Add Value To Your Home Through DIY Bathroom Renovations

One of the potentially high valued rooms of your house will be your bathroom. If renovated correctly and to a high standard, this can add a great deal of value to your home – and this doesn’t mean you have to spend large amounts of money.


Your bathroom can become dated quite quickly. The sink you chose 10/15 years ago, to match with the equally (at the time) trendy toilet and bathroom tiles, may not look as contemporary and stylish as you once thought. These trends can easily move on and cause your bathroom to lose value. The bathroom also takes a lot of punishment from heat on a daily basis. With a few updates and bathroom renovations, your bathroom can add value to your house without costing you too much money.


Don’t be scared to the do your bathroom renovations yourself. Getting someone in to do the job can end up costing you a great deal more, and with plenty of handy tutorial videos available on the Internet, you can easily teach yourself the tricks of the trade! Whether this is putting in a new, modern toilet or installing a new bath and shower – there are plenty of tools available to help you.


There are a few ways to add style and value to your bathroom:


  • Tiled countertop: Instead of stone, opt for a water resistant tiled countertop. This costs much less than stone, is easy to install and a contrast to white fittings can add a decorative edge to the room.
  • Do your sink/bath/toilet need replacing? Or is re-glazing an option? Having your units re-glazed by a professional can often cost a lot less than re-fitting your bathroom yourself.
  • A glossy floor can instantly bring your bathroom to life and update a tired look, consider a glossy look that matches with your colour scheme.
  • Your bathroom should be relaxing and harmonious, matching your flooring and walls can create a suitable modern feel.
  • Lighting: Consider a lighting that reflects the look and feel of your bathroom. Whether this is a traditional, elegant look where a crystal teardrop fitting may be appropriate, or a modern, edgy décor where a single light bulb might be the simplicity needed.
  • Two-tone walls: An all white bathroom can get an instant update with a simple lick of paint around the bottom half of the room, a soothing colour is always best – nothing too outrageous!
  • Tile grouting: Coloured grouting can make an impact against your tiles, especially with contrasting shades. Dark blue is extremely effective against a white tile!


Your bathroom renovation doesn’t have to break the bank and doesn’t need to involve a professional – plenty of research, ideas and online tutorials means you can have your desired bathroom using your own hands!

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