Make Your Dining Room Delicious in 2016

Your dining room is the ideal place to gather with your friends and family. After all, it is often said that the family who eat together, stay together. Its much nicer to be able to sit around a table and discuss your day. Too many families sit eating their dinner in front of the television. Theres no denying that technology is killing the art of conversation, thats for sure. But all too often dining rooms just end up as storage space, where stuff gets shoved and never actually put away. So why not rediscover your dining room this summer? One benefit is youll have all of that extra room, and two – your digestion will thank you for it! Eating sat up straight at a table rather than slumped over your plate will mean your food goes down better. Whats not to love?

The size of your dining room will dictate a lot of what you can do, but be creative and youll be able to put your own stamp on it. If you want to know more about how to make into a sublime space, then read on!

Whatever the size of your dining room, you need to ensure people are going to fit! Make sure you keep, at the very minimum, a metre between the edge of your table and the wall, or any other furniture. This will give your guests room to manoeuvre without getting stuck. If you can allow more space, then all the better. Your room will have a much more spacious feel, and you won’t have to worry about elbows.

If your carpet has seen better days, then it could be time for a change. Grubby floors in a dining room are enough to make anyone lose their appetite. For something that is easy to clean, durable, and looks great? You want to look at quality, perhaps wood like amtico flooring. Wood is classy and elegant and very hard wearing – Ideal if you like to host a lot of dinner parties. Its also perfect for families with young kids – they do tend to be messy!

Each person should have around 25 inches of table surface to be able to eat comfortably. Don’t try and sit more chairs around the table than there are meant to be; itll just look crowded and messy. IT wont be easy to eat in, either. The exception for this is for big family meals with kids; sometimes you just have to make do and squeeze in where you can!


Give your room a new twist in a flash. Why not try adding some artwork, or changing up your table cloth? If you’re catering for a large party, dont feel you need to stick to cloth napkins. Disposable is just as acceptable in this day and age will save you on laundry ater. After all, cooking is hard work, and once youre done? It should be time for you to put your feet up with a large glass of vino. After all that effort of entertaining, you deserve it!


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