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The commercial world that we see today is not something that had always been there. While there have been commercial entities for a very long time, it can be observed that they have all evolved and changed, and had made the commercial world what it is today. If you have a business or a commercial institution of your own, it would be vital for you to gain an understanding about why it would be so important for you to evolve along with the commercial world. By evolving as an office in the commercial world, you should not just restrict yourself to evolving in just a few aspects, because it would not let you overcome the high competition that is there. What you should do would be to observe the direction that the world is headed in, and then evolve in the all possible aspects.

Doing a bit of research would always prove to be helpful in identifying the ways you need to evolve. By figuring out the next step you could take, it would be possible for you to make sure that your commercial entity has enough stability. As an example, with the current energy situation in the world, it would be more financially feasible to move forward with energy solutions such as solar energy. In order to adapt such energy solutions, your office would have to know a good commercial solar supplier, and then it would be just a matter of letting the supplier know of your requirements. Such solutions would prove to be extremely cost effective, and your office would be able to gain a positive reputation because it happens to be environmental friendly as well. You would also need to focus on adapting the latest technology in your office. This would make the tasks of your office easier, and would allow the employees to work in efficient ways.


What is trending today in the commercial world might not trend tomorrow. Therefore, as important as it would be for you to follow trends, you also need to take the sustainability of your actions into consideration. This is why solutions such as renewable energy will prove to be ideal options for an office that will stand the test of time.


Whether it is the step that you take regarding solar energy, the likeliness for your office to utilize social media for marketing or even using the latest type of computers in your office, it would be clear that evolving accordingly will allow the office to stay in the commercial world in a successful manner.



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If you are running a business that involves food you will need to ensure that you put the right food safety and hygiene precautions in place. There is more to this than just ensuring that your surfaces are clean because you need to consider the way that food is stored and prepared.

What are your Responsibilities?

The Food Safety Act 1990 gives you three main responsibilities to follow:

  • It permits you from adding or removing anything from food and you are not allowed to treat food in a way that would result in it posing a risk to those who consume it.
  • The food that you sell or serve has to meet the standards that consumers expect.
  • Food has to be clearly labelled and advertised as well as presented in a suitable way so that it is not misleading in any way.

So what can you do?

Keep pests under control

If you fail to meet the expected food standards, you will soon find that pests make an appearance. Once they have a hold on your kitchen they can spread extremely quickly which can lead to contaminated food through the spreading of foodborne diseases. Therefore, it is important that you put the correct pest control measures in place so that it can be monitored and dealt with as quickly as possible.

Deal with waste in a reliable manner

This ties in with the previous point because if you fail to manage waste correctly it will encourage pests to appear. Therefore, waste should be managed in accordance with legal requirements in order to prevent contamination.

To prevent dirt from spreading, business should have waste storage areas and the right containers. There should also be procedures in place for the removal and storage of waste in order to stop waste from building up.

Personal Hygiene

This is more important than you may realise because poor personal hygiene is likely lead to poor food hygiene and it will result in customers turning away. It is important that you make it possible for staff to carry out good hygiene by putting the correct facilities in place so that you can meet the relevant food safety requirements. This means that you will need to ensure that staff wash their hands regularly, their hair is tied up or covered and are not wearing jewellery.

Provide correct training for staff

The right training will make sure that staff fully understand what is expected of them while helping to reduce the risk of contamination. Certain regulations require those who handle food to be supervised as well as being trained in maintaining good food hygiene.

A work environment that is clean

If your work environment is clean it will make it easier to implement good food safety. Meeting the correct hygiene standards can be achieved through disinfection and regular cleaning and this will also help to prevent foodborne illnesses and bacteria.

The machinery also needs cleaning but not as frequently as surfaces or cooking utensils as these can contain microorganisms that can result in food poisoning.

Stuart Jessop is a licensing barrister in London, specialising in health and safety, licensing, planning and regulatory law.

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Many investors of commercial property were hit by the news that their investments had dropped by around 5% in value. Even though this drop was not as bad as feared for those who held assets in large commercial property funds, it was more about the fund management groups changing the way in which the units had been priced.

This was down to the fact the sales numbers had risen and this could lead to the costs of running the fund decreasing by a disproportionate amount on those investors who were still part of the group.

Many investors would feel like the rules have changed and would have been changed to stop them from selling. Experts believe that things are not as bad as they were in 2007 but many say that things could get better for those looking to be involved.

Over the last three years things have been great. Demand has been high and investment has been flooding in but in 2015 sales took a downturn and the money began to dry up and this meant that unit prices had to be recalculated.

Essentially, units have two pieces, the first is an offer price that buyers are asked to pay and the second price is the bid price that sellers are eligible to receive. The difference highlights the cost that is linked to both selling and buying and those assets that can be bought and sold easily the difference is negligible. In those assets that are not so easy to buy and sell the difference is larger. At those times when the process of buying and selling is balanced, it is possible for all to trade units at the higher offer price.

When things become different and the flow becomes negative, those who are still in the fund have to deal with the burden that comes with selling any assets and this means that those who want to sell, do so at a lower price in an attempt to balance things out once again.

What has changed?

Commercial property does offer a steady income but investors have now been given a lot more from increasing prices. However, this has been slowing down and this was expected. In recent years they have been benefitting from the increasing capital growth so many are looking to release their profits now.

Are other funds likely to do the same?

Currently, a number of property funds have opted to leave their pricing unchanged. In London, prices have been strained and this has led to people taking profits. The Brexit could be a concern for overseas investors of which London relies on. Those funds that carry a greater weight beyond the boundaries of inner-London are not experiencing the same outflows with many still seeing encouraging inflows.

Experts believe that a re-run of 2007 is unlikely as the situation looks a lot different. Investors are cautious when purchasing commercial property as lenders have tighter rules and that makes the default of rent less likely.

Is now the time to buy?

This alteration in pricing does mean that those who are considering buying now are likely to receive improved terms. This is going against those that believe that things are slowing down but for those looking to purchase for income, where rent and demand is there then things can only look good. Following the referendum, if things calm down then things could balance out and this could lead to funding groups increasing the value of those units that were purchased at a lower price.

Author Bio
Fletcher Day are a commercial law firm based in London, with a team who specialise in commercial property law who can advise on acquisitions, real estate financing, licensing regulations and landlord and tenant matters.

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The inflation protection property of UK houses is one element that attracts investors. However, targets that are unachievable and badly thought out policies could see the property sector put at risk.

It was a historic election this year and during the run one of the main concerns and areas discussed was the lack of housing in the UK. There is talk of there being a requirement of 200,000 homes built per year which looks like it is unachievable if the emphasis of policies points to private developers and consumers.

One issue is the land market which is not efficient and is rewarding for only those who stockpile it. There is not enough supply, ownership is concentrated and there is a planning system in place that is restrictive. A simpler process was put in place by the National Planning Policy Framework which saw the responsibility move to the local authorities to supply housing land for five years; however certain reactions to these developments in specific areas have become an obstacle.

The building industry saw many skilled workers leave when the financial crisis took hold and this has now resulted in the rise in costs being linked with a decrease in skilled labour which is removing the profit advantage that comes with demand. Therefore, this has resulted in builders distancing themselves from building more homes because it is a pointless task if the margins are susceptible to being minimised.

The Help to Buy initiative helped to boost demand but if the Mortgage Market Review puts a limit on the increase in mortgage lending there will be a lower impact. This means that it could be difficult for consumers who are already battling against the affordability tests to play a part in a 50% increase in buying activity. The extension on the Right to Buy scheme that the Tories have proposed will also have little impact as an ongoing battle with housing associations is likely to continue should it go ahead.

However, there is a glimmer of hope in what could look like a relatively bleak picture which is the potential for institutional investors such as pension funds who are now looking to introduce US/European build-to-rent models into the UK along with investing in social housing. Inflation protection is one positive that makes UK housing attractive as property has risen above inflation during the last four decades. This is vital for the pensions industry which is weighted down with an increase in longevity and RPI-linked liabilities.

With the Conservatives in power, they will have to back and use the capital as well as the common focus that us usually put on housebuilding should they have any hope of reaching their targets.

Author Bio
Hopwood House are specialists in international property investment, with a wide range of UK investment properties in all major towns and cities across the country.


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Are you planning on going away this summer but want to avoid the hassle and stress of dealing with noisy, crowded hotels where kids running around everywhere? If so, there’s a perfect solution for you in the form of a home exchange. The principle is simple and it is as complex as it sounds. A home exchange consists of swapping your house with another family’s abroad or in the UK if you are going away for a weekend break for a week or two, leaving you with a fully quipped holiday home.

The idea of a home exchange is attracting more and more travelers who are looking to save money without having to miss out on the fun of going on holiday, particularly those with a large family. On average, home exchange home exchanges have allowed a saving of up to 50% for some people who have been brave enough to give it a go. Cutting down the cost of accommodation then means you can spend your money on other luxuries whilst abroad. Even if you don’t have a big family, this alternative holiday solution has also been a successful experience for singletons and small groups of friends. Some even said that the experience of living in someone else’s home allowed them gain a better experience and feel for the city and culture of the place they visited than they would have if they slept in a hotel.

How it works

Most of the time, home exchanges are organized through a specialized website where you’re able to see and post ads giving details and images of your place of residence, as well as the number of rooms, bathrooms, and facilities available. By leaving a contact number will enable fellow home exchangers to get in touch if they are interested in swapping houses. It’s really as simple as that!

This process is becoming a big hit in all the popular tourist cities, especially London. With hotel prices often extortionate particularly during peak season, much the same as real estate prices in the city, agencies such as Castle Estate which propose accommodation offering good value for money to invest in for future home exchanges.

The pros and cons

One of the downsides to a home exchange is that generally, the website you choose for your advertising purposes cannot protect your properties safety and does not intervene in the actual swapping process. The only guarantee often offered by the website is registration fees if you don’t find accommodation to exchange within a year.

On the flip side, home exchange is a way to build relationships with people around the world. For example, in addition to trusting you with their home, owners often leave visitors a list of recommended places to visit. It also gives you the opportunity to experience everyday life in an unfamiliar city as one of the locals.


Advice to keep in mind


Plan well. A successful exchange takes time so don’t go rushing into the first offer you receive. Carefully plan how you want to advertise your how and the impression you aim to give to fellow home exchangers. Kind touches such as a welcome gift upon arrival, a fully stocked fridge and letting your neighbours be away that they might see some unfamiliar faces are always a respectable thing to do.

Communicate. Be in regular contact with the people you are swapping homes with before you both depart for each other’s houses. Knowing a bit more about who will be occupying your personal space and rooms will give you more peace of mind and allow you to relax whilst on holiday.
Take caution. As good as this whole process sounds; you have to remember that at the end of the day you are inviting strangers to live in your house. Some advice will be to make sure you hide any possessions you do not want them to find, and also have insurance in case any damages or accidents occur. This all comes back to communicating and establishing a fair agreement between both parties before swapping homes in order to avoid any problems to arise on your return.


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Central London Office Market

According to Knight Frank, which today hosted its annual Central London Office Market breakfast at The Dorchester, London, West End office rents are continuing to increase, with investment yields across Central London softening by the end of Q4 2008,

Knight Frank predicted regarding office leasing market that Prime headline rents in the West End core will increase by 5% to £115.50 per sq ft by end Q4 2008 and by a further 2% by end of 2009 to £118.00 per sq ft (Q4 2007: £110.00 per sq ft), securing it as the most expensive place to rent office space in the world.

About the office investment market they are of opinion that Prime yields in the West End will soften to end Q4 2008 at 5.25% (Q4 2007: 5.00%) while Prime yields in the City will soften to end Q4 2008 at 5.75% (Q4 2007: 5.25%)

Re. Residential Development Market, value of completed Central London new residential property (£2 to £10 million) will increase by 3% to end Q4 2008, while value of completed Central London super prime new build residential property (£10 million plus) will increase by 5-8% to end Q4 2008.

According to James Roberts, head of Central London Research, Knight Frank, as the balance of the market is tipping in favour of the tenant, the City has a challenging two years ahead. They are not seeing the market flooded with sub-let space from banks, as it had been in 2002 and 2003. West End is not affected as lack of supply seems to be providing insulation against the cooler economic environment. Contrary to what people would expect, the fund managers and private banks in Mayfair and St James’s are still taking space.

John Snow, Head of Central London, Knight Frank commenting on the office leasing market said, “The City office market in the medium term will be defined by how much potential demand converts back to active. In the West End, the eclectic mix of tenants combined with shortages of supply should keep the market in check. Prime rents in the West End will continue to grow albeit at a marginal rate.”

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In Midtown and the City, there was no overhang of new stock directed at the investment market, but rather a collection of niche or boutique developments aimed at owner-occupiers. Even in the recession, proportionally fewer office jobs were lost in the greater diversity of sectors present in Midtown and the City fringes compared to the City Core and Canary Wharf. As a result the demand side saw less of a downturn in these two sub-markets and the evidence indicates that demand from owner-occupiers has recovered most rapidly here. In Bloomsbury, the sale of three bedroom mansion block flats has been particularly strong between £650,000 and £1 million.

Another factor, related to the availability of cash or equity, is the ageprofile of typical buyers in the three sub-markets. In our experience, have had less time to build up cash savings, inheritances or to generate equity through past price increases in the property market. Docklands was a mortgage-driven market, whether for owneroccupiers or investors, and mortgages in the first half of 2009 were like gold dust. Docklands is not likely to significantly recover until the banks begin to offer mass-market mortgage products at attractive rates.

On the other hand, the profile of Midtown and City buyers has tended to be older. Often these buyers have substantial cash savings that can be combined with equity from other property and other sources to purchase property outright, or with very limited borrowings. They are not risk-laden first-time or investor buyers, but rather established individuals, couples and families undertaking their third or fourth purchase of a principal private residence. This demand profile helped to sustain transaction levels in the first half of 2009.

The fact that the City’s residential market has been less affected than other areas by the downturn in the current cycle, demonstrates the growing maturity of the residential market. It is worth remembering that when Hurford Salvi Carr first opened in Clerkenwell in 1996, there was only a limited number of homes in the City, predominantly in the Barbican. 13 years later, over 10,000 people live within a short walk of St Paul’s Cathedral and demand for homes outstrips supply. buyers in Docklands have tended to be younger. As a result, they

More information about area

  • Limehouse Basin Property Guide
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A thatched house in the countryside is the dream home for a lot of people, but owning this type of property can involve a lot of complications.It is important potential buyers do their research before they are ready to put in an offer on a thatched house, as otherwise they could come across a wide range of problems in the long run.

One of the things a lot of people do not tend to know about thatched houses is that the majority of them are also listed buildings – which means there are various things owners have to learn.If you own a listed building you are going to have to take even more care of the property than you would for a normal home, so it is vital you understand the commitment you are making before you sign a contract and book the moving vans.

There are around 60,000 thatched houses left in the UK and these tend to be in demand, so if you have your heart set on this type of home then you may need to be prepared to wait.

Why are thatched houses listed buildings?

Of the 60,000 or so thatched houses in the UK – the vast majority of which can be found in the south-east of England – it is thought around three-quarters of them are also listed buildings.

Thatched properties tend to be older than other types of homes and many of the buildings are of local importance, so there are various regulations you will have to abide by if you want to own a home like this.

Councils tend to have strict rules regarding the construction and repairs carried out at houses of this nature, so it is important you do your research and ensure you are within your rights before you even think about booking a builder.Specialist tradespeople will be able to advise you on the state of your thatched roof and you should have a thorough survey carried out on the building before putting in an offer.

This will allow you to learn what condition the roof is in and start to think about the schedule you will need to stick to for repairs. You will want to work this out in advance as there are not many professional thatchers around any more so you might need to book their expertise early.

Protecting a listed building

One of the most important things you need to consider if you are buying a thatched house that is also a listed building is the type of insurance you purchase to protect the residence.

A regular policy off the high street is unlikely to suit your requirements because of the complexities involved with owning a listed building, so you might want to speak to a broker.They will be able to advise you in detail about thatched house insurance from Certis and what you need to do to ensure you and your family are fully protected in the event of needing to make a claim.

Insurance for thatched houses can be pricey if you do not shop around because of the perceived increased risk of fire in this type of house, but if you find the right insurer and take all the necessary steps to cut fire risks in your home, you can bring down the cost of your premiums.


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The basic raw material of your new business or the starting point of your portfolio. So – where do you start – what do you buy? In buying property for investment there are a number of rules that you should follow and it maybe considered a cliché but the first and most important rule is Location Location Location.

The second is to identify the type of property you want to buy, having considered what will be easier to let. Next – identify the tenant you want to attract – corporate or otherwise and last but by no means least – what do you intend to spend. There is an element of demand for rental property in all towns and cities but the key is to make sure you are in the right place with the right property to attract the right local market group and then ensure that your property is better than the competition so let’s return to location – a small house or converted barn in a rural location maybe appealing to you but what tenants will it appeal to? – You are not buying this property for you to live in – you are buying for anInvestment – another important rule to remember. You will appeal to a larger base of tenants both corporate and private if your property is centrally located in a town or city, within walking distance of a station, if you are in an area that attracts commuters but also within walking distance to shops, bars and restaurants. A City like St Albans has a large number of commuters, large businesses within the area, is attractive for those wishing to live out of London together with a population of students. It also has large numbers of young professionals who as yet cannot afford their own home and therefore want to rent.

It is generally accepted that apartments are more suitable for letting than houses, they have a wider appeal and will also be easier for you the property owner in terms of garden and external maintenance and also insurance and generally save you money for these items. Two bedroom apartments with two bathrooms are good, they appeal to the widest tenant pool, singles, couples, professional sharers and corporate executives so we have identified an apartment, probably two bedrooms with two bathrooms – do you buy new or second hand The condition of what you are buying is Key – there is more demand in the rental market for new fixtures and fittings and mod cons. Consider – that if buying second hand – do any works need to be done to the property before you can let? If so, you need to understand and add into your costing the time these works will take, if replacing the kitchen and bathroom and redecorating will take 2 months, you will not be able to start the works until you take ownership, therefore in the first 2 months you have void months, then you have to market the finished product which could take another month, secure a tenant, etc etc, before you realise you have 4 void months – not a great start to any business. You should also consider that you will incur legal fees from an early stage in the transaction, you then commission a full structural survey, which perhaps highlights defects, which in turn have associated costs. You are then faced with either a renegotiation of the purchase price or you may re consider the purchase itself – you may have incurred abortive legal fees. As a Landlord you will also have to provide compliance certificates, which in turn cost more money, and if for example the boiler breaks down after 12 months, you have to bear the cost for the repair or the replacement. I am not trying to dissuade you from buying property forInvestment – but seeking to prove a point.

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When you appear busy countless hours the instance comes that you commence dreaming about a faraway resort that might never resemble either your career or even the roaring state that you live in. Probably things are not yet that much monotonous to encourage you to leave your native metropolis once and for all but in any case your lifestyle must have certainly made you all set to travel to some far away country to make your nerves unwind. And actually it does not matter any longer how much you will have to pay for a vacation house which you’ll lease and the fun which you would love to savor throughout your holiday. Your brain and body need to become restored to be ready to carry on with your productive life.

The discussed before circumstance, nevertheless, isn’t consistent pattern. According to the basic natural laws those who work abundantly might receive abundantly and undergo fantastic financial conditions. In these instances they may undergo holidays pretty frequently. A lot of experience in vacationing implies that every following getaway may be better than the preceding. All the details regarding companies presenting with the chance to travel to the destination spot and vacation house rentals do not sound much tricky anymore and undoubtedly you make fewer mistakes about them preserving much of your allowance. Moreover, some people become accustomed to traveling so much that they commence to understand the vacationing market from the inside and even test their abilities about it buying a vacationhouseinFlorida, as an example, to earn some money. This is a nice choice as people always work hard for experiencing a good rest hence ensuring that the market of getaway houses offers will always be financially rewarding.

In addition, the decision to buy vacation house shouldn’t become made casually. The fact is that as soon as you manage that type of buying you actually perform considerable real estate investment. To paraphrase, in case you fail to get a villa in superb condition and in good district then you will surely waste a considerable sum of money. Accordingly, preceding talk with someone who has been leading this type of business for a long time is appropriate. You can become seen as a really lucky individual in case you contrive to have such an assistant among your pals or loved ones because then you’ll have a possibility to stay away from enormous bills from assistant services. And it’s a widespread truth that at the beginning you need every single cent for business.

Most likely when investigating the contemporary property market and your budget abilities you can come to a conclusion that it could become better to start with vacation condos which prove cheaper as compared to vacation cottages. Nevertheless promising vacation condominiums for rent presupposes more hassle because there’re more units to deal with than if you owned one vacation villa for guests.

No matter whether you decide on condos or a house to suggest to your people much of expertise in such circumstances is essential. Well, a bit of net investigation concerning the experience of identical business progression and cyberspace consultations will scarcely look as too much in your situation. You must realize that if there becomes much dollars involved in this business there is considerable threat of losing all you own.

44 New Apartments in Bloomsbury Gardens overlooking the beautiful St George’s Gardens

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Upad, an online company launched in 2008 is fast growing in popularity amongst landlords and renters alike. The CEO of Upad James Davis mentioned that he began the company after identifying a need in the market for a service that took the hassle out of property rental for tenants and landlords.

Upad has released the following list of free helpful tips for landlords in 2009.

• Improve your property
Using simple, low cost measures such as installing energy saving light bulbs, checking the thickness of loft insulation, fitting lagging to pipes and water tanks, draught proofing and turning down thermostats, landlords can improve their properties which would save their money as well as the tenant’s money.

• Maintain the property over the winter By preparing and making provisions for incidents such as leaking roofs, burst pipes etc

• Obtain a mortgage agreement up to six month prior to the current mortgage ending

• Maintain close contact with the tenant

• Be aware of the changes to household benefits payments

• Carry out market research

• Obtain Energy Performance Certificates(EPCs) as it is a legal requirement for all new lets

• Request references for new tenants

• Attempt to secure a longer tenancy period with good tenants where possible

• Inform tenant of emergency procedures and telephone numbers

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There are a number of new concepts in office space springing up around the country, and one of the most exciting marries the scientific expertise of a company that is known worldwide – Unilever – with the latest in design and amenities on a science park.

Colworth Park combines both history and innovation in the offering to potential clients, providing one of the key attractions of Colworth Science Park.  It has been Unilever’s principal R&D centre for more than 55 years, and so there is a deep foundation of scientific experience and expertise on site.  The striking new glass and steel buildings housing offices and laboratories that have been developed to accommodate new enterprises and R&D businesses emphasise the importance of innovation and shared learning on site.

The exterior of Colworth Science Park’s ‘The Exchange’

One of the challenges that science and technology businesses face is the recruitment of highly-qualified staff in sufficient numbers, and the attraction of a site like Colworth Science Park is that it offers client companies and their employees such a wide range of amenities.  As well as the opportunity for professional learning through the briefing events and seminars that are regularly run on site, there are the Park’s leisure and sporting amenities, which include a golf-course and tennis and squash courts, and a day nursery providing professional childcare for working parents.  The location of the science park, in an attractive part of the countryside, equidistant between two of the UK’s top universities, is also a strong draw.

Many start-up businesses and small technology companies need the flexibility to be able to expand their accommodation as they grow, without having the hassle of moving, and The Exchange on the science park offers about as much choice as you could possibly hope for.  For the new business there’s the chance to share laboratory space and facilities without the additional investment costs involved in setting up their own initially.  The all-inclusive rental terms give complete clarity and don’t demand a specialist facilities manager to cope with them!  (In fact there’s an on-site Facilities Manager to provide advice and support to existing and new clients)  There’s also the choice of taking an already fully-fitted lab or office space or designing a space to your own requirements.

There are numerous advantages to basing your business on a science park where you can draw upon the expertise that has been built up over the many years that Unilever has occupied the site, not least in the areas of agricultural research, engineering design and prototyping, and sensory science.  Businesses can benefit from the laboratory supplies discounts offered by the on-site dedicated account management team, taking advantage of the opportunities to buy in quantity.

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When we speak about Forex, often FSA appears as well. FSA stands for Financial Services Authority. This body is more like an in charge of all the financial services in the United Kingdom.

If you check out the scene in London per se, you will find how FSA is regulating all the financial providers in the area. In addition to this, FSA stands as an independent body, which means that you will not find it attached to any other body. It works on its own stated framework and it regulates all the services associated with financial markets, brokerages and exchanges in London.

As mentioned earlier, it has its own framework. This framework includes a set of rules, laws that are equal to all the providers on the financial market. Going by the rule, everyone under FSA regulated London brokerage needs to follow the standards set by this independent body.

One of the highlights of FSA is that it is one such body that doesn’t come on the same page of the offshore companies. This means, there is no room for the brokers to spend any of their client’s money. They have to keep the client’s money in segregated accounts and in banks that the FSA approves.

With such rules and regulations prescribed for brokers on the market, it often comes across as a secured means for the clients to invest their money and lay their trust in the chosen brokers.

You will find a list of FSA approved Forex brokers. Once you know that they are associated with FSA, it often gets easy to work with them.

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An interesting investment opportunity comprising six self contained apartments arranged over second and third floors and which can be offered with vacant possession upon completion. Below is a schedule of the accommodation. The ground and first floors (commercial) have been sold upon long leases. Tenanted Portfolios

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LONDON November 4th 2009-The UK housing market has a surprising new winner for new buyers attracted to housing in one region. Wales has come out top for enquiries from potential buyers beating London and the South East . The surprise finding comes from The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors'(Rics)

Further good news for Welsh property market came from a RICS poll which also found that 11% more Welsh chartered surveyors said they expected an increase in house prices over the same period – the highest figure for price expectations since April 2007.

Tony Filice of Rics Wales said this “confirmed” the recovery of the housing market in Wales.

According to the Rics’ UK Housing Market survey, the number of surveyors in Wales reporting an increase in inquiries from new buyers rose 12% between August and September.

The good news was balanced with comments from Welsh estate agents commenting on the Welsh property market.

John Nicholas of JJ Morris in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, said: “Buyers lack confidence which is reflected in static or in some cases reduced ‘sale agreeds’.”

Paul Lucas of RK Lucas & Son, also in Haverfordwest, reported that confidence was slowly returning to the market but added: “Finance facilities are still difficult to obtain.”

While in Lampeter, Ceredigion, Andrew Morgan of Morgan & Davies, warned: “Any significant upturn we feel will be delayed to at least next spring as there is still far too much ‘old stock’ to move, which continues to contribute to a stagnation period in the market.”

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20 flats (13 sold to Housing Association). Therefore 7 flats producing a total ground rent income of £1,750 per annum.  Leases : 125 years with ground rents doubling every 25 years. Freeholder has the benefit of management and insurance.
Price: £30,650 subject to Section 5 Notices and subject to contract
For further information contact Daniel Lachs
E – mail:
tel: 020 7566 9444

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The basic raw material of your new business or the starting point of your portfolio. So – where do you start – what do you buy? In buying property for investment there are a number of rules that you should follow and it maybe considered a cliché but the first and most important rule is Location Location Location. The second is to identify the type of property you want to buy, having considered what will be easier to let. Next – identify the tenant you want to attract – corporate or otherwise and last but by no means least – what do you intend to spend

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Currency trading forecast provides you with the information, that is based on the currency trade analysis, about the opportunities to earn a profit at the currency trade market. Currency trading forecast software offers you the information when and what you should buy or sell. You may get the currency trading forecast about Stop Loss Points or Target Levels directly on your mobile phone if you have no access to computer during your journey. The currency trading forecast will help you to know the ins and outs of currency trade market.

Currency trading forecast is published every day at 7:00pm during a week and at 3:00 on Sunday. Currency trading forecast is true till 4:30pm of the following trading day. There are different currency trade software, that provides currency trading forecast. Among the various currency trading forecasts, the GVIForex website offers you the information, based on the currency trade analysis from professional experts in successful currency trade. The other resource of currency trading forecast is There you will find news about currency trade market. Currency trade careerists as well as beginners take part in currency trading forecast forums all around the world, where they interchange successful currency trade techniques and research. The currency trading forecast is the perfect way to gain the information that you need to get a clear idea about the currency trade companies.

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Barton Vale, Bristol
A modern development comprising 20 flats producing a total ground rent income of £7,560 per annum
Leases: 999 years with the ground rent doubling every 20 years until the 100th year anniversary; thereafter fixed for the duration of the term.

Freeholder has the benefit of management and insurance
PRICE: £128,600 subject to contract

For further information contact Daniel Lachs
tel: 020 7566 9444

The statements contained in these particulars are believed to be correct but their accuracy is not guaranteed and they do not constitute any part of an offer. None of such statements are to be relied upon as a statement or representation of fact and intending purchasers/tenants must satisfy themselves as to their correctness by inspection or otherwise.

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A beautifully restored Georgian Grade II Listed house is being offered for rent on John Street, in the Heart of Historic Bloomsbury. This is a unique opportunity to reside in one of Bloomsbury’s wide tree-lined Avenues. Arranged over five floors, this magnificent property sits in an attractive Georgian Street reminiscent of classic Bloomsbury living, with wrought iron railings framing the attractive Georgian stuccoed houses.

In brief, the residence comprises three principal reception rooms all with towering ceiling heights and huge sash windows, a high specification Balthaup kitchen/dining room with retractable glass doors leading to exceptional landscaped private rear garden perfect for entertaining.

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