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Did you know that in the spring and summer months, house buyers pay a lot more attention to the state of the garden than they would in the winter? That means as a seller, you need to ensure that the outside areas are shipshape and Bristol fashion to close that sale. One way that you can do this is to have a water feature installed. But there are so many options out there, which one should you pick? Read on to find out.


Babbling slab

The first option that you have when installing a water feature is to go for something that is both Zen-like and neutral such as a babbling slab. These are usually made from pieces of rock like basalt with a hole drilled in the centre to allow the water to flow up and over the rock.

They are a nice way of getting that babbling water sound in the garden without having a full pond, and they can be very relaxing. Just remember that you will need to plumb them in or use a solar pump to ensure that the water circulates properly.




Now there are many types of ponds, and it’s best to pick one that is going to suit your property and garden. If you have a modern home, then you might want to go for a geometric sunken pond set directly into the patio.

However, if you have a more old fashioned country style garden, then a more organic and quaint style and can work better.

Of course, no matter what style you choose, you will need the right materials to construct and finish your pond such as pumps and filters. Also, dont forget that you can create a stunning pond with the range of pond paint that is now available. Which not only makes it more decorative but give your pond a watertight seal as well.


Herb planter

Another great option for a water feature in your garden that can really help to sell a home is to install a cascade herb planter. This is a smaller water feature so is great for tighter spaces and works equally well in kitchen gardens too.

The idea is that there are reservoirs of water that flow into one another, and around these, you can grow all sort of kitchen garden herbs for cooking. As you are trying to help folks imagine their lives at your property, little touches like this can really catch people’s eye and help seal the deal.


Water bowl

Lastly, if you love the idea of a water feature in the garden but don’t want to be bothered by all of the effort and expense of installing one, why not go for a water bowl? These are large metal bowls that are used constructed of materials like steel or copper.

You can place them on any flat surface in your garden like a deck or patio, and they provide an element of water without all of the hassle.

Also, the mental is designed to rust, verdigris, and patina in response to the water and weather, so they even look better as they get older.

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