Factors to Consider when Choosing Restaurant Equipment

The choice of restaurant equipment plays a massive role in the success or failure of a restaurant. Such equipment cover everything from large kitchen appliances, cutlery, through to chairs and dining tables. Buying the right equipment can be overwhelming for new restaurateurs; however, certain commercial kitchen equipment vendors offer expert advice to clients. The right equipment should simplify operations, improve the quality of service, and stand the test of time.

Choice between New and Used Equipment

For a restaurant to attract new customers, it needs superb décor as well as high quality restaurant equipment, whether new or used. Like any other business, the purpose of a restaurant is to save money; however, striving to save money in the short term may cost more in the long term. Buying new equipment is always good because of a number of reasons; nevertheless, if one decides to save money by buying used equipment; one should ensure that it is in excellent working condition.

Some of the advantages of buying new equipment include warranty, longer life, efficiency, visual appeal and much more. On the other hand, new restaurant owners who opt to go for used equipment should choose slightly used, top brand equipment. Equipment that is too old may require frequent repairs, or may stop working after a short while, forcing the owner to spend more money.


The restaurant space has a part to play in the choice of equipment. It would be futile to invest in huge equipment if the space is limited. New restaurant owners should consider the space available and decide on the best equipment size, shape, and placement. The choice should allow for fast and safe foot traffic and work flow.

Another aspect when it comes to restaurant space is the location and type of electrical, water and gas outlets. For instance, certain equipment may have electrical ports that are incompatible with those in the restaurant; therefore when shopping it is important to choose equipment that fits perfectly. Careful planning is crucial to maximize space and promote efficiency.

Taking Inventory

Taking a careful inventory of everything required is essential to avoid making expensive mistakes and to prioritize which equipment to buy first. Certain key equipment like stoves, fridges, cutlery, and restaurant furniture should appear first in the list, since a restaurant cannot operate without them; however, the type of restaurant and the type of food will determine the must–have equipment. One can then buy the secondary equipment later on after buying all the crucial items.

Décor, Furniture and Utensils

Often, new restaurateurs focus solely on the major kitchen equipment and forget about the restaurant’s décor, furniture and utensils. The choice of décor and furniture can make or break a restaurant; therefore, keen attention is necessary. As for restaurant utensils, new owners should go for high quality, durable dishes that can survive the rigors of a commercial dishwasher.

Finally, since the aim of every restaurant owner is to make money and expand his or her business, buying off–premises catering equipment is a good idea. Outside catering exposes the business to a wider clientele. New investors can buy off-site restaurant equipment from E&A supply.

Article written by Lucile Pio

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