The Secrets To Upgrading Your Garden

Many of us have lived in our current houses for more than a decade. And yet, even after all that time the garden still doesn’t look all that great. In fact, more often than not, very little has changed since we first moved in.

Now that the winter is far behind us, it’s the perfect time to get back out in the garden and assess the situations. It’s time to think about ways to improve that moss ridden lawn and those bedraggled flower beds.


Bring In The Water

Have you ever wondered why so many stately gardens have water features? Partly because the nobility could afford such marvels. But also partly for aesthetic reasons. Water features make an excellent focus for the garden. They’re a centrepiece if you like; a place to which the eye is drawn.

Water features can take on many forms. You can keep it simple and just have a small pool with lilies and some fish. Or you can be really extravagant and have fountains. The important thing to remember is that whatever water feature you choose, that it reflects the character of the garden.



Composite decking prices have come down in recent years. That’s thanks to their ever increasing popularity, especially in the South East.

Decking is a great way to create quickly an outdoor space that resembles a room in your house. In fact, this is the primary driving force behind decking. Modern decking systems have a strong aesthetic appeal, and can motivate you to spend longer in the garden. What’s more, the decking itself actually complements nature.


Summer Houses

At the turn of the twentieth centuries, summer houses were all the rage. They were, if you like, an escape within an escape. They were the place in the garden that you went to be truly alone and get some peace and quiet.

Today, summer houses are mostly unchanged from their early twentieth-century ancestors. They’re a place where you can write a poem or read a book in the calm and serene environs of your garden.

Plant Pots And Flower Beds

It’s often forgotten that plant pots can make as large an impact on the look of your garden as the plants in the pots. Many garden designers like to go for big, bold pots, just for the visual impact. But there’s also the benefit that plants will have more space to grow in a larger pot, meaning it’s less likely you’ll have to change it.

Now let’s deal with the flower beds. Let’s face it, last year your flower beds were probably less than perfect. More than likely, the flowers that you did get were sparse and unimpressive.

To have a really great flower bed, it’s best to start over. Weed out any old plants and add fresh soil. Then churn the soil and plant new bulbs.

Play around the with colours and heights. For example, planting in patterns can have a high visual impact. Just make sure that the flowers you plant will come into bloom at the same time. It would be a shame to miss out half the show.


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