Common Problems You’ll Face With Listed Buildings, and How to Solve Them

As a landlord, you may find yourself owning a listed building at some point. Now, there are some things that all landlords should know when it comes to owning a listed building. You will face difficulties that you will need to overcome. And here is a list of some common problems you’ll face with listed buildings, and how to solve them.



Because listed buildings are old, the problem of damp becomes a real issue. Now, damp is a problem for all building. However, it can be more prominent in listed buildings. If you discover problems with damp they need to be addressed straight away otherwise you risk making them worse. And you can do this by contacting someone to get a damp survey done. There are also techniques to help you combat damp that aren’t intrusive to the building. Things like using a dehumidifier, and making sure the building is structurally sound.



One of the issues involved with listed buildings is the issue of repairs. Because the buildings are old, the materials used to build them are old it can make repair work more difficult and expensive. So, the way to get round this problem is to find a company who specialise in repairing listed buildings. For instance you can find more info about roof repair for listed buildings by searching on the internet for the perfect company. This is a good way of getting important repair work done for an inexpensive price. Bear this in mind if you are the owner of  listed building.


Making Changes

What you need to remember with listed buildings is the fact that you are limited in the changes you can make. And this is going to be a problem for you if you want to make modifications to the property. A lot of landlords like to renovate a home in order to add appeal or value and secure tenancy. However, you are going to find your hands are tied a little in this regard. But, you can still make changes to many listed buildings. It will vary depending upon the building itself. You need to look at getting permission to make any changes you’d like to. Contact a solicitor or surveyor to find out the process behind applying to make changes.


Harder to Sell

The big problem you’re likely to encounter is the fact that listed buildings are often much harder to sell. The issues being that people are reticent about paying for a property and not being able to make changes to it. Or, at the very least having to go through a long complex legal process to be able to make changes. Now, in order to combat this issue and try to sell the place you need to get the best out of your listed building. The great advantage of owning a listed building is that you get to own a piece of history. And this is what you need to promote to potential buyers. A lot of people will find this attractive so you need to try to push this to get people interested.

You’ve got to realise that you may well encounter problems when dealing with listed buildings. And you need to figure out how to make this work for you. Sure, they look amazing, and it’s great to earn a piece of history. But, it can be a nightmare trying to sell one. This list should help to prepare you for the problems you can expect to face, and how to combat them.

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