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There might be more rises in the energy prices and the climate changes starts to make the headlines, therefore why are new properties of home still are not being built to greatest energy efficiency standards? Most of the people know that it is possible to build or to create a house which uses only a part of the energy of the traditional buildings or house by incorporating new heating systems or solar heaters and the very modern technologies to supply all the pure and clean form of energy needed to run a home. For example, BedZed shining or Net zero energy building the value being not set in all new homes.

A lot of indicators reveal that people would like to go greener, and for energy efficient houses, says, Paul King of World Wide Fund for Nature , the environmental charity that is running a movement for more environmental friendly developments known as One Million Sustainable Homes. Most of the people know that through shining example such as the BedZed housing project in the Surrey and homes in Scandinavia and Germany which they could be built, however the values are not being set for all new homes. But, Paul sees a shift in the correct direction. He says, there has been resistance to technologies like solar panels since they are unfamiliar and expensive.


But we have seen the micro-generation move towards the majority. The solar heaters price has been reduced and the energy performance of the house is becoming a factor when it comes to selling them. The introduction of the energy efficient homes information has helped a lot of people especially the buyers how their new house would perform. As part of this plan, the EPCs (energy performance certificate) assess a home’s energy efficiency and its ecological impact.

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