Benefits of Hiring an Out-of-town Removal Company for London Moves

Moving is a very stressful experience that takes a toll on everyone, even if you are quite used to it. When moving house or office goods, you have to deal with the responsibility of packing them, finding a way to transport them, and unpacking them when you reach your destination.

This is a very huge task, which you might not be able to complete alone. In addition, several things can go wrong during the move, for example, forgetting some of your belongings or some of your items getting lost or damaged during transit.

To prevent all these problems and ensure you have a smooth moving experience, it is important to hire a good removal company that will help you out with the move, thereby reduce the stress and hassles that are involved.

Choosing between a London-based or out of the town removals company

When you are moving from London, you have the option of hiring a London based removal company, or one that is based in home counties and other areas outside of London. While hiring a London based company might seem like the best choice for most people – they are close to your location and have a lot of reputation – an out of the town removals company can prove to be a better idea. Below are the benefits of hiring a removals firm based outside London when moving.

It is cheaper than a company based in London

London-based removals companies offer more expensive moving services due to a number of factors that include:

More expensive office space – London is one of the most expensive cities to rent an office, and the price of renting one keeps on rising as thedemand for offices increases. Therefore, London removals companies pay more for rent compared to those in other towns. However, in order to remain effective, they pass on the extra costs to customers by charging more for the services they offer.

Higher insurance premiums – all removals firms are required to be insured so as to protect the customers’ goods during transit. When it comes to London-based companies, they are more likely to deal with London-based insurance firms, which will charge more for their services compared to companies located outside the city. Their insurance premiums are thus more expensive, and just like with the office rent, the costs will be passed on to the customers.

Since out-of-town removal companies are based in locations where rent, insurance premiums, and other business expenses are cheaper compared to London, they are able to offer cheaper moving services to their customers. Therefore, you can get cheaper moving services with such a company, and still receive the same quality of service as you would have when using a London-based removals firm.

Their services are usually faster

London based companies serve a large customer base, and thus they will have several requests for relocation services at each given time. This means that when you hire such a company, you might have to wait for a few days, and in some cases weeks, before they are available to help you move. However, when it comes to out-of-town removal firms, their customer base is a bit smaller, which allows them to respond to your relocation request much faster.

London removals companies based outside the city are also faster and more efficient when transporting your goods. Unlike most London-based firms that operate large moving trucks, they are usually small to mid-sized companies and own smaller trucks and moving vans. Therefore, when they are transporting your goods, you do not have to worry about sharing the track with another customer’s goods, and you can count on your items to reach your destination faster.

They offer free services

Another advantage of hiring a removals company located outside London is because most of them offer some free services. Since they are usually small to mid-sized companies serving a smaller customer base, they try to gain more loyal customers by offering free services that include packing, unpacking, free quotes, and a free seat on the moving truck/van. This is a unique benefit that you cannot get when you hire London-based firms; they serve a larger customer base, and thus cannot afford to offer free services to all their clientele. In case you want some of these additional services when you hire a London-based firm, you might have to pay more, which will increase your moving costs.

They know the London area as much as London-based companies

One of the reasons why some people prefer London-based companies when moving is because they are familiar with the London region, and thus can be faster and more efficient when navigating the city during transit. However, out-of-town firms have as much knowledge of London city, since they have probably helped lots of people move to and from there. In addition, they have more knowledge of the areas outside London, especially the local areas they operate in, compared to London-based firms.

Their knowledge of these local areas is very important when relocating there, as they will easily navigate them and make the move faster. In addition to fast moving, easier navigation will also lead to less fuel usage, which will help to lower the moving costswhen moving in or around London.

They offer low-cost storage options

Another advantage of hiring an out-of-town London removals company is that they can provide you withstorage servicesfor some of the items that you cannot be able to move with. And since their storage facilities are located outside London, where rent and other expenses such as insurance and utilities are cheap, you can be able to acquire more affordable services than you would when using a London-based moving company.

In addition, renting a storage facility outside London will be more convenient, as you can get one that is close to the location you are relocating to. This will make it easier and cheaper when the time comes for you to remove your goods from the facility.

What have we learned?

Moving from London can be quite a huge task, especially if it is a long distance move. It is for this reason that you should therefore hire the services of a reliable removals company, such asWynnes and othersthat are based outside of the big city, which can help you with the moving tasks, making the experience much easier and less stressful for you.

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