The Benefits Of Investing In Large Cities In The North Of England

Slowly but surely, the global economy has now fully recovered from the financial crisis in the latter part of the previous decade. There are now, incredible investment opportunities for anyone whos savvy to make a healthy profit from all kinds of business ventures. No more so, than perhaps the oldest money-making strategy technique, property investment. The benefits of doing this in a large city are almost countless, as the environment is characterised by constant growth, ebbs, and flows of the economy and the socio economical needs of the populace. It’s a great place to diversify your portfolio, and if youre willing to do so, you can have your finger in many pies at once. The best options for investing in large cities lay in the commercial and residential real estate market. However, in the modern world of fast-flowing commerce, the trend to buy seemed all but fizzled out, so you must innovate to generate.


Consumer trends


Look for cities that have consistently shown themselves to attract a wide variety of people, but all on the same socioeconomic journey. Young professionals and retirees are the very motivated to find the best property for long-term inhabitants. Millennials want to get on the housing ladder and have increasingly found themselves to be left behind by governmental policies. However, these young families and career-minded individuals have found innovative ways to live in properties that would otherwise be out of their price range but choosing to rent, rather than to buy outright and seek ownership.


However, retirees who have saved for a lifetime, also want to buy their dream homes and finally get to relax after a long life of work. They are in the process of looking to move up the ladder as well. They may have been living in an average-sized home, but now want to buy homes will large garden spaces and possess the square-foot capacity for a guest house so they can accommodate for guests and family. These home styles are found around the outskirts of large cities as affluent home buyers want to find peace of mind in the countryside but have been city-slickers all their lives; so theyre not willing to make a clean break from the city itself.

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Why the north?


Property investment is set to be a very lucrative strategy to make consistent returns, more so in cities situated in the north of England. Times are changing, and finally, the politicians have realised that the north is no longer purely an industrial complex, but a thriving part of Great Britain where innovation and job creation is at an all-time high. HS2 plans seem to be going ahead, and this will only cement the narrative that the north is finally going to be linked to the south with jobs and wealth flowing upward.


Professionals in Birmingham


Travel a little further south, and youll find the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham. There are so many investment properties and many categories to choose from. The city has the biggest population outside of the capital and attracts young professionals from both the south and the north, meshing cultures together and the promise of good paying jobs. The location of the city being in the Midlands makes it very accessible and all other cities in every direction, evenly spaced with regards to travel time to reach them. The high-speed rail program is due to be finished by 2026, and the Birmingham New Street train station is already receiving 150,000 commuters every day, this is surely set to increase. From London, directly to the heart of Birmingham is where this line will run, so the cities are set to begin sharing talent like never before, making it full prime real estate opportunities.


Retirement opportunities in Leeds


Leeds property prices have gone up by 6% and the average price for a home has also gone up. But as aforementioned, the young professionals are earning more money than previous generations, but dont want to buy. Leeds is, therefore, an even bigger attraction to investors as the plan is to build more and more apartments and high-rise buildings that could supply plentiful housing in the form of luxury studio property. The city is also in among the fourth most heavily populated urbanised area, with many bungalows, and terrace houses linking neighborhoods and families together. Cheaper than the Midlands and most definitely the south, Leeds is a great place for pensioners to buy large properties for their retirement years, for a very good price.


The north of England is but a mirage of its former self, and this is because the shift from mechanical engineering and natural resources jobs have given way in number, to young professionals working in the technology industry and e-commerce sector. Now is the best time is invest in properties as large scale population movements are taking place.

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