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As the London property market has experienced a recent slow-down in sales there is belief that this could continue into autumn as both buyers and sellers take stock of recent changes in tax according to new analysis.

Annual growth has declined from 7.9% in July 2014 to 2% according to the most recent prime central London sales index from real estate company Knight Frank.

The total sales of property in both England and Wales dropped by 11% and the number of deals that were valued at more than £2 million in London has decreased by 25% during the first quarter of 2015.

Analysing the figures has shown that the growth in price up to July 2015 was the largest in the City and Fringe where growth sat at 6.6% with Islington sitting at 5.8%, Mayfair at 3.6%, Southbank at 3.4% and Marylebone at 3.2%.

There was an increase in prices in South Kensington of 1.9% whilst St Johns Wood experienced a growth of 1.5% with Hyde Park and Belgravia seeing growth of 1.2% and 1% respectively. In Notting Hill, Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Kensington there was a decrease in growth.

Buyers are no longer moving as quick as they once were to make decisions on property in London and between the General election and the summer holidays things have become a lot slower.

A number of tax changes have reduced annual growth to a single figure which means that both buyers and sellers are prepared to wait until later this year as they are not concerned on missing out on an improvement in growth.

Those buyers who are more flexible are willing to wait until they understand how the policy changes will be handled. In the short term there is some degree of hesitation surrounding recent changes to non-dom legislation but the biggest cause of the decline is the rise in stamp duty as buyers are still coming to terms with the reforms.

Even though the underlying economy is strong, the tax changes that have been implemented have had a large impact on the market in London which means that it is going to take a short period of time for things to readjust.

The rise in stamps duty last December affected those properties worth over £1.1 million and it has played a part in the decrease in activity in the market. Throughout England and Wales, London made up 13% of transactions during the first quarter of this year and it created almost 47% stamp duty revenue which is an increase of almost 4% from 43.4% during the same period last year whilst the old stamp duty system was in place.

Those properties that are valued over £1 million in London made up only 1% of the deals in England and Wales but revenue increase to 24.8% rising from 19.8% last year. Stamp duty dropped during the first quarter but the government had predicted this but house price inflation is expected to help close up the gap.

Hopwood House are UK property investment specialists, with a large selection of buy-to-let and student properties in the largest towns and cities in the UK.

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If you hate the prospect of holding down a 9-5 job, there is one way to earn a living: you could set up a property portfolio! In layman’s terms, that means buying houses and flats, for example, and making a profit out of them.

The most common route is by getting “buy-to-let” properties. The way they work is simple. You buy a house or an apartment, and then you rent it out to other people. The rental income pays your mortgage on the property. Anything left over after other expenses is your profit!

That sounds like a brilliant idea, in theory, but does it work in reality? In short, the answer is yes. Many folks cannot afford to get on the property ladder these days. They must rent until they save enough money for a deposit on a future home. You can make money from that situation and provide them a nice place to live in the meantime. It’s a win-win situation!

When considering a buy-to-let property, you are no doubt wondering where to buy. Believe it or not, London is still the prime choice for many career-minded individuals. Keep reading to learn how you can get started the smart way:


Choose a location

London is a big city with almost nine million people living within it. Despite that fact, there are plenty of properties for sale that you could get on a buy-to-let basis. The only trouble is; which part of London should you consider?

Well, unless you’ve got a big bank balance, forget about the most exclusive areas of the city. Instead, focus your attention on the up and coming areas. They are places where the government is investing in regenerating the area. Examples of past locations like that include Hackney and Shoreditch.

Buying in such locations is good for several reasons. First, cheaper properties are on offer. Second, property values will climb as time goes on, and third, you will make a good ROI!


Find a good real estate agent

Next, you’ll need to look for potential places to buy. You can, of course, search online. is a good place to start in your Internet journey. Don’t forget to contact local estate agents too for more breadth and choice.

You need to select an estate agent that has your best interests at heart. The last thing you want is to end up with a property that is only fit for demolition!


Bring the property to a habitable standard


Once you’ve found and bought your first property, you need to renovate it. Be sure to bring it up to a good standard so that tenants can move into it straight away.


Avoid using expensive materials in your renovation project. Instead, stick with basic but high-quality items. Paint the walls a neutral colour like white or magnolia to save on decorating costs. You might not think it, but it’s possible to do all that work on a tight budget!


Image Credit


Start renting it out


Now you’re ready to put the property on the rental market. Make sure you select a realistic price. Be sure to have your estate agent do thorough background checks on new tenants.


Good luck!

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The number of landlords is rising exponentially. If you want to make some money and take on a project, it could be the solution for you.


Finding the Right Property


Your first priority should be finding a property that will appeal to tenants and provide a return on your investment. There are two main options you need to consider when buying a buy to let property. You might want to buy a property that is already in great shape and is fully furnished. This is the most expensive option, but it will take a lot of the work out of the process because you won’t have to do any repairs or redecorating.


Your other option is to buy a run-down or derelict property at a low price and do the renovation work. This is a good option because, if you can keep the renovation costs, there’s a high chance that you will have a large profit margin. Derelict properties can be bought for next to nothing if you know where to look for them. They’re most often found at property auctions. So, track down your nearest auction house and see what deals you can find if you want to take on a renovation job.


Finding the Right Tenant

Once the property is all ready to go, you need to find someone to move into it. Tenants are not hard to come by, but you need to make sure that you’re getting a tenant that’s right for you. Place adverts on any of the major websites where rental properties are listed – there’s plenty of them on the internet. Then, you just have to wait for the potential tenants to contact you. When they do, show them around the property and do a short interview with them.


This will allow you to get an idea of what kind of person they are. You want to avoid people who seem reckless or careless. For example, if they don’t show up for their viewing without providing an explanation, they’re probably not the kind of person you want to have for a tenant. It’s also important to get a few reference from landlords who have had them as tenants in the past. They’ll be able to tell you what they’re like as tenants.


Charging the Correct Rent

You can only make money on buy to let properties if you charge the right amount in rent each month. If you charge too much, you’ll price yourself out of the market, and if you charge too little, you’ll be missing out on a wealth of potential rental income. You should consult your lettings agent to find out what the average local rate is for properties similar to yours.

Rental yield is a vital concept to understand before you tip your toe into the water as a landlord. You want a rental yield of about 10%. This means you’ll get 10% of the overall amount that you spent on the property coming back to you in the form of rental income each calendar year.

The buy to let market is still booming, and it doesn’t look like going bust, so why not try your hand at it?

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There comes a time in your life where you need to make the decision to sell your house. You might wish to move to a bigger property, for example. Or you could be emigrating to sunnier climes and have no wish to own any property here.

Whatever your reason for selling, it’s obvious you will wish to seek the greatest amount of money possible for your house. Even if two identical houses are for sale, one might fetch a higher price because of some subtle differences.

And, sometimes, it’s those little changes to a home that can increase the sale price! So, if you want to get as much money as possible for your house sale, the following tips will show you how.


Sell any unwanted furniture and other items

Before you put your home on the market, it’s important you de-clutter every room. Everyone has junk in their properties to some degree.

Selling off your unwanted furniture and other items will benefit you in two ways. First, it means there are fewer things to take with you when you move to your new home. And that means you’ll pay less for moving costs. Second, you’ll earn some extra cash so that you can pay for those moving fees!

There is also a third benefit. Let’s say you have got some prospective buyers viewing your home soon. They are more likely to visualise it with their furniture inside if there are few items of furniture and “stuff” in each room.


Give your rooms a mini makeover

After a few years, the interior decor of each room in your home will look tired and tatty. One way to boost interest in your house is to give each room a mini makeover! In other words, doing things like painting the walls and ceilings, and replacing any worn carpets.

I also suggest reviving your bathroom too. It’s likely there is some mould in yours, so you should treat it and then paint the mouldy ceiling and walls. You should also use some tile grout reviver too for the same reason (i.e. mould).

Of course, creating a nice bathroom is one thing but why not have some fun with these 100 things other people do in the bathroom! After all; preparing a house for sale doesn’t have to be a boring exercise!


Line up a new property before you advertise your house for sale


One of the biggest downers of any house sale is when there is a “chain.” You can make your property more marketable by moving out of it before it goes up for sale. That way, there is less hassle for your potential buyers. And, you’ll both be able to exchange contracts sooner rather than later.

Of course, not everyone can buy their new home without selling their existing one first. However, if you can make it happen, I recommend you doing so if you want a quicker sale!

Well, I hope those tips will help you sell your home sooner. Good luck!

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Fortunately, the real estate market has improved massively in recent years. With record-low interest rates and an improving economy across the board, prospective sellers now finally have a real chance of selling their homes. Nonetheless, even in the most stable market, selling your property for the right price requires far more than simply a quick spruce of the household. Here are two essential steps to take.



The first step is always to de-clutter your house. Not only will this make your home more attractive during viewings, it will also make moving much easier when you do come to sell the property. So before you even put it up for sale, go through all of your possessions and allocate them into two piles. The possessions you have used in a year or so (or are unlikely to use), can go to your local Salvation Army. With the remainder, think about what to pack away for storage and what to leave on display. Obviously the house should looked lived in (so you wouldn’t hide all your nice Trade Furniture Co furniture). However, you don’t want to leave too many personal items lying around when viewings commence. For example, family photos may be very dear to you, but they’ll only distract potential buyers who’ll be trying to imagine your home as their own.


Have the Bathroom and Kitchen Professionally Cleaned

There’s a common belief that selling your house necessitates the replacement of much of your bathroom and kitchen fittings. Whilst this rationale makes sense if these are tired, worn or even damaged, it’s not always necessary. Given, prospective buyers will always eye these areas carefully, looking for justification for a lower offer. However, provided your bathroom and kitchen are both still in good working order and with no major defects, a professional clean should have them looking as good as new. In turn, this will prepare your house for sale in far less time and, just as crucially, will cost you far less money up front as well.


Put in the Hours for that Final Sale

For those selling their homes, you now have a much greater chance of success than you would have had five years ago. Even still, homes don’t sell themselves, and you must be prepared to put in the hours in order to land that final sale. With the two essential steps listed here, you should be well on your way to doing just that.

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According to recent media reports, the top rates in the residential mortgage market are beginning to disappear. This is a sure-fire sign of a cooling market, as house prices become unaffordable for the majority of potential buyers.


Despite this, there has never been a netter time to become a residential landlord and invest in the buy-to-let market. Buy-to-let borrowers are continuing to benefit from record number of products and diminishing rates, enabling them to expand their operations and maximise profits over time.


Becoming a Landlord: How to Obtain the Best Possible Insurance


If you are to become a landlord, however, it is important to note that success is not necessarily instantaneous or easy to achieve. It is crucial that you invest in adequate insurance coverage, for example, as this will help to protect your investment and save money over time. Consider the following steps towards achieving this: –


  1. Distinguish Between Building and Contents Insurance


When you insure a property as a regular home-owner, you are responsible for protecting both the structure and the contents. This is not the same for buy-to-let owners, however, who are only responsible for the structure of the property and concepts such as wiring, electrics and heating appliances. So long as your insure the building and any integrated appliances that you provide to tenants, you will have upheld your duty as a landlord and protected yourself in the event of malicious or unintentional damage.


  1. Consider Embellishing Your Insurance Coverage as a Landlord


While you may keen to strike the most affordable deal possible when sourcing insurance as a landlord, it is important to remember that the cheapest policy is not always the most effective. Investing in an inadequate level of insurance is a huge false economy, and one that can ultimately cost you money in the long-term. Instead, you should consider policies that offer the best balance between cost and coverage, while also paying attention to non-standard features such accident liability insurance which protects you if your tenant is injured within the home. To find out more about option insurance extras, visit the Simple Landlord Insurance website today.


  1. Look to Purchase Personalised Insurance Policies


During the last decade, insurance companies have made an increased effort to create tailored policies that suit the individual needs of their customers. This trend has impacted heavily on the buy-to-let property sector, where landlords can now negotiate directly with service providers in order to create policies that deliver genuine value for money. So try to be patient when comparing the market, and wait for the deal that offers the most suitable level of long-term coverage.

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The financial slump of 2008 hit many places in the UK hard – and many of London’s most popular postcodes such as Islington were no exception. According to Nationwide’s House Price Index calculator, the average property in N1 fell by nearly £70k between Q4 2007 and Q4 2008 – a decrease of 15.07%.

If anything, the price falls in Islington were more exaggerated than in other locations as the market corrected itself in an extreme way from some of the shady financial tactics that created the UK’s housing bubble.

House prices rise again in Islington

However, the likes of Islington and other desirable parts of London have differed from other parts of the UK in in the way that they’ve recovered after the crash. While many locations across England and Wales remained stagnant at best, house prices in Islington – thanks chiefly to its proximity to the City of London and excellent transport links – have risen exponentially.

Any investors that put their money into Islington property after the low of 2008 will have seen significant gains from their investment. Although Nationwide shows that prices took until early 2012 to correct themselves to pre-crash levels, they still rose markedly quicker than the rest of the country – and they’ve risen exponentially since.

In the nearly two years between Q1 in 2012 and Q4 of 2013, the average house price in Islington has grown by 17.66%. That means that if you’d bought a property in January 2012 for £500,000, a little under the average house price at the time, it would now be worth £658,898.

Why have house prices risen in Islington so quickly?

The initial recovery in Islington owed much to the general popularity of London and Islington’s great location and transport links. It still represented a good value, easily accessible investment in Central London for city workers and foreign investors, while its excellent proximity to many popular Universities and colleges meant that it was very popular with well-off international students.

However, the second ‘phase’ of price rises in Islington has come as growing numbers of ‘normal’ people are able to buy property again. The increased availability of lending thanks to the government’s controversial Help to Buy scheme, as well as growing economic confidence, means that demand for property in Islington remains high – keeping prices on the rise.

Alongside this high demand comes a shortage of new housing being built in Central London, which also helps to boost prices. Thanks to its ideal location, just a short journey from the tube, Islington is a perfect option for city workers and London’s high earners who want a convenient, attractive place to call home.

How are house prices predicted to fare in Islington in the next few years?

Because of growing economic confidence, overwhelming demand and George Osborne’s promise to extend the Help to Buy scheme until 2020 in England, means that no-one anticipates prices to do anything but grow in desirable parts of London like Islington over the next few years. In the last quarter alone, property prices in Islington grew by 5.7%.

Some people have criticised Islington’s extreme price rises, saying that it has priced a number of people out of the market, but there’s no doubt that investing in this pretty, leafy part of North London is a dependable place to put your money.

Author – Huge Grover Associates is one of London’s most respected estate agencies and has been helping people buy and sell homes in and around Islington for over 20 years. For more information about homes in Islington, visit Hugh Grover online today.

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London is a fantastic place to live – right in the belly of the beast – but it’s seriously expensive, so most people don’t have as much space as they’d like.  Fortunately, smart solutions are making it increasingly easy to pack a lot into a small space, and to do it with style.  An intelligently furnished small home can still feel spacious and include everything it needs for comfortable living.

Bringing space to life

In order to make a small space feel bigger, it’s best to stick to pale colors for most of the decoration, but it’s a mistake to make the whole place look bland.  In fact, having one bright colored feature wall at a right angle to the windows can give a room a much more spacious, not to mention energetic character.  Electric blue, orange and lime green are all great choices and are very fashionable at the moment.  A large print pattern on a feature wall can work well but small patterns should be avoided because they make a room feel crowded.

Pale flooring is a good idea – a neutral colored carpet, polished boards or linoleum – but a small, bright rug can liven the place up without being overwhelming.  To make the most of space around the windows and to let in more light, blinds, instead of curtains, are the best choice.  Large mirrors can bounce that light around but it’s wise to avoid heavy or protruding frames.  Using mirror tiles can make a small kitchenette look much more impressive and pleasant to work in.

Flexible furniture

There are two kinds of furnishings that work well in small apartments: items that serve more than one purpose and items that fold away.  Futons do both, making comfortable seats in their folded form and unfurling into beds.  A solid, flat-topped chest can bring a touch of traditional elegance to a room while functioning as a place to store bedding and doubling as a coffee table.  For main meals, an extending dining table is a must, as it means it’s also possible to invite friends round to dine.  For seating at the table, stackable stools are ideal, easy to tidy away into a corner but also useful to provide extra options when entertaining.

When there’s limited room for a wardrobe, a freestanding clothes rail is often the best option, and it can be covered with plastic to keep clothes fresh.  A flat-screen television that attaches to the wall instead of needing a surface to stand on is useful, though it’s also possible to fit a television – and accessories – into a well-designed shelving unit used for books and DVDs.  Alternatively, some people keep all their movies in digital form and simply project them onto a white wall from a laptop.

Every home can benefit from a bit of greenery.  Tall, slender plants like dracaena fragrans or sansevieria trifasciata are easy to look after and ideal for the smaller home.  They’ll brighten it up and take away those urban blues.

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Amelia House, Strand Drive, Richmond, London 2 Bedroom Flats / Apartments

Full price: £375,000

Service charge: £188.91
Years on Lease: 92
Eligibility: Live or Work in Local Authority












A modern two bedroom first floor flat in immaculate condition located on St George’s riverside development. The accommodation comprises of an entrance hallway, kitchen, lounge/diner, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Externally there is allocated parkingwith additional visitors parkingandattractive communal gardens.The property further benefits from UPVC double glazing and electric heating.

There will be an open day taking place from 10am-3pm on Saturday the 25th of January. To arrange your appointment please register your interest now! Please contact Jane King on 0207 353 8004 to complete an affordability assessment prior to viewing.

**Please note that priority will be given to those who live or work in the Richmond Borough**

There are communal gardens, a concierge service and 24 hour video security. The property is ideally situated being only approx. 0.4 miles from Kew Gardens station. There is easy access to local amenities (Kew Retail Park and Kew village centre) as well as local attractions (Kew Gardens) and the M4 motorway is within 1 mile of the property. Located close to highly regarded schools. The property is attractively placed on the outskirts of Kew Village and has convenient access to the R68 bus route.

Entrance Hallway
Secure entry telephone system. Telephone Point. Carpet flooring.

UPVC double glazed window. Television point. Telephone point. Internet point. Carpet flooring.

Modern fitted kitchen with a range of beech effect wall and base mounted kitchen units with work surfaces over and tiled splashbacks. Integral electric oven and hob with cooker hood over. One and half bowl stainless steel sink and drainer. Plumbing for washing machine. Integral full height fridge/freezer. Vinyl flooring.

Bedroom One
Built in wardrobes. Double glazed window. Telephone point. Carpet flooring.

Bedroom Two
Double glazed window. Telephone point. Carpet flooring.

Panelled bath with mixer tap and shower over with glass shower screen. Wash hand basin. Low level WC. Part tiled walls. Vinyl floor. Extractor fan.

Attractive and well maintained communal gardens.

One allocated space with additional visitors parking


Other Sold Properties in Amelia House Strand Drive

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London is a strange place, an exciting one full of hustle, bustle, tourists and enough cultural attractions to fill a few years but a strange one nonetheless. It has a pull like no other metropolis on young professionals all keen to make their mark in the world and of course, London is the place to be. Colleagues who have already made the move down South tell you over ten pound cocktails that you simply must move down here, you simply must for it is fabulous, and yet no one knows anyone who has lived there for more than a few months.


The Dream

The move is made, possessions sent to storage as you downsize from a comfortable three bed semi in Yorkshire for a one bed apartment in London.  Then for a few sweet months, everything seems to slot into place. The city is alive with people just like you; everyone has just moved down here, no one can believe the price of a beer, how many professionals seem to have liquid lunches or how great the social life is just outside your apartment door. You eat at boutique bistros of an evening with your new city friends and at weekends you visit national galleries and museums, sitting wistfully in front of century old paintings feeling like you’ve made it.


The Reality

And then the reality hits, your mortgage has doubled if not more, you can never find anything as half your belongings are in storage and all of a sudden you have no money. In London if you are penniless then you rapidly become invisible as you can no longer join in with the after work drinking and mid week bar hopping. Soon, that lovely dream can start fading as you feel the financial pinch that comes from living in yes the most exciting but also the most expensive city in the UK.


The Solution

So what can you do to prolong the party and enjoy more of your time in the big smoke? If you have room you could consider taking on a lodger. It might mean sending more stuff to storage but it could make a series indent on the mortgage payments and bills. If you can’t think of anything worse than sharing again perhaps you should consider selling up and renting instead? There are companies like Property Rescue who will even buy your property and rent it back to you, leaving you debt free.

And don’t forget there are other places in the UK that are exciting and vibrant and won’t totally break the bank… You could always move back up North.

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London is one of the world’s most attractive property markets. Buyers and investors from across the globe snap up property in the capital, and they have been in large part responsible for driving up prices in and around the city consistently in the post-war years. The city still poses opportunities for property development, and for investments to turn a profit in both a residential and commercial context.

For those who simply want to find a property for their next move, it can be challenging to find the right place. For investors, it is even tougher. But where are the best deals hiding, and how can you take advantage of these as a property investor?

If you are approaching London looking to buy an investment property, it is essential to have a solid business plan in place. London is an expensive market to buy into, even around the outlying areas, so you need to have a firm idea of where your return is going to come from. Likewise, if you are looking to buy a home for yourself or your family in London, it pays to remember that you won’t get as much for your money as you would in other UK cities.

Image source:

Buying to let, buying to hold and even buying to revote are all viable strategies, each with different time horizons for returns. There is a lot of old housing stock in London still, much of it in now up-and-coming areas. This means there are still opportunities in renovating properties for resale. In trendier parts of town, it may be better to opt for a buy to let model, depending on the demographics of the area. This may be a good way to generate a stronger yield on your property over time.

One of the most important elements of investing in London property is understanding the importance of location. Location is absolutely key to value. If Monopoly has taught us anything, it’s that the Old Kent Road is a much less desirable part of town than Mayfair. You need to know the right areas – the parts of the city that are surging forward at the time of your investment. Much of the value of London property is derived from the location, so a fundamental knowledge of the city and its relative demographics is helpful for any investor.

Image source:

London can present the property investor with a number of challenges. Finding a property that works within budget, and can guarantee the right levels of return can be difficult. There is high demand for property across the city, and finding the right stock in the right areas is never as straightforward as you would think. To find the best properties to buy, you need to become more familiar with the London property market, and the relative market rates for different types of homes. This will help you make the best possible judgement about the viability of your eventual London property investment.


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If there is one perennial issue all landlords face, it is finding the right tenants for their properties. Whether setting out with their first ever let, adding a new property to the portfolio that needs to be filled, or replacing a tenant who has moved out, getting the right people in matters.

Two key issues need to be applied when making decisions about who to let in. The first is demographic and the second regards references.

Few issues can be so central to investment as the kind of tenants a landlord wants to cater for. For instance, if student lets are the plan it is important to get properties in areas close to universities and colleges, as well as those that are suitable. Equally, semi-detached homes in the suburbs would suit families but may also work for shared lets, while city centre apartments will be most appropriate for young professionals and possibly students too.

Beyond this, there is also the question of whether it is desirable to have tenants who are claiming benefits. This may raise a number of issues, partly because the ending of the direct payment option could mean a landlord will be more likely to face arrears. It may therefore be necessary that the importance of prompt and full payment is emphasised in the tenancy agreement.

References are important for lets as well. These should be available in nearly all cases, apart from rare exceptions like a young person moving out of a parental home for the first time, or someone who has been an owner occupier but has become repossessed. For anyone moving from a previous UK-rented property, however, a reference should be sought and available. This will provide a testimony from a previous landlord that a tenant is reliable, pays the rent and other bills and looks after their home well. If the reference indicates there have been problems, this could help to prevent a tenant being taken on who could pose difficulties.

The process of choosing a tenant may also include an interview, which is a great way of finding out what the possible resident is like. As with any face-to-face encounter, it offers a chance to extract more information than just that which they will have willingly supplied, potentially rooting out any problems, but also creates an opportunity to gauge their character and personality. For this reason, backing up references with an interview may, just like with a job interview, help to ensure the selection process is given the best chance of succeeding.

Even with the best tenant in the world, however, a good landlord insurance policy is vital. Such cover can help deal with the abuse of the property by tenants or their guests, even as far as criminal damage in the case of many policies. Rent guarantee insurance can also protect against non-payment. However, it is also the case that many problems can arise through no deliberate fault of a tenant, such as accidents, fires, floods or burglaries.

So while taking the necessary steps to ensure the tenants selected are reliable and trustworthy is very important, so too is having a policy to cover against a range of eventualities, whether these are caused by the tenant or not.

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Finding your first home can be exciting, but actually buying your first home can be terrifying! It’s such a long and complex process that by the time you’ve exchanged contracts and completed the sale you’ll probably be worn out. After all the applications and surveys, insurance and mortgages, and of course the anxious waiting after making your offer, finally there will be the date that you can pick up your new keys and move in. But don’t relax yet, there’s still so much to do before you can call your house a home…

As soon as you can

Once you know when you will have your keys, you’ll have to plan your moving-in date. First things first – it will probably take more than a weekend to get everything the way you want, especially with friends and relatives dropping in to be nosy at your new home! So make sure you book a few days off work, and if you do manage to get sorted early, you’ll have some spare time to relax in your new home.

If you are currently renting, you’ll have to give your landlord adequate notice. It’s tempting to time it for the day you move in so you aren’t paying rent and mortgage, but give yourself a few days leeway to make sure you have time to clean your old home and check you have everything you need in your new one.

You’ll also need to inform your existing utility and telephone companies of your moving date ready to set up new accounts in your new home.

Once you have your moving date, it’s essential you contact:

  • Gas, electricity, water and telephone companies
  • Your local council to arrange new Council Tax payments
  • The Post Office to set up a mail re-direct for post still going to your old home

There’s absolutely no need to cart around a load of rubbish that you don’t want or need, so have a clear out when you know moving day is approaching. Donate, recycle, gift and throw away anything you don’t need!

Finally, and most importantly, book a removals company to assist you on the big day. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can do it yourselves, the amount of car trips you’ll have to make will be exhausting and an experienced removals team can really relieve the stress – not to mention help with the heavy lifting! Just be sure to use a firm that is accredited by the British Association of Removers and make sure they have insurance to cover your belongings in transit.


A few days before

Confirm all the details with the removal company, check what time they will be coming, what services they are providing, e.g. a full packing service, packing materials or even specialist services for fragile belongings and check access restriction at your new and old properties. The day will run much more smoothly if you know exactly what will be happening and a decent company will be happy to put your mind at rest!

Begin to pack your belongings. Be methodical, do one room at a time and label each box with the contents and the destination room. Again a good removals company can provide this service for you, or if you would rather do it yourself, they can supply all the packing materials. Be sure to pack all your most valuable belongings and important documents somewhere safe so they don’t get lost. Maybe even put them into short term, secure storage until you have your new home ready.

Remember not to pack the things you will need in the next few days, and make an ‘essentials box’ that you will have easy access to on the day. This will include things you will need on moving day, such a kettle, enough mugs for everyone that will be helping, tea, coffee, milk (UHT might be best) and sugar, as well as loo roll, light bulbs, pens and sticky notes. It’s also a good idea to have some cleaning supplies available, like cleaning cloths, a vacuum and rubbish bags.

Set aside some time to ring around and everyone who may need to contact you at your new address and give them your new details. This includes:

  • Bank, credit card and insurance companies
  • The Inland Revenue and your employer
  • The DSS office, DVLA and Council Tax office
  • Your doctor and dentist

On moving day

So the day is finally here and hopefully your preparation will help everything move smoothly. Move your essential boxes first, and when you get to your new home make sure all utilities are connected, including electricity, water and phone and take your own meter readings. Record them with a time stamped photograph if possible to save disputes in the future.

Then it should just be a matter of overseeing your removals team, making sure each box is put in the right room, especially heavy furniture like your bed and wardrobe, sofas, dining table and appliances. Your removals company should take care of this.

Remember not to unpack everything at once. Be as methodical as you were when you packed them, and do one box and one room at a time. The most important room is your bedroom as you will want somewhere to sleep when after such a busy day!
Author Bio

Clockwork Removals London are one of the premier removal companies UK businesses and individuals use when looking to move house or relocate office.


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I suspect you have sensed that I have been very pleased with the service Hurford Salvi Carr has provided in letting my flat and have been particularly impressed with the way you personally have delegated various tasks to your team but never lost touch with what was going on. From the start of the previous tenancy a year ago I have had the feeling that my interests as a landlord were your core business at the same time as satisfying the tenant. When I met the previous tenant independently shortly after he moved in I confirmed with him that he should deal with any problems through you but that if he failed to get satisfaction he should contact me directly. He never did and even volunteered the fact that he had found you unusually easy to deal with as a new tenant.The one comment I would make to improve things is that at times in the recent negotiations I realized that the management arm of the business wasn’t always up to speed with what was going on with the tenancy arrangements or vice versa. I dealt with this by starting to copy emails in all directions which solved it.
  • Regards, Andrew.
  • Landlord @ 18 Horseshoe Court, EC1V
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Last night saw Kew the Music kick off for another year and not only was the weather perfect for the opening night but the great music and relaxed, happy atmosphere emanating from the crowd meant that the evening was a great success!Headlining the first night was Blondie, who opened with the brilliant ‘One Way or Another’, followed by classic hits including ‘The Tide is High’, ‘Maria’ and ‘Heart of Glass’. Debbie Harry’s voice was undoubtedly as good as it was twenty years ago and her orange outfit and ivy headdress was a nice nod to the beautiful venue of Kew Gardens. The band was supported by Hugh Cornwell, original singer of The Stranglers, who also put on a great performance.

The crowd were on their feet throughout the night, singing along to all the songs and clearly having a brilliant time. The venue was packed with people enjoying picnics with their family and friends and there really wasn’t a better place to be in sunny London yesterday evening.

The night was topped off with an amazing firework display as Blondie performed their encore, the perfect end to a brilliant night.

Winkworth have been one of the sponsors of the event for the past three years now and have lots of on-sight branding to look out for if you are heading down to the event over the next five days, even including one of our branded taxis! We also have a team at the event every night handing out some freebies so make sure if you are going along to say hi to them – you won’t miss them in their Winkworth t-shirts!

And for more information about Winkworth’s time at Kew the Music follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page – we will be posting up pictures and videos of every night so keep an eye out for them! And tweet us your pictures too, we’d love to see them. –

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The costs of moving are continuously increasing meaning more properties across the UK especially in London are being rented out rather than losing equity in selling your home.

If you have a property in London and are considering becoming a landlord to prevent taking a loss then here are some top tips on how to start renting your home.


1)      Research – Do your research and get to know the local market! Do properties sell well in the area? Is there a high demand for rental properties? Research into agencies for both selling and renting your property and also into inventory companies.


2)      Do the maths – Look into getting your property valued by an estate agent and a letting agency. If you are considering perusing your decision as a money-making scheme then which option would initially be more beneficial? Based on the research in step one, do the sums for renting out your property. You will need to work out the amount you would receive per month in rent, take off the commission charges and costs of maintenance fees and any annual fees. How much profit are you left with each month?


3)      Invest in a good agent – A good, well established property agency in London will be able to source a tenant to occupy your property. Property inventory services in London are a must for landlords to help you stay on top of regular inspections and tenancy reports.  An inventory company will conduct a thorough check and create a report with digital photographs as evidence for when a tenant check out is due.


4)      Speak to your mortgage provider – By law, you must officially tell your mortgage lender if you are renting out your property.  You will be required to explain the situation and why you have chosen to rent out your property, a small fee may be applicable if you are renting your property to make money.


5)      Get insurance – As a landlord you are required to be insured and it is a good idea to have contents insurance if you are renting the property fully furnished.


Written by Donna Essex on behalf of Inventory House. Inventory House is a leading property inventory company in London available to offer advice for inventories across the country. For any advice on how inventories can help both landlords and agencies visit the website.

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There is a new name in estate agency in Ipswich – haart.

The UK’s largest independent estate agent has invested close to £150,000 transforming the iconic Electric House building on Lloyds Avenue in Ipswich into its first ever branch in the town.

The 2,100 sq ft premises, the largest haart branch in East Anglia, forms the centre piece of a drive by haart to establish itself as ‘the estate agent of choice’ for people looking to buy, sell, let or rent in the area.

haart, which has over 125 branches nationwide, has spent the last few months transforming the interior of the landmark building, which was originally built to house the Ipswich Corporation in the 1930s.

The work has included creating new fascias, walls and flooring together with installing state-of-the-art computer and telephone systems. The branch comes with dedicated break out areas where customers can discuss their needs in a more relaxed, informal environment as well as touch screen computers where they can browse properties for sale or rent in the Ipswich area.

Heading up the branch is Simon Andrews, formerly Branch Manager for haart’s sister brand Spicer McColl in Ipswich, who will oversee a seven-strong sales team. He is joined by Lara Stevens, who has relocated from Bury St Edmunds to run the four-strong lettings team for haart in Ipswich. Between them they have over 50 yeas experience of estate agency in East Anglia. The branch will eventually house some 15 people including a dedicated Mortgage Advisor from Just Mortgages.

Paul Smith, Chief Executive Officer of haart, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have opened our first haart branch in Ipswich. The town offers huge potential for a customer centric brand such as haart and we thought it only fitting that one of the UK’s most iconic estate agents should base itself within one Ipswich’s most iconic buildings.”

Added Simon Andrews, Branch Manager for haart of Ipswich: “The response to the arrival of haart in Ipswich has been absolutely fantastic. A lot of people have been wondering what the future held for Electric House and now they know. The public really seem to like the haart branding, which is fresh, vibrant and very different from other estate agents operating in Suffolk’s premier town.”

From –

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Hamptons International has retained its title as winner of the 2013 Lambert Smith Hampton Ski Championship, held in Courmayeur, Italy, (18-20th January). This is the third time the Hamptons International team has won at the LSH Ski Championships in the past four years and in addition to retaining the title, the team then went one better by also winning the Dual Slalom Relay Race.
Hamptons entered two teams into both events.  The first team was led by team captain James Wardle, Sales Director from Knightsbridge Sales and included Justin Camm, Senior Negotiator from Grosvenor Square and Josh Ayres, Sales Manager at The Lancasters.

The second team included Bianca van den Berg, Associate from Islington Lettings, Luke Walsby, Senior Negotiator from Chiswick Sales, and James Calder Development Consultant from Grosvenor Square.

All competitors had to tackle the Giant Slalom Race, with the Hamptons first team beating 90 racers, split into 30 teams of three to win the overall LSH Cup. This event was followed by the Dual Slalom Relay Race where teams of three race against each other in a dual slalom knock-out style event, with the last team standing wins. The Hamptons second team successfully made it through all rounds, before claiming victory in the final race to take the 2013 title.

James Wardle, Team Captain and Director at Hamptons International’s Knightsbridge branch, commented: “The competition was stiff this year and the standard extremely high. We were absolutely thrilled to bring back the trophy for the third time in four years and as ever, the LSH Championship was a fantastically organized property networking event.”

For media enquiries please contact:
Henrietta Harwood-Smith, PR Manager, Hamptons International
020 7758 8405/

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We are pleased to announce that a new office will be opening in the Kensal Rise and Queen’s Park area. Strengthening our presence in London, this new office will bring the total number of Winkworth offices to 61 in the capital alone, adding to our strong network both in the UK and internationally.

Complementing the nearby office of Willesden, the expansion into Kensal Rise and Queen’s Park reflects the increasing popularity of the area, with Chamberlayne Road having once been named by Vogue as the most fashionable street in Europe. Offering lots of independent shops, restaurants and bars as well as excellent schools, it is easy to see why people are drawn to the area, including celebrities like Sienna Miller, Daniel Craig and Thandie Newton.

Numbers-wise, year-on-year Kensal Rise and Queen’s Park have had the second largest house price increase percentage in London. And with the London market outperforming all other areas in the UK, this area is particularly attractive to those who are looking for a reasonably secure investment. So this new office looks set to be very successful.

Dominic Agace, CEO of Winkworth comments:

“Kensal Rise and Queen’s Park is a hot spot for young professionals and is ideally located to improve our service in the Ladbroke Grove and Willesden areas, where we have had a presence for the last five years. It is exciting to become a closer part of this community and we look forward to meeting and assisting local residents with their property needs.”

Stewart Boyd, Director of Winkworth Kensal Rise and Queens Park comments:

“Kensal and Queen’s Park has been an area we have been trading in for a while, delivering great service and high prices for our clients. We thought it was about time we opened up on Chamberlayne Road so we could maximise our potential in the area.”

If you are in the area, pop in and say hello to the team and take a look around the new office. They would love to meet you and help with all your property needs.

From winkworth

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Worldwide mortgage rates seem to be the most difficult facets of any pledge. Pledge fees could be fixed or they can change depending on certain factors, which appear to be usually arranged in advance. A financing management amateur is not going to find it hassle-free to calculate mortgage fees. You will barely find any useful suggestion concerning pledge payments monitoring in the instance you don’t inquire an expert to explain the activity. Your special case might be regarded by a reliable advisor who knows quite a bit about mortgage payments and is going to easily control your fees counting and explain to you the details of the possibilities you experience.

Fixed mortgage rates deals are rather well-liked amongst borrowers yet require specific consideration. This category implies the fact that the interest rate remains the same from the first day. The borrowers may count on the similar bill volume every month. During all the term, mortgagors repay the principal financing quantity, in addition to unchanging fee amount on the mortgage. Eventually the house collateral for the householder is higher. If you intend to live in the same home for all the term of the mortgage, it is the ideal alternative for you to choose the fixed-fee mortgage. The set home mortgage rates don’t allow modifying. Nevertheless, there’s a negative aspect that goes along the permanent mortgage charges: the full sum of interests settled on the pledge is going to show up to be greater.

Pledge refinance as a challenging endeavor must be regarded carefully and also all the troubles ought to be considered. Folks that experience budgetary complications could effectively make use of the valuable refinance mortgage rates. In case you own permanent mortgage and the present fees are smaller than yours it signifies you come out to be paying too much. Spending too much happens to be the ideal cause to pick refinance. To truly make use of its rewards, it’s crucial to fix the time appropriately as well as verify its significance. Mortgage rates calculators for remortgage are pretty helpful in this type of situations. Such a tool is going to be helpful in calculating the time frame required for the regaining of the lent total and also deciding if it is fair to choose the remortgage.

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