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Selling your home is an important part of getting older and moving on. But, it can prove to be a highly difficult and stressful process. So, you need some ideas that can help you to get the home ready for a sale as easily as you can.

Add Value

The best way to encourage a sale is to do things to the home that will add value. This is because, as well as adding value, they also add interest. So, you need to come up with as many different ways of adding kerb appeal as you can. You could add garden furniture, get a pool installed, and extend. You might consider going green or giving the place a makeover. But, you always need to keep in mind how important it is to add value.

Turn it into the Perfect Show Home

When youre trying to prepare the home for sale, you need to make it look perfect. It should be good enough that anyone who comes to view will be wowed. That means you have to go to great lengths to turn it into a show home for a while. Make sure the place looks as pristine and spotless as possible. But, you still need to make sure it retains character and personality as well in order to appeal as much as possible.

Price Realistically

Its important to realise that you need to have realistic expectations when selling. Sure, wed all love to sell our homes for millions of pounds. But, this is not something that is realistic to expect all the time. Instead, you need to come up with a price that is realistic and reflects the current market. If you do, youll attract interest. But, if you dont then youll find that you arent getting any offers or viewings, and this can be highly frustrating.

Prepare to Negotiate

The price you have set for your property needs to be negotiable, and you have to prepare for that. Whatever your listing price is, buyers are going to come in with a counter offer. So you need to be realistic about this, and you have to prepare to deal with it as well. There are a lot of things you can do to help you with this. But, you need to try to set a price higher than what youre prepared to accept. And make sure negotiations are positive and always move in the right direction.

Use Agents

You could opt to try to sort all of this out yourself. But, it will probably be better to let use agents to help you. They will know all the tricks of the trade and be able to help you get a sale much more quickly and efficiently. There are so many things to think about when it comes to selling the home. And there are important areas that you are likely to forget about or overlook. Agents will not forget about these things, and will be in the perfect position to advise you.

Selling your home can be very stressful, and you need to try to get your home ready for the process. There is so much you have to think about when it comes to trying to make a sale. Its important to get the property in the best possible condition to attract buyers. Try as many ways as you can to achieve this and hope it all goes according to plan.

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Property investment can be lucrative and exciting, especially if you already have a passion for houses. However, like any kind of investment, there are certain risks. If you dont have a number of inspections run on a home youre planning to buy, it could backfire catastrophically further down the line. Im sure you dont want that to happen! Here are some important checks to make before buying a property.

One of the big things you need to check for is the possibility of future structural issues. Unfortunately, most homes run into structural problems somewhere along the line. Youll need to set aside a pretty sizable budget to guard yourself against these. Of course, this depends on how long youre planning to hold the property for. If you want a good ROI, this is probably going to be between ten and twenty years, so make sure to plan ahead! Hire a surveyor to do a once-over of your whole home. Theyll be able to give you a report on the state of the chimney, roof, windows etc. Various parts of the home may need replacing, which of course means more money. Checking the structural integrity will help you decide whether to buy or not.


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2016 has ushered in a new challenge for property investors. Energy Performance Certificates have been part of property documentation for a while. However, new legislation means that youll have to be especially careful about this. Since the start of the year, if it gets an energy rating of F or below, you may not be legally permitted to let the property. The property may require a number of renovations to get it up to standard. These can be costly, but youll probably be losing far more money by not being able to let. You should be aiming for properties with a rating of D (the UK average) or above. You can find more information at The EPC Register. If you find a property below that, youll probably be able to negotiate a lower price. You should also discuss the necessary improvements with your surveyor.


You also need to check any prospective property for various safety factors. You should bring in a gas safe engineer and a qualified electrician to check their respective utilities. It may also be worth bringing in an asbestos inspection service. Companies such as Plansafe offer asbestos services. If you want to let the property, youll need a gas safety certificate, which will have to be updated every year. A domestic electrical installation certificate could also be a good idea. This isnt a legal requirement, but is considered good practice for responsible landlords. If youre looking to purchase a property with sitting tenants, ask the owner for valid guarantees and documentation. If you let or sell a property which isnt safe, the consequences can be catastrophic.

After these three checks, you can feel safe to move ahead with the purchase. Surveying may not be the most exciting part of property investment, but its certainly important if you want the venture to be a success.

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The UK’s student property market has a strong reputation both domestically and in the international sphere. Student accommodation has been highlighted by Knight Frank as the top-performing asset class in the UK, with average yields well ahead of those in the traditional buy-to-let sector, and has attracted over £6 billion of investment over the past three years.

However, it would be a mistake to think that this means you can just pick up a student property and watch the returns roll in. As with any asset class, you need to choose your purchase carefully in order for your investment will deliver as it should. So how do you go about investing successfully in this potentially profitable asset class?

Purpose-Built or HMO?

HMOs – family homes let to group of students on a per-room basis – offer something of an advantage in economies of scale. A single property can be let to a number of students, making it a comparatively affordable way to invest in accommodation for several students at a time.

However, purpose-built accommodation offers a number of advantages. It offers higher living standards to students and often occupies desirable, central locations. This serves to attract the more discerning breed of student which is now far more common than stereotypes would have you believe. In fact, student preferences have increasingly shifted towards purpose-built accommodation recently. Furthermore, purpose-built pods offer a more affordable entry point for investors, as they allow you to invest in a single student unit where HMOs require the purchase of a complete, multi-roomed home. Despite being more affordable, purpose-built accommodation offers higher yields, sometimes by as much as 70%, making it ultimately the better choice in the current market.

University Rankings

Often, the best way to gauge the viability of investments in student property for sale is to look at the university or universities in the area. If the property is located in a town or city with a high-ranking university, particularly part of the leading Russell Group, then demand is likely to be higher. Of course, in order to capture the demand the property must be well-located and provide easy access to the university’s campuses. This is because higher-ranking universities tend to be more popular and attract greater numbers of students, and this creates higher demand for accommodation.

Towns with multiple universities also tend to attract more students, for the simple reason that there are multiple institutions all independently taking people in. This also helps to create higher demand, particularly for properties that provide easy access to the campuses of more than one university.


There is currently high demand for this type of property thanks to rising student numbers, and this is set to go even further next year when caps on new university intakes are lifted. Nonetheless, students tend to be more discerning now than they have been in the past, and not all properties succeed even if they seem to have all the ingredients of success.

When buying purpose-built accommodation, it is important to look at the provider. If the development comes from an experienced developer and is being managed by a company with a track record of success in the student sphere, then you are significantly more likely to experience the sort of strong performance that has made the student market so popular.

Author Bio
Pure Student Property are experts in the UK student property sector, with a wide range of investment opportunities in the largest university towns and cities in the UK including student properties in Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and Liverpool.

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London is one of the best places to invest in the country. It has comfortably withstood the property boom and collapse over the past few years, and prices have continued to rise steadily. But if you are thinking of investing in the capital, where should you put your money? And what should you consider before doing so?

Here we take a look at London’s property market, its hotspots and latest news, to get you in-the-know before you make an investment.

An Expanding City

London is a growing city and thanks to its popularity many people are now finding themselves being priced out of city centre locations. What this means is that suburbs and commuter areas are becoming much more desirable.

Buying now in zone 3 is popular among investors, as they can buy relatively cheaply with the almost certain outcome that, as popularity in the area increases, so will the value of the property. In fact, Savills has estimated that ‘non-prime’ zone 3 locations will see a 23% rise in the next 4 years.

Currently 80% of housing demand is for properties under £450 per square foot, so if you can supply quality properties under this price they are sure to be snapped up in no time at all.

It is expected that the most growth will be seen in the South and East, as these areas are developing at a faster pace, many new build homes are being created and property prices are slightly lower than the North and West.

Here are a few areas that will become property hotspots in 2015:

South – Hither Green, Crystal Palace, Catford and Colliers Wood

East – Forest Gate, Royal Docks and Manor Park

North – Tottenham, Hornsey and Cricklewood

West – Acton, Brentford and Ealing

Buy-to-Let vs. Buy-to-Sell

Buy-to-let investments are set to be more popular than ever in 2015, and the next hot idea in property development is ‘rental villages’. These rental villages are developments purposely built for 20 to 35 year olds who believe renting is likely to be a long term choice, rather than just a bolt hole while they save a deposit.

The figures suggest that the amount of private renters will rise by around 5% each year until 2020. In fact there is such demand for quality, affordable rental accommodation, that the government has backed £10 million worth of funding for build-to-rent housing.

Prime positions for rental villages include Stratford, Elephant & Castle, and Archway, thanks to great transport links in these areas.

Going Green

Thanks to high bills and the pressure of global warming, building eco-homes has become a common site; especially since they are more economical in the long run.

The average new build home is 6 times more energy-efficient than other homes, and therefore running costs are much lower. You could save more than a thousand pound a year!

Developers in 2015 should respond to this need and build greener homes to keep up.

Follow the Tracks


(image: Cnbrb under CC BY-SA 2.0)

As well as pushing outward due to rising property prices, London’s population is following the expanding transport links. 24 hour tubes are soon to become a reality, which is sure to give areas on the outer skirts of the city a boost.

But with housing moving outward, the majority of jobs are remaining in the city centre. Meaning transport links are more important than ever. The government is starting to act upon this, and a Crossrail service is under construction.

This will make places like Woolwich and Abbey Wood great commuter zones in coming years. And therefore a prime place for property investment for both residential and commercial purposes. Property development finance in these areas is likely to be more flexible due to the confirmed expansion, and almost guaranteed investment potential.

Do you feel more up-to-date now about the property market in London? To find out more, take a look at a few more of the posts on this blog.
Pure Commercial Finance are commercial brokers with a difference. They know the commercial finance market like the back of their hand and will work tirelessly to get you the best package possible, while maintaining their excellent levels of customer service. Find out more today by calling 02920 676727.

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There are many unfavourable aspects of human nature, with a tendency to generalise and label large social groups on the actions of a small minority. Take residential tenants, however, who as a group are often considered in less than favourable terms despite the fact that the majority are respectful citizens who pay their rent on time every single month. It is therefore important as a landlord to afford your tenants’ respect and treat them on their own individual merit, especially if you want to build relationships and generate regular income.


3 Things to Look for in a Residential Tenants


With that being said, it is still important for residential landlords to thoroughly appraise their potential tenants and ensure they are suitable candidates. Consider the following things to bear in mind when evaluating tenants: –


  1. Credit History and References


Beyond each individual tenants’ personal attributes, they will also have long-standing credit histories and references from previous landlords. While these cannot tell the entire story, they provide statistical insight into their outlook as individuals and their capacity for paying rent on time and maintaining clean living spaces. You should careful consideration to this data prior to choosing a tenant, as this will help you to develop an informed impression of each candidate as an individual.


  1. The Benefit of Hiring an Independent Property Management Firm


When appraising potential tenants, it is an excellent idea to employ an independent external company to assist you with the process. This gives you a fresh pair of eyes and enables you to outsource the handling of potential tenant applications and the organisation of viewings. This can be especially crucial for novice property developers or those who are new to the market, as reputable firms are more familiar with the tenant application process and able to execute more informed decisions. Just as companies such as Morgan Randall can help to find tenants and properties, so too other companies can help you to appraise tenant applications.


  1. Meet Tenants in Person and Trust Your Judgement


While tenant application forms are an invaluable source of data, they cannot reveal everything about an individual. This is where you need to meet tenants in person where possible and trust your judgement when communicating with them. After all, many individuals have suffered from financial hardship in the wake of the Great Recession, and it would be a shame to deny hard working citizens the opportunity to let a property due to a blemish on their credit file. This is where you need to strike the balance between showcasing interpersonal skills and making hardnosed commercial decisions, so that you can maintain profit while also building a positive reputation.

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The most outstanding penthouse apartment offering the ultimate living with floor to ceiling sliding doors with amazing City views. Located in this luxurious residential development in the heart of The City moments away from one of the world’s most important centres of business. With its stunning Portland stone facade, 24 hour concierge and resident gym this is truly an exceptional building to live in. The apartment which is arranged over the eighth floor comprises a master suite of double bedroom, walk in dressing room and bathroom, a second guest suite comprising double bedroom and en suite shower room and walk in dressing room and a third double bedroom with en suite shower room. There is also a wonderful triple aspect reception/dining room with fully integrated kitchen and a media/study room. Other features include a guest cloakroom, preparation Kitchenette and utility room. A rare feature is the wrap around roof terrace and balcony from which all the major rooms within the apartment have access. Roman House is conveniently located to Barbican, St Paul’s and Moorgate Underground Stations as well as a short walk to the bank of England and the London stock exchange. Please note that the pictures are of the show apartment, show suite and St Alphage Garden.


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A spectacular penthouse apartment extending over 8139 square feet in a well maintained portered building in Knightsbridge, directly overlooking the Serpentine in Hyde Park and boasting 360 degree views of London. Offering grand entertainment space and luxurious living, the property has been interior designed and benefits from bespoke fittings throughout, air-conditioning, a stunning roof garden, a gym and a massage/treatment room. Reception, dining room with bar area, cinema room, study area, master bedroom with his and hers bathroom and dressing room, 5 further bedroom en suites, 2 kitchens, treatment room, gym, guest cloakroom. EPC rating D. Furnished. Also available for short let at £40,000 per week.
Spectacular penthouse with roof garden overlooking Hyde Park, 4 receptions, 6 en suite bedrooms, 2 kitchens, Air-conditioning, porter, lift , c. 8139 square feet. EPC rating D


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It is a fact that a huge part of the house sales in the UK are still done through the conventional ‘High street estate agencies’. However, this trend is changing and many people now opt to search online for all their needs and searches. OEA (online estate agencies) are a new part of the estate agencies which have taken the help of technology in London and are also providing good service than the normal high streets agents.

This new technology of working online has enabled these estate agencies to bring down the cost of the agency to a very drastic level. It is very insignificant when compared to the costs that the conventional agencies are incurring. This in turn allows them to rent and sell property at a lower rate which again benefits them with more customers.

However, you should make sure that your OEA is a legally registered agent and is licensed to deal with the buying and selling of properties. This ensures that the person is well knowledge in pricing a property to its true value and also to take care of the proceedings smoothly.

At present, the market for selling properties is very low. There are a lot of agents who over price the property to get the clients to them. This frustrates the clients as there is very little activity which takes place. Another method which is used by these agencies is the RICS method. This is a method which is used by the banks to gauge the amount of loan which can be given against a pledged collateral security. The same is used here to value to property under question. This gives a false impression to the clients that the value of the property told to him is correct and hence does not even question the over price at times. The OEAs also prove beneficial to the buyers as they save a significant amount of money while buying a property or even while renting it. this is because the service charges made by the OEA is very low when compared to the conventional estate agencies which charge a lot of money.

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The UK housing market has been through something of a tough time since the financial crisis struck in 2008. Negative news and falling prices have been the order of the day for many years, but it seems that may now be changing as there is a growing amount of evidence to suggest the housing market is on the road to recovery.


Have we turned the corner? 

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) Residential Market Survey for August 2013, found house prices rose across the UK for the fourth month in succession. Significantly, this growth was not just restricted to the most affluent areas of the country such as London and the south-east, but was a nationwide trend, which is highly encouraging.

RICS discovered this rise in prices was driven by the number of buyers looking to enter the market growing at the fastest rate since July 2009. It claimed this entry of would-be purchasers has been steadily increasing throughout 2013, but hit a peak in the summer months. Again this trend was in evidence across the nation, with the biggest spike reported in the West Midlands and north-east – two of the regions that were hit hardest by the market crash.

Peter Bolton King, RICS global residential director, commented: “These results are great news for the property market as it looks like at long last a recovery could be around the corner.

“Growth in buyer numbers and prices have been happening in some parts of the country since the beginning of the year but this is the first time that everywhere has experienced some improvement.”


Prices are up

RICS’ optimism is supported by official figures from the Land Registry. The organisation’s House Price Index for July 2013, which was released on August 29th, found the average value of a home in England and Wales now stands at £164,098, a one per cent increase on the previous month and a 0.8 per cent rise on the same period in 2012.

London saw house price growth expand well beyond the national average, with July’s typical property value 2.1 per cent higher than in June and 6.3 per cent more than last year. The average cost of a home in the capital now stands at £385,799.

Outside of London, the greatest monthly increase occurred in the East Midlands where growth was also 2.1 per cent.

The Land Registry’s figures revealed more houses are being sold in 2013 than they were last year, with increases of 15 per cent and 19 per cent recorded for April and May respectively, which is another indication of the improving health of the market.


A return to the good old days?

While these statistics from RICS and the Land Registry are promising, there is still some way to go before the housing sector returns to the peak levels experienced prior to the financial crisis.

However, there are some grounds for optimism as RICS’ house price data for July shows the fastest rate of growth seen since the market peak of November 2006. What’s more, the fact this rise was widespread across the country and not just concentrated in London and the south-east is promising.

It’s still far too early to tell if a return to the good old pre-recession days could be on the cards, but the market is moving in the right direction and that can only be a good thing. This news will be welcomed by letting agents, whose fortunes are closely tied to those of the housing sector.

Agencies who are looking to cope with the increased demand caused by the market pick-up could benefit from using letting agent software.


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These days small enterprises have an excellent amount of alternatives, when choosing their business credit card. Thus, frequently, it is rather hard to decide on the variant, which could fit this specific firm ideally. Credit cards propositions are generally everywhere. Advertisement announcements are in mailboxes, at various web sites, at outlets, in financing establishments et cetera. It is rather easy to obtain a business card and all of promotions look really appealing. However have you considered what credit card is actually beneficial for your company? You must understand, that the right decision could save you hundreds and even thousands of us dollars. Like the business man/ women, before completing any credit card application, you’ll have to establish, what features of business financing tend to be most important for your firm.

Okay, having analyzed the process, we differentiated 3 major parts of a credit card obtaining. Principally, you should establish primary needs of your company. Calculate the full volume of funds your organization will require. It’s wiser to count what amount this company will spend per month and then to request for that sum. Figure out the number of cards you’ll need plus what workers will receive them. Conclude if you wish to employ a program, which tracks all of your plus co-workers’ charges. Business credit card companies today are able to screen the product groups, that money were spent for every month. It’s also probable to obtain yearly and quarterly reviews showing firm’s expenditures. This info can become quite useful within a tax time. Hence if you intend to employ one a single card for all the expenses, this could be your great alternative.

After that determine the kind of card that is most appropriate for your current requirements. There are many solutions, for example a charge credit card, the small business credit card, the rewards credit card etc. For selecting the correct variation, study its main qualities. Compare credit card rates in different banks. Find out, how the financial charge is calculated and what’s a credit limitation. Find out of advantages, as often financial institutions provide benefits to their clients. And certainly establish, exactly how you’re planning to use that card. For example, when you intend to repay the entire balance every month, the standard credit card could be your perfect alternative. In case you are intending to move the amount to following month period, look for the variant with the lowest rate.

Then, after all connected with a card kind is clear, begin an application procedure. Select a bank or another lender. Talk to them and ask for an application form. Today electronic forms are likewise very popular, they easily may be filled out via internet. Typically a card user is needed to type his or her name, a post address, contact data, Ssn and so on. In addition you may be requested to tell about a personal and loan history, show your yearly income and earnings of the company. Then give this application to the chosen bank. Most banks complete this process within 7-10 working days.

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Nigel Stockton, Financial Services Director at Countrywide, the UK’s largest mortgage broker, comments on rising mortgage costs following warnings from the governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King, that UK borrowers could face higher interest rates because the crisis in the eurozone has made it more expensive for banks to borrow:

“Since November last year, lenders have been closely monitoring their sales volumes by imposing stricter lending criteria and new restrictions, making it harder for new borrowers and homeowners looking to move off un-capped Standard Variable Rates (SVR) to access funds with competitive rates.

“It has been reported that over a million borrowers have already been affected by the recent hikes in mortgage costs and we have seen rates for an average 75% LTV mortgage[i] steadily rise up by the best part of 1%, increasing average monthly repayments by up to £73.” Reay more >>

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The London canal network is now ready for renewal. The project also includes the construction of waterside houses. Approximately around millions of pounds are to be spent on constructing new houses particularly in eastern part of London. The 2012 Olympics is going to grant and additional enhancement in this region. Most of these regions are business bequests. Thus, the houses will be inexpensive and reasonably priced. Young London residents have the opportunity to purchase in this flourishing region. The region also has the possibility to become friendly and agreeable canal side residential area.

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Rental property london demand grows as the hunt for jobs brings more workers from EU countries to the United Kingdom to seek work. According to the ludlowthompson website , demand for united kingdom houses from those countries pet name ‘PIGS’ by a few economies –Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece – increases to twenty percent of all demand from the Europe in June, 2010 when compared to just twelve percent in June 2009, a seventy five percent increase.

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The 2.6% increase in the property market at the beginning of the year will not affect by General Election according to the London Property dealers. The highest increase in properties after 2007 recorded this quarter of the year.

Many property dealers who were hesitating to do deals have exposed now publishing their properties to the market. What result would be on May 6th people think that there would not be much effect on Property Market. People who are in urgent need are still carrying on despite the reports of decrease in the London property market. Others have hold on for few days expecting some concessions after Elections.
Whatever government comes to power, it will take some time to implement the changes in any law and order. The Conservative Home Protection Scheme has promised payment of £8,000 as free permanent residential care for people of 65 yrs.

1% Mansion Tax is a proposal of Liberal Democratic for the properties worth over £2 million which will affect to limit their buying as not to have heavy tax burdens. Increase in stamp duty from 4% to 5% in £1 million plus properties is another proposal by Labour which would affect on demand of properties
more than £1 million.

However, only consolation from both Labour and Conservative which comes to power is that properties worth upto £250,000 will have a break of stamp duty for two years according to Labour, and Conservative promise to take away this stamp duty permanently.

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The second half of 2009 saw the balance of power between landlords and tenants in tenancy negotiations tip marginally towards the landlord for the first time in 18

months. Throughout 2008 and the first half of 2009 tenants had been able to negotiate lower rents due to the imbalance between supply and demand, as sellers became “accidental landlords” and developers opted for the London rental market when unable to secure sales due to the lack of mortgage finance. In the second half of 2009, however, supply became more restricted and it was no longer possible for tenants to secure better terms, either on new leases or renewals.

There were a number of inter-related factors behind this change:

• Increased demand for rental property, reflecting in turn an improvement in the central London employment market in the second half of 2009.
• Relocation agents representing corporate tenants became more active.
• Enhanced demand from students at the start of the new educational year in September 2009, when demand for rental property reaches its annual peak.
• A higher rate of renewals in situ which reduced the level of remarketing of rental stock.
There was limited evidence that “accidental landlords” were withdrawing from the rental market to place their property on the sales market in the light of improved confidence and higher prices.

As a result of this shifting balance, residential rents in Midtown, City and Docklands increased by 5% in the second half of 2009 (Figure 3). The typical rent for a two bedroom flat increased by £20 per week to £450 per week and for a one bedroom flat by £15 per week to £340 per week. It is notable, however, that the pressure for rental increases was concentrated in the 3rd Quarter from July to September and that the market stabilised once more in the 4th Quarter. In spite of increases, the rental option continues to offer very good value to tenants, especially in new major developments near Canary Wharf such as Pan Peninsula and The Landmark with very high quality finishes and where there are additional amenities and facilities on site. In December 2009 we were marketing one bedroom flats in these new developments from £325 per week.

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LONDON November 4th 2009-The UK housing market has a surprising new winner for new buyers attracted to housing in one region. Wales has come out top for enquiries from potential buyers beating London and the South East . The surprise finding comes from The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors'(Rics)

Further good news for Welsh property market came from a RICS poll which also found that 11% more Welsh chartered surveyors said they expected an increase in house prices over the same period – the highest figure for price expectations since April 2007.

Tony Filice of Rics Wales said this “confirmed” the recovery of the housing market in Wales.

According to the Rics’ UK Housing Market survey, the number of surveyors in Wales reporting an increase in inquiries from new buyers rose 12% between August and September.

The good news was balanced with comments from Welsh estate agents commenting on the Welsh property market.

John Nicholas of JJ Morris in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, said: “Buyers lack confidence which is reflected in static or in some cases reduced ‘sale agreeds’.”

Paul Lucas of RK Lucas & Son, also in Haverfordwest, reported that confidence was slowly returning to the market but added: “Finance facilities are still difficult to obtain.”

While in Lampeter, Ceredigion, Andrew Morgan of Morgan & Davies, warned: “Any significant upturn we feel will be delayed to at least next spring as there is still far too much ‘old stock’ to move, which continues to contribute to a stagnation period in the market.”

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Nicholas King Homes delighted to announce the launch of a new residential apartment development at Lambs Passage, EC1 London, where luxury Studio, 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom apartments will be formally launched for sale at the marketing suite on Thursday 10th September from 12.00 to 21.00.

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An elegant and rare Grade II listed freehold residence built in circa 1825 by Charles Cubltt, discreetly located in one of Bloomsbury’s finest streets.

Full planning permission and listed building consent were granted on the 12th August 2009 for the property to be restored back to a substantial family home. The accomodation will provide 5,100 sq ft of living space.

The finished property would provide numerous notable features including a stunning open plan family room/kitchen and dining area on the lower ground floor leading out to the 60ft garden, a formal dining room and study on the ground floor, two intercommunicating Drawing Rooms on the first floor with floor to ceiling doors opening onto the balcony. A sumptuous master bedroom suite with two dressing rooms and en-suite bathroom, a further five bedrooms and three more bathrooms.

The finished product is a home that would offer a luxurious standard of living fused with period
grandeur, synonymous with this premier London address.Findout more property in clerkenwell

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This ultra modern apartment, situated just minutes from Limehouse DLR is ideal for those looking for luxury city living with an easy commute to either the City or Canary Wharf. Benefits include two double bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large open plan living and dining area with a large south facing terrace. Fully fitted kitchen and quality furnishings included.


* Furnished

* Secure Parking

* Porter

* River / Water Views

* Balcon

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