Just Breathe: Ways To Manage Your Money While Moving

Moving house can be stressful for a whole myriad of reasons. You never feel certain that the whole things going to work out the way you want it to until youre actually in your new home – and aside from all the logistical issues of packing up all your stuff and getting your kids acclimatised to a whole new space, there are also a lot of financial issues that you need to think hard about before you move. Here are some simple tips to help you manage your money while youre moving house.


Make A Budget

First of all, ensure that you make a budget. This will help you to become much more certain about exactly how much money you have and how much you can spend. Figuring out exactly how much you have to pay in taxes before you actually have to do so, will help you figure out whether you can easily afford a moving company or whether you should pay your friends and family in love and pizza to help you out instead. Being aware of your financial situation is the first step of learning to harness it and work with it.


Talk To The Professionals

Secondly, dont be afraid to talk to the professionals. If you have never bought a house before by yourself, or if youve split from a partner who always helped out with the financial side of things, or even if your money situation has recently changed, you might be feeling a lot of uncertainties. Remember thats okay – no one is sure of everything in their lives. But you shouldnt try to battle through alone as you might end up making mistakes and getting into a bit of a mess. Talk to a broker like Enness Private who will help you to figure out what exactly youre doing.


Get Prioritising

Thirdly, if youre looking around at your brand new home and trying to figure out what comes next, its time to start prioritising. Sure, you might want a shiny new waterfall shower but that doesnt mean that you shouldnt prioritise an extension that will mean that your kids get to have separate bedrooms. Before you think about what you want, think about what your new house needs. From there, you can make decisions that will benefit every member of your family.


Consider Your Other Costs

Finally, make sure that youve considered the costs of moving that you havent quite thought about before. For instance, packing materials can be pricey, and so can hiring a moving van. Cleaning services can cost a lot of money and you may not get all of your deposit back if youve been renting. You may have to pay for childcare or to put your pets in kennels safely so that you can move house without unsettling and disturbing them, and if you work freelance or you have to take unpaid days off to move then youll be losing out on money. Make sure that you consider all the costs of moving to work out your budget.

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