Go For Perfection With These Finishing Touches For Your Bathroom

So, you’ve just spent a small fortune on a bathroom renovation – congratulations, we hope it looks great! But, it’s only half the job. Your next mission is to add those finishing touches that it would turn it from a great looking washroom to a something more luxurious. Here are some ideas for you.
Chalon's Bathroom Range

Although in other rooms in the home, themes can appear a little tacky, they can help pull together a bathroom. The sea is a common and popular theme, as is the beach – or even a boat. You could even decorate so that it replicates a water feature in the middle of a forest, or, go for a straight out spa. Decide on your theme, and you’ll find the rest comes easy.



Whatever style you plump for, you’re going to need a mirror. They are essential to any bathroom, not just for practical reasons, but also because they make the small space appear bigger. Mirrors also reflect light, which will help keep your bathroom much brighter. Of course, you don’t have to go for a standalone mirror. If you’re short on space, then why not try a mirror fronted bathroom cabinet? Take a look here and see if anything suits – www.bellabathrooms.co.uk. When it comes to smaller bathrooms, it’s a good idea to go for these combination features as much as possible.



We’ve already discussed a mirror cabinet, but there are plenty of other storage options you can consider. If you have an airing cupboard, get as much out of it as you can. It’s perfect for keeping towels warm and will save you getting an expensive rack installed. Free-standing glass corner cabinets can help you make more use of your bathroom, and they look unobtrusive. In smaller rooms, try and make as much of your vertical space as you can. Think tall and thin – and also broad. You could even set your toilet and sink areas into a large cabinet space to give you plenty of options.



Floors and plants are a great look for bathrooms – and one that many people ignore. The thing is, if you go for plants that love humidity, they won’t take a huge amount of looking after. Cactus, spider plants, orchids and bamboo all like the bathroom environment. Think about artwork, too. As long as everything is sealed properly, you should have no problems with moisture getting in. Finally, look to nature. A bunch of twigs here and a beautiful piece of driftwood there are great little ornaments for any bathroom.



Finally, let’s take a look at something very simple – but ultimately, highly effective. The humble wicker basket is a mainstay of many a bathroom, and for good reasons. They are lovely to look at, hide things like dirty washing, and they cost peanuts. Every home should have one!

Hope that has helped you decide on your finishing touches for the bathroom. It can lift your space into something marvelous – and it doesn’t cost a fortune to achieve. Enjoy adding those finishing touches…

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