Beef up Property Value With These Kitchen Improvement Tips

The kitchen could be seen as the heart of a home. Its where you can socialise, cook food, and eat dinner together with guests and loved ones. Its the reason why many families that are looking for a property will always take extra time to scout the kitchen. Theyll make sure that every nook and cranny is explored and that the kitchen is absolutely spotless. In fact, many families consider the kitchen to be the deal breaker when buying a home.

When renovating a home to sell, you could be in for a nasty surprise if you dont focus enough of your attention on the kitchen. In fact, last minute thoughts about your propertys kitchen might prevent you from selling a home altogether.

Kitchen Storage

Big families require big storage. If your kitchen doesnt have enough cupboards and cabinets to store all their stuff, then its a no-sale. You can add some additional storage by using drawer runners to create easy-access shelving and cupboard units. You could also consider an extra wall shelf or two. As long as your kitchen has ample amounts of storage, then youre guaranteed to score good marks with potential buyers.

Let There Be Light!

But a kitchen is no good if its in the dark. Make sure you have ample lighting to brighten up your kitchen. Utilise everything from multi-tiered ceiling lights, to wall lights, to lamps that can be used to save energy in the night. Mix coloured lighting with regular lighting and set up control boxes so that people who view your property can sample the different moods that coloured lighting can give the kitchen. Dont neglect windows either. Letting in lots of natural sunlight is a great way to improve the overall look of the kitchen.

Colour Coordinated

Make sure that your kitchen colours coordinate well with everything else in the kitchen. Dont neglect to match the kitchen colours to the rest of the house either. You dont want people to walk into a circus of different moods and colours with every room. There needs to be a colour plan that goes throughout the house, and your kitchen should be no exception. Paint the walls, the ceilings, use coloured lighting, and match appliances to the rest of the furniture.


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Decorate and Furnish

People dont want to walk into a bland and empty kitchen. You want to sell people their dreams, and their dreams are to use the kitchen! Set up plates (actual plates, not paper ones) on the tables, cutting boards, coffee tins, fill up the fridgedo everything to make the kitchen look livable and believable. Its a great way to give your potential buyers an idea of how much space theyll have in the kitchen.

Shiny New Appliances

Buyers want to see shiny and sparkling surfaces on their kitchen appliances when they walk into your kitchen. They dont want to see dull surfaces and food stains. Make sure you give the kitchen a tech makeover and upgrade all the appliances. Everything from the stove to the microwave should be replaced. Itll add extra value to your kitchen, and prospective buyers will love you for the amount of work you put into it.

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