The best guest beds for small spaces

We all like to have a place where guests can stay the night. They is nothing more rewarding than having friends over and being able to say “we have plenty of room, stay over here tonight!”. But, for some of us, this could be a lie as we are not all blessed with lots of space.

If you are perhaps living in a flat or a small house you will probably not have a guest room, or even a spare room. In this case you may feel you have nothing to offer your guests. This is not the case; you can still find somewhere for them to sleep and there are plenty of guest beds that are easy to hide and then bring out when needed.

The first ideal guest bed for small spaces is the chair bed. It is exactly what it says it is, a chair that is also a bed. They tend to work in a similar way to a sofa bed, except on a smaller scale. The bed is folded up which makes the seat of the chair, you simply pull the folds apart and you have a very comfortable single bed.

A sofa bed is also a good guest bed for small spaces. You can have sofa beds that are easily as nice as a normal sofa, but you have the added advantage of it having a bed underneath. Pull it out and you have a good-sized double bed for your guest to sleep on in your living room.

Finally, you have the wonderful airbed. You no longer have the issue of hours and hours of pumping the thing up, as many airbeds are now built with a built in electrical pump. Just plug it in and watch it inflate. You then have a very comfortable bed on which your guest can find a corner in your home to sleep on.

Guest beds for small spaces are available at, and they are a nice thing to be able to offer to your friends and relatives.

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