Big Developments You Need For Raising Your Property Value

Anyone who sets off on the property ladder is undoubtedly hoping to sell a home for more than they bought it. However, it’s not going to gain any value by just sitting there. A new coat of paint and a good advertisement might not do all that much for it, either. No, if you want to make some real headway, you need to think bigger. This is a guide on the sure-fire ways to make the value of a property jump.


1)      Focus on the exterior

The immediate way to make a home more attractive to buyers and up the amount you can ask for it is to make the exterior shine. This isn’t just that new coat of paint. You need to go the whole hog, fitting new doors, windows and adding as much aesthetic as you can. Keep the garden well maintained, too. A gorgeous garden can sell someone on more than a house, it can sell them on a lifestyle.


2)      Get a loft conversion

The core of adding big value to the house is adding more space to it. A loft conversion does just that. Depending on how big the attic or loft is, you can add dramatically. Some homes essentially allow the installation of a new floor. Others can become a second or third bathroom. However much space there is, you can’t go wrong with loft conversions.
Loft Conversion - Double Bedroom
3)      Add a conservatory

Keeping in line with that thinking, a conservatory is another great way to add space. This can be a bit trickier than a loft, however. Concerns that will rise include the added cold, so you might want to fork out a little more for conservatory heating. If you do, that just adds another selling point to the home.

4)      Convert the basement while you’re at it

You get the point by now. More space is better. Basement conversions come with a lot more risks than conservatory and loft conversions. You need to be extra careful in making sure you only hire workers you can trust. If you can’t go for a whole renovation, do as much work on the basement as you can. Getting rid of as much of dinginess as you can and adding light can make it an attractive option for buyers.

5)      It’s all about the kitchen

It’s the heart of the home, so you better believe the kitchen needs work. In fact, it’s a little kept secret mantra in home-ownership that the kitchen is what sells the place. Spare some cash to get a real kitchen conversion. Hire an interior designer if you’re not too confident on it yourself. The better your kitchen, the deeper the pockets of the clients you’ll be able to entice.


6)      It’s also all about the bathroom

Okay, so the kitchen alone doesn’t sell a home. But a luxury bathroom will push anyone on the edge right over into a buy. If you’ve got a home that’s missing tiles of has dodgy plumbing, you definitely can’t let it sit. More than a good bathroom can sell a home, a bad bathroom will kill your prospects.

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