the real estate ventures in the E15 district of London, were elated to know that the 2012 Summer Olympics will be held in the area. This is because it means there will be a rise in the value of a property near Olympics site that these Estate Agents E15 have as part of their properties to deal.

Ever since London won the bidding of hosting the Olympics, property Stratford Olympics prices have gone up since many people want to own or rent a property near Olympics. Stratford has attracted so many people from the time that it was announced that is was to be held in the area because it meant a good working opportunity for most of them.

Development of property in Stratford Olympics is on the rise since there will be much construction in the area in order for it to host the Olympics in the best possible manner. Major developments include the Stratford International Station, a multi-billion pound town center development which includes a large shopping centre, more than 5,000 homes, and high rise buildings. Several Olympic venues will likewise be erected in the area such as the Olympic Park, Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Center, and London Velopark, that further boosts the value of property near Olympics.

Estate Agents in Stratford find this development a very good one for their business since many flats E15 will now be occupied. Flats E15 that are considered Property Stratford Olympics will increase in value, resulting to more commission for Estate Agents E15. Even without the Olympic hype, flats E15 are already very sellable since it the neighborhood in Stratford is one of the better neighborhoods that one can consider in living in. Finding flats E15 in a property near Olympics is easy especially when one consults Estate Agents E15.

Owning a property Stratford Olympics is a viable investment since after the development of the place, it will continue to be a place where the city center is located. You can expect a lot of bustling activity to happen even after the Olympic is held here, perhaps even improving the city of Stratford from its present state. Because of this, property near Olympics and property Stratford Olympics will continue to have flats E15 that will be offered to its potential clients.

Indeed, holding the Olympics in a place is such a great honor and Stratford is the lucky bidder this time. Hopefully, all these Olympic buzz will not stop even after the Olympics is done, and Stratford will continue to be one of the choices of most people to settle in. Because even at present, it has already attracted people to its friendly, accessible, and fun-loving neighborhood, although it cannot be denied that improvements will highly do Stratford good. Stratford may never be considered as a posh place to live in but it surely found its way to the hearts of the many people who truly calls Stratford their home and are definite that they will find no better place to live in but Stratford.

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“Isle of Dogs” is a neck of land located in East End of the London. The east, west and south of Isle of Dogs is surrounded by River Thames that follows the shape of a horseshoe arc towards the south of peninsula. This land is a part of London Borough of “Tower Hamlets” and also part of “London Docklands”.

You can also find the finest local restaurant in E14 (Isle of Dogs). These restaurants which are located in Isle of Dogs are listed in a no exacting order. All table bookings and reservations are free and also they are processed by the partner’s website. The “Rated Restaurant” will encourage leaving your review and rating of the Isle of Dogs (E14).

The coffee shops and cafes in London are also famous. So if you are searching for any rated cafes, London is the best place for you. You can also read the reviews of the London cafes and you can find the finest cafes (Central London). You can compare the reviews of the best and the finest coffee shops in Eastend and West London.

The hotels which are located in Isle of Dogs are famous for bed and breakfast. You can also find lots of hotels, motels in London (United Kingdom). The rooms available in London are heap and exclusive. In Isle of Dogs, you will find lots of two star, three star, four star and five star hotels. So, why don’t you go and experience the great ideas in E14 (Isle of Dogs)?

If you are searching for a builder in “Isle of Dogs” (E14) you can find the best building company to construct your home in the same area. They also have the best “parquet floors” in this area (Isle of Dogs, E14). The Parquet flooring is been from many years and it also continues in the businesses and homes alike. These Parquet floors are made of short strips and blocks of wood and sometimes with the inlays of different woods and by other materials. The clean, classic looks of these floors make it popular option for the homeowners.

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Limehouse is located on the northern bank of the River Thames. It is part of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Currently, Limehouse has become one of the popular places to live in London since Limehouse homes offer great views of the river. Most Limehouse Houses or Limehouse homes are often expensive conversions of old warehouses. Other Limehouse houses are located in modern apartment blocks that are perfect to call as Limehouse homes.

The Limehouse basin is a body of water that provides a navigable link between the Regent’s Canal and the River Thames. The Basin, as part of the London Docklands, was included in the redevelopment of 1983, in which they foresaw a potential value of the Basin in terms of real estate. Limehouse Basin property is now considered to be one of the prime properties in London. You can find different types of Limehouse Basin property, mostly Limehouse houses that range from apartments and flats, which can rightly be called as Limehouse homes.Hurford salvi carr is one of the leading limehouse estate agents in area.

E14 property is a good investment property to have because its retail value has been going up through the years. For the past years, several developers have placed an interest in developing Limehouse Basin Property because of the many features that Limehouse has to offer as a neighborhood. These developers consider Limehouse investment property to be a viable one since Limehouse Basin property is very sellable to its clients. A feature of Limehouse that attracts most potential buyers of property is that it is very accessible by car, train, or boats. Most prospective Limehouse investors see the future improvement and development of Limehouse to be a plus because they know that in the end, their investments will be worth more than what they have initially set out to own a property in Limehouse.

Aside from Limehouse Homes and Limehouse Houses, another good Limehouse investment property is the many commercial property that is abundant in the area. Although Limehouse is largely a residential district, there are many commercial property that you can take your business into. For sure, with this type of commercial Limehouse investment property, your business will flourish as many people come and go to experience the famed Limehouse lifestyle.

Limehouse is known to be a complete neighborhood in terms of entertainment, living area, parks, schools and transport accessibility. Deciding to get a Limehouse investment property is one excellent decision since the place not only boasts of its way of living but also in its chic development from a drab town to one of the hippest living areas in London. Finding a better place to live in aside from Limehouse will be hard to do especially if you have tried to experience what it is like to live in the area. Most residents find it hard to leave Limehouse as the place already deeply rooted itself to the hearts of many. Truly, Limehouse is one place you must try to live in and experience for yourself.

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The Canary Wharf is part of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and is also a part of the London Docklands. It is one of the better parts of the Isle of Dogs and it used to be one of the busiest docks in the world. Now, Canary Wharf has transformed itself into being a large business and shopping district in London. There are many commercial buildings in the Canary Wharf including the One Canada Square, the 8 Canada Square and the Citigroup Center.

The development of Canary Wharf also started during the time when the London Docklands Development Corporation was established in 1981. The first industry to have replaced the dockland trading in Canary Wharf was a TV production company called the Limehouse Studios, although there were other minor industrial players as well. Now, Canary Wharf has developed into a booming place for business, entertainment and tourism.

An E14 property is another name for a Canary Wharf property. There are many E14 property that are available for sale or rent in the Canary Wharf area. To help you in selecting which E14 property to rent or buy, you must consult estate agents E14 since these estate agents E14 know all the ins and outs of buying and renting E14 property as such great rates. E14 property can either be apartments E14 or Flats E14, and here are some tips in renting or buying one.

First step is to make estate agents E14 know what you want in a property. Whether you prefer apartments E14 or flats e14, you have to be transparent in giving out the specifics so they will have an idea of the type of property that you want and in turn match your preference with a property that is out in the market. Make sure that estate agents E14 have your contact details so when they find the perfect property for you then you are within their reach. It is always good to work with estate agents E14 since they know how the market is in London’s E14 district.

Next step is to work out your budget plus all the other necessary considerations in getting a property. Think if you can afford getting apartments E14 or the more expensive flats E14. Always keep in mind that buying a property will take a lot of responsibility as to mortgage payments and loan options. Then, think about the possible criteria that you might want to find in your ideal apartments E14 or flats E14, whether you like something big, something with a garage, or a place that is near a school, church or transport service.

The final step before deciding to buy or rent apartments E14 or flats E14 is the most exciting part of all – the viewing. Viewing of the property is indeed very interesting because it can already give you a feel of how it is like to be in that particular property. Most potential buyers even change their initial choices upon reaching the viewing part of the hunting process.

Then the most crucial part comes into play and that is closing of the deal and moving in the beautiful Canary Wharf.

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