Unique Changes To Your Home Design That Will Attract Buyers

Interior designers might have the best job in the world. They can see inside hundreds of different properties. And they have the creative vision to turn what they see into something spectacular. But you dont need to be an interior designer to make a few changes to your own home. If youre looking for some unique ideas that will get a buyers heart pumping, you could be spoiled for choice.



Most of us hide rusty old radiators behind the sofa or cover them up altogether. The trouble is, we do need these unsightly beasts in the winter time. So why not swap out the grotty white thing blocking up your wall for something you actually want to look at? You could choose a tall Ultraheat radiator that takes up less width along the wall. Or maybe youre looking for something that is sleek and mirrored in the finish?



Give each room in your house a wow factor with a wall-hung electric fire. LED surrounds give the room the kind of glow youve always wanted. If youre looking to create a period feel, why not restore an original fireplace? You can do this on your own by cleaning up a reclaimed mantel and hearth. You will need to book a chimney sweep to give you the all clear if you want to fire it up, though!



Exquisite chandeliers in a contemporary style can work well in any room. There are even bathroom light fittings that can add that special something to the room. Decorative light switches can also look a lot better than a white plastic button on the wall. There are many bulbs to choose from, although LEDs tend to be the cheapest to run overall. Why not pick one that is app controlled? That way you can select the brightness and colour you want to illuminate your space.


LED striplights are highly flexible and hugely versatile. They can be placed along the trim of your stairs, around the TV cabinet, or even along the corners of the walls. This can offer a brilliant lighting effect or a warm glow in any colour you choose. Many systems are remote controlled. You can buy them cheaply from your local DIY store.



Bespoke storage ideas are wonderful to have in your home. These offer maximum use of space because they are designed exclusively for the room they are in. Of course, when youre looking for smart storage for smaller spaces, its best to seek out clever options. If you can clear every surface and free up the floor space, your home will look more spacious and less cluttered. This can be very attractive to potential buyers.



Finding your own style is important. It doesnt have to be mainstream or part of a trend. But seeing that style through by working it from room to room can be very attractive to a potential buyer. Its sometimes best to pick a feature like a fireplace or a chandelier and design from there. What will inspire you in your home design today?

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