Tranforming Your Humdrum Home Into Something Spectacular

Who wants to live in a boring home that just doesnt make you feel anything when you spend time in it? Having a spectacular home that you truly love is key to being happy where you are. These ideas will help you to transform your humdrum home into something spectacular. Enjoy:

Focus On Incorporating Plenty Of Texture

A house can begin to look boring if you dont incorporate lots of texture. Texture is going to bring your home to life, especially if you use lots of different kinds. Layering your textures and knowing how to mix them is crucial. Incorporate them all over the place. Make people want to touch everything in your home if possible! This is one of the most powerful tips youll ever get. All interior designers love this tip. Add texture in the form of wallpaper, rugs, curtains, blinds, and so much more.



Create A Feature Wall Or Two

Although you dont want a feature wall in every single room in the house, you can create a feature wall or two. A feature wall draws the eye and can help to give a room more personality. Make sure you choose your wall carefully if you choose to do this. For instance, it should be blank, with no windows or anything in the way. Having one in the living room and one in the bedroom could be a good idea. To create yours you can add lots of pictures, art, or even just a patterned wallpaper piece. You could even place a statement accessory in front of it to add to the effect.

Use Artwork That You Actually Like

Make sure you choose artwork that you actually like. Some people choose artwork for the sake of having it, but you should wait until you find something spectacular. This could be from a local artist, someone you know, or you could even create something yourself. Artwork has such a positive effect on the brain, you should never leave it out of your home decor.

Replace Old Appliances

If you have some old appliances in your home, invest in new appliances. Making sure you have energy star rated appliances ensures youre not wasting money or resources when it comes to your bills. You might even want to look at cheap short term loans for this sort of thing. Check your appliances over to make sure youre not already wasting more money than you need to be.

Pick A Theme

How about deciding on a theme you really like and carrying that throughout your home? Rather than just looking at colour schemes and then choosing accessories to match, a theme can help you to actually give your home character.


Take Inspiration From Other Countries

If youre stuck on what to do, how about taking inspiration from other countries? You can find so many inspirational pictures in Pinterest to help you find a theme that you like. Moroccan decor can be really beautiful, but you could also choose something like classy French. Pick something that you feel youll love for a long time.

Mix Things Up A Little

Dont be afraid to mix things up. If you want to mix up different themes and elements, do it. You can also mix things like patterns, and even introduce clashing colors. Some people like to mix their furniture styles too. This is really easy to do if you select furniture that has something in common, such as a colour or shape. They definitely dont need to be from the same set.

Add Value

Make sure you know how much value youre actually adding to your home with the changes youre making. Some changes can add value, while others may take it away if youre not careful. If youre thinking of selling your home soon, then its best to go for a more simple design with neutral colours.

Add Life

Never forget to add life to your home. Add pretty green plants for colour and to purify the air. Add flowers to boost your mood. If you dont want to constantly replace them, you can even buy some realistic looking fake flowers. A fruit bowl is a must too. All of these things add colour and life to your home.

Dont let your home decor bore you. Make sure you use these tips to create something spectacular that really speaks to your senses! If you have any tips or tricks of your own youd like to share, make sure you leave them below. See you again soon!

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