Decorating Your Home to Sell: An Essential Guide

Fortunately, the real estate market has improved massively in recent years. With record-low interest rates and an improving economy across the board, prospective sellers now finally have a real chance of selling their homes. Nonetheless, even in the most stable market, selling your property for the right price requires far more than simply a quick spruce of the household. Here are two essential steps to take.



The first step is always to de-clutter your house. Not only will this make your home more attractive during viewings, it will also make moving much easier when you do come to sell the property. So before you even put it up for sale, go through all of your possessions and allocate them into two piles. The possessions you have used in a year or so (or are unlikely to use), can go to your local Salvation Army. With the remainder, think about what to pack away for storage and what to leave on display. Obviously the house should looked lived in (so you wouldn’t hide all your nice Trade Furniture Co furniture). However, you don’t want to leave too many personal items lying around when viewings commence. For example, family photos may be very dear to you, but they’ll only distract potential buyers who’ll be trying to imagine your home as their own.


Have the Bathroom and Kitchen Professionally Cleaned

There’s a common belief that selling your house necessitates the replacement of much of your bathroom and kitchen fittings. Whilst this rationale makes sense if these are tired, worn or even damaged, it’s not always necessary. Given, prospective buyers will always eye these areas carefully, looking for justification for a lower offer. However, provided your bathroom and kitchen are both still in good working order and with no major defects, a professional clean should have them looking as good as new. In turn, this will prepare your house for sale in far less time and, just as crucially, will cost you far less money up front as well.


Put in the Hours for that Final Sale

For those selling their homes, you now have a much greater chance of success than you would have had five years ago. Even still, homes don’t sell themselves, and you must be prepared to put in the hours in order to land that final sale. With the two essential steps listed here, you should be well on your way to doing just that.

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