The Psychology of Comfort

We’ve survived another cold winter, but there’s always another one around the corner and it’s always a drain on the central heating bills. But there are ways of reducing your heating bills; one of them is to create the illusion of warmth in your home without actually turning up the heating. This may sound unusual, but a lot of time you can feel warmer just be creating the feeling of comfort. There are several ways to do this, including decorating your home with soft rugs and warm colours. Read on to find out how you can think yourself warm.


Rugs instantly make a room cosier, especially if you have hard floors. Rugs will not only add softness under your feet, which will make you feel warmer, they also break up the floor, which is ideal if you have a large open space. Go for deep rugs like shag-pile for a cosy feeling. We have a number of rugs, with both traditional and modern designs, that are ideal for creating a warm feeling in your home. Whatever the décor of your home, you can always find a comfortable rug that adopts your own style, The Rug Seller have a great selection.


If windows are left undressed they can give a house a cold feeling, especially when the weather is grey. Use window treatments to soften the look and create a cosy look. Curtains are generally cosier than blinds; go for thick curtains in super-soft fabrics. Items like window tie backs add a pleasant look, plus, they can increase the cosy feel.

Other Soft Furnishings

As well as rugs and curtains, there are a number of other soft furnishings that can make a room cosier and give the feeling of warmth. Soft is the operative word; go for fluffy blankets on the bed or woollen cushions piled on the sofa. They’ll make you want to curl up and give the illusion of warmth to a room. Not to mention that they are actually great at wrapping yourself up in to keep warm instead of turning up the heating.

Warm Colours

Warm colours are essential for a cosy feel and creating the illusion of heat. Warm colours are reds, orange and yellow, the colours of fire. Use these in your interior decorating and you will soon feel a lot warmer. You don’t have to go overboard and paint a whole room red; just an accent wall or even a piece of furniture or art can make a big difference.


Lighting is extremely important for creating a cosy interior and tricking your brain into thinking it’s warm. Avoid cold, harsh strip lights and instead go for multiple soft lights. Instead of one main light for the room, use a number of lamps that will provide warm light and add depth to the interior. You can also be playful with fairy lights and other fun versions of lighting.


The sun does sometimes shine in winter, when it does, make sure to let it into the house as much as possible. Opening your curtains to the sun will not only help heat the house for free, but the light will also create the illusion of warmth, even on a chilly day.

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