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Investors from Britain form the second largest group of foreign buyers in Dubai, investing 1,884,014,000 in 2015. This is a figure that already makes up 7.5% of the total investment in Dubai property.

In recent years, those investors based in London have shown an interest in three different areas. These are Dubai Marina which saw 11,056 investments made during 2015, Palm Jumeirah which saw a total of 9,022 investments made during 2015 and BurjKhalifa which also saw 6,849 investments during 2015. All three areas saw an increase when compared to previous years.

Statistics show that investors are choosing to purchase residential apartments instead of Villas with apartment sales reaching 29,746 compared to 2,415. The total number of apartment purchases makes up 77% of all investments made by UK investors.

So why do London based buyers choose to invest in property in Dubai?

The UAD has shown a high level of stability in recent years and its economy is growing. Investments see a healthy return and this is the main reason why international investors are widely accepted. Dubai is known to be a destination that is favoured by tourists but also by international investors and it is also one of the happiest cities in the world.

During 2015, over 14 million visitors stayed overnight, this is a rise from the figures seen in 2014. The city also saw a substantial growth in tourism which now makes it one of the most visited cities in the world. The tourism figures also help to boost the stability of its economy.

Investment in property for sale in Dubai is now as strong as ever and this is the way in which it is regulated. They have taken international industry standards and used them to introduce requirements that are quite strict. While Dubai is known to offer exceptional financial benefits this is not the only reason for investing because the whole process is efficient and simple.

What makes Dubai the place to invest?

First of all, it is perfectly located and this means that UK investors can get there in just a few hours. It has created an infrastructure that is one of the best in the world and its regulatory environment makes it appealing in a number of ways.

When it comes to carrying out business in Dubai, its come out on top in the Ease of Doing Business report for three consecutive years. This makes it a lucrative area to invest for expats but also global foreign direct investment. In 2015, Dubai experienced AED 28.6 billion in Greenfield foreign direct investment and saw a significant amount of growth in the number of Greenfield projects.

This helped Dubai to become ranked 4th in the world in the number of Greenfield projects and 6th in the amount of foreign capital it attracted during 2015.

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When it comes to stressful things to do, moving house and changing jobs are probably the highest on many people’s lists. Trying to do both at the same time is an experience that can be even more traumatic! But, in order to keep a job or even earn a promotion that you’ve been working for, it might be essential for you to move to Victoria. Even if you are able to commute to work, you may be considering relocating to Victoria if it’s a long, time-consuming commute in order to save time and money.

Of course, your reason for relocation could also be personal. People relocate to Victoria for a number of different reasons, including wanting to live closer to family members, marrying somebody who lives in the state or has family in the area, or wanting to send your children to school in Victoria. Whatever your reason for relocation, we have a list of tips to help you make sure that your move goes smoothly.

Finding a Property

Finding a place to live is usually the first on the priority list of people looking to relocate to Victoria. Whether you are planning to buy a new property or sign a tenancy agreement, it’s important that you find a home that you like and will be able to begin your new life in Victoria. When looking for real estate in Pakenham, Victoria, many prospective home buyers like to take a trip to the area to see the variety of homes on sale that they can buy. In order to have peace of mind and be sure that you like where you’re choosing to live, you might need to spend a week or two staying in this state to find the best property for you.


Friends and Family

If you are single, it’s a lot easier to relocate and start a new life in a different area. However, if you have a very close knit group of friends or family members who’ll be left behind when you move, the decision can become even more difficult. If you have a partner who will be relocating with you, you should consider his or her job prospects when you move to Victoria. If they currently have a good job with great benefits and a chance for promotion that they’d have to quit in order to relocate, you should consider putting off the move unless they are able to obtain a job transfer to Victoria, work from home or even commute, depending on how far away from where you currently are.

If you have children, you should also consider how disruptive a move would be for them. If they are in school, be aware that relocating to Victoria will mean that they have to start out at a new school and make new friends. Those with children often takes time relocating at the start of a new term, so that it’s easier for the children to begin and settle in at a new school. If you currently live near family who often babysit for you, you should consider how you will manage without this when you move.

Moving Costs

The cost of moving is never cheap. Hiring moving companies, moving your belongings, or even hiring a truck to move your things yourself if possible can be more expensive than you realize, especially if you’re moving a long distance.

If you are relocating due to your career, you might find it helpful to ask your employer whether or not they offer any relocation packages. Many organizations offer relocation packages and even pay for house-hunting trips for employees who are required to relocate to another area because of work. Some employers will also offer networking or outplacement services for both you and your partner, which you will be able to benefit from as this will help you to get to know people and find new opportunities in Victoria.

Cost of Living

Although you may be comfortable living on your current salary, if the cost of living in Victoria is higher than the cost of living in your current state, you may find that you can’t live quite as comfortably. In other cases, you might find that the cost of living in Victoria is actually cheaper. Either way, it’s important that you have a good idea of how much living in the area will cost you.

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With summer fast approaching and the kids getting out of school, it is time to start planning your summer family vacations. If you are looking for a rental condo for your summer vacation check A condo has many amenities for your vacation you would never be able to find at a hotel.

Benefits of Renting a Condo

Renting a luxury condo for your summer vacation can make for an unforgettable family vacation. A condo has the amenities of a resort with the comforts of home. Condos come equipped with living rooms, full bedrooms, and full kitchens. They can reduce your expenses for food while vacationing because you can cook at your condo. With having more space, you will be able to have more people stay at a condo comfortably. A luxury condo will have amenities like pools, saunas, or exercise rooms.

These amenities are usually extra at resorts and most hotels do not offer these amenities. Vacationers with small children love having the ability to wash clothes in a condo. Most condos come with a laundry room which gives vacationers the freedom to wash clothes as they need them. This means that vacationers can pack fewer clothes and have more room to bring things with them on vacation or take souvenirs home with them at the end of their vacations. Most condos are closer to areas with the best shopping, activities, and restaurants within walking distance. This saves on the cost of gas to get to the places your family wants to go.

In some luxury condo rentals, you have added privacy with private pools, balconies, and grills. These added extras give you the privacy you want to spend time with your family. Also, being in a condo there are fewer people to share all the amenities with. Some luxury condos also offer free equipment use. The equipment usually consists of bikes, beach chairs, or beach umbrellas. Having access to all this equipment for no added cost is very budget friendly. The biggest perk of renting a condo is that you can take your beloved pets. No pet owner wants to leave their fur babies behind when they go on vacation.

When you rent a condo you are given the freedom to bring your pet and they are able to enjoy the vacation with you and your family. When you start your vacation planning this year, look into renting a condo. Most condos are comparable in price to hotels, but they have many more amenities. The added amenities can make your condo rental just as budget friendly as your hotel rental. When you rent a condo you are getting all the luxuries of pools and exercise rooms with more privacy than at a hotel.

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In Midtown and the City, there was no overhang of new stock directed at the investment market, but rather a collection of niche or boutique developments aimed at owner-occupiers. Even in the recession, proportionally fewer office jobs were lost in the greater diversity of sectors present in Midtown and the City fringes compared to the City Core and Canary Wharf. As a result the demand side saw less of a downturn in these two sub-markets and the evidence indicates that demand from owner-occupiers has recovered most rapidly here. In Bloomsbury, the sale of three bedroom mansion block flats has been particularly strong between £650,000 and £1 million.

Another factor, related to the availability of cash or equity, is the ageprofile of typical buyers in the three sub-markets. In our experience, have had less time to build up cash savings, inheritances or to generate equity through past price increases in the property market. Docklands was a mortgage-driven market, whether for owneroccupiers or investors, and mortgages in the first half of 2009 were like gold dust. Docklands is not likely to significantly recover until the banks begin to offer mass-market mortgage products at attractive rates.

On the other hand, the profile of Midtown and City buyers has tended to be older. Often these buyers have substantial cash savings that can be combined with equity from other property and other sources to purchase property outright, or with very limited borrowings. They are not risk-laden first-time or investor buyers, but rather established individuals, couples and families undertaking their third or fourth purchase of a principal private residence. This demand profile helped to sustain transaction levels in the first half of 2009.

The fact that the City’s residential market has been less affected than other areas by the downturn in the current cycle, demonstrates the growing maturity of the residential market. It is worth remembering that when Hurford Salvi Carr first opened in Clerkenwell in 1996, there was only a limited number of homes in the City, predominantly in the Barbican. 13 years later, over 10,000 people live within a short walk of St Paul’s Cathedral and demand for homes outstrips supply. buyers in Docklands have tended to be younger. As a result, they

More information about area

  • Limehouse Basin Property Guide
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If you are a new landlord the challenges presented by looking after your property and its contents as well as keeping your tenants happy can at times seem overwhelming.  There are all of the day to day things to worry about such as ongoing maintenance work as well as collecting the rent of course but what about the annual checks and other bits and pieces that can creep up on you?

Let this simple guide walk you through the basics and help ease you into your new life as a landlord, avoiding these potential pitfalls.

Check and Check  Again

If your property has any gas supply for a hob or central heating for example then it s important that annual safety checks are performed by a certified engineer. The checks are thorough and ensure that the gas supply is correctly fitted with no corroding pipes or lose connections. They also check to make sure that the deadly Carbon Monoxide gas is not being produced.


Once the checks have been performed you will receive a certificate declaring your gas supply safe and fit for purpose. The engineer keeps a copy, presents one to your tenants and you receive a copy too ensuring that everyone has access to the information. Another important thing to check are any electrical appliances that you are providing, including white goods. When these items have been checked they should be fitted with compliance stickers around the wire near the plug with a re-test date on them.

Doing It Yourself

It is possible to test things yourself using equipment bought from a specialist shop such as PASS but ensure that you are knowledgeable enough to do so before performing checks yourself. If you are planning to own a number of properties it may be beneficial to train yourself to perform these tests to save paying out for a professional for each property.

On this train of thought, it is always a good plan to ensure that you have at least a basic grasp of DIY and household jobs such as how to fix a leaky tap, the flush on a toilet or how to patch up a marked wall.  Some DIY jobs are much easier than you think and so problems can be easily solved with a quick bit of a research. Otherwise, perhaps look into a basic skills course to top up your knowledge and help save the pennies whilst keeping your property ship shape.

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Construction levels and new-build prices will rise this year, according to developers and housebuilders surveyed for Knight Frank’s annual Housebuilding Report.


The report  findings are based on a wide-ranging survey of the housebuilding industry, with more than 100 respondents. After the Budget in March, some respondents were asked for their reactions, and these results are also included in the report.

The Government’s multi-billion Help to Buy scheme has boosted buyer interest levels since its introduction at the start of April, housebuilders say. This is reflected in the survey, which shows that the proportion of respondents expecting a rise in new-build activity this year rose from 69% before the Budget to 75% afterwards. However it is unlikely that the pick up in activity will bridge the wide housing supply gap still in evidence across the UK.

More than half of respondents also expect new-build prices to rise in 2013, with 15% expecting prices to climb by between 5% and 10%, and there is also an expectation that development land values will climb too.

The report also shows levels of demand for different types of housing, and while buyer interest is still highest for three-bedroom family homes, there has also been a notable rise in demand for apartments – suggesting some return of the city centre markets which have been very muted since the financial crisis.

The sector is still facing some headwinds however. Housebuilders identify a lack of development funding as one of they key risks to the sector, and also raise concerns about the new planning framework and the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

The Housebuilding Report examines these factors in more detail.

More information from –

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osUGL, the Australian owner of property adviser DTZ, says a demerger of the company is looking more likely.

The Sydney-listed global diversified services company made the comment in a sombre filing this week giving its latest earnings guidance and market forecast.

The statement comes two months after UGL revealed a demerger was one of the options being considered as part of a strategic review of the entire group.

In the latest earnings guidance, UGL wrote: ‘With the assistance of UGL’s legal and investment banking advisers, a three-phase review is being conducted. The board has noted that a demerger appears more likely than other options to optimise value for UGL shareholders.’

However, a demerger is not a foregone conclusion. UGL added: ‘The review is subject to completion of Phase 3 which will examine a number of significant issues including structural, tax, refinancing and progress of DTZ global integration.’

UGL acquired DTZ in December 2011 for €90 mln.


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Kapiti coast also known as The Golden Coast is the section of the coast toward the end of North Island of New Zealand and about 45 minutes from Wellington Capital City.

This thin coastal plains sit just below the Tararua Range and most famous for its island, Kapiti Island which is pest free bird sanctuary where a permit is required to visit the island.

Kapiti Coast District area is approximately 730 square kilometres including Townships of Paekakariki, Paraparaumu, Waikanae and Otaki.

There is great opportunity at the moment to Buy property at Kapiti Coast district due to the slow demand from the public but it will not stay that way for long as we can see the great growth the district going to experience in the next few years.

As of June 2009, the total population of Kapiti Coast district is around 49,000 people and is one of the fastest population growth in New Zealand.

The median age of the district’s population is 44.5 years which is older than the national median age of 35.9 years reflecting the tendency of older people to move to Kapiti Coast District for its better climate and easier pace of life.

There is quite a few big development projects going on at Kapiti Coast District in the pipeline including extension of expressway and $1 billion Retail and Business park development at Kapiti Landing which will create up 5000 jobs.

This Huge development will comprise of Big-box shopping mall, Restaurants and Cafes, about 4000 car parks and possibilities also of a Gym, Hotel and Conference facilities.

The following are just a couple of statements we received on the major reasons people chose to live in Kapiti Coast District :

“For my family, living and working on the coast means spending days and weekends amongst familiar faces and family. I love the size of the community, its small enough to bring security via people we trust and love, yet big enough to provide variety, growth and the occasional surprise.

The beach is a major part of life for us. A spontaneous early morning coastal run is a great kick start to the day, and fuels the lungs with fresh sea air, and the senses with Kapiti’s natural beauty. The passing traffic include fit freaks, mums with buggy’s, and retiree’s out for their daily constitutional walks, with a friendly nod from all”


“It is indeed a magical spot with the beach just a stones throw away and the hills in the background. Kapiti Island out to see and native bush minutes away. This truly is a stunning place to live”


“We live in Raumati Beach just a couple of minutes stroll to the beach. The lifestyle here is fantastic for young & old alike. For young families the schools, colleges & Kindy’s are great, the beach is really safe, the fishing is fantastic!”

If you are considering moving to Kapiti Coast, the following websites are a good place to start :


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The aftermath of the economic turmoil has sent many economies of the world including UK and New Zealnd , on the downward spiral. The massive slowdown had hit the realty sector and resulted in the drop of real estate properties. However, the real estate market in UK is on the road to recovery. It has shown some positive signs of growth and people are showing interest in buy-to-let properties. In the turbulent times like this, buy-to-let property is the safest bait and considering the fact that mortgage rates have been low, it is advisable to invest in buy-to-let properties that are the major source of earing short term gains in the form of rents. Therefore, the real estate sector offers great investment opportunity for those who want to mint money without undertaking major risks. For investors who are already in real estate investing business, this is a golden opportunity as they can crack amazing deals at low prices. However, one needs to consider following suggestions before plunging in the huge real estate market. read more >>

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In the last few months, there has been a considerable rise in wellington’s residential
property values. It is still categorized by watchful buyers. In the last 3 months, National
property value rose by 1.1% and also gained around 2.9% over the last year. In fact, values are
presently 2.9% below the market peak. Also, there has been a considerable rise in the market
activity over the last few months that are distinctive for the present period. According to Janna
Ingerson, QV Research Director, still, there are property shortages for sale in few areas and
buyers are careful and cautious.

The QV figures came after the wellington Real Estate Institute figures. The institute figures showed that
home sales increased by 39% in the month of February with a caution note that there remains a
listings shortage. Moreover, in Auckland, residential wellington property values rose by 1.7% over the last
few months and were around 4.9% in the end, holding its place as a fastest rising main centre.
The rise in New Zealand’s residential property values was obvious as even in Hamilton the
values rose by 0.9%. Whereas in Taranga it increased by 1%.

In Wellington, the residential property values have not changed reflecting a fall in the 1st 6
months and a bounce back in the 2nd 6-month period. The prices in wellington were tautening
and listings are on rise. Buyers are being alert particularly with the restricting of public sector
and its impact on job safety in the arena. Furthermore, property values in the area Christ church
increased by 4% in the last few years and was at peak in the year 2007. In Dunedin, the value
increased by 2.3% over the last few years.

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As the real estate market of New Zealand has fallen down, the market is struggling to uphold a momentum. This state also saw a downfall of 17% on the properties sold in the last few months. However, this situation did not stop the commentators in analyzing them. The median price in New Zealand also fell $10,000 – $350,000 in the same period. According to the reports of the analysts, the housing market in New Zealand is under great pressure.

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County Homesearch is such a company that deals with the top-level London properties. It has its offices all over the nation. County Homesearch detects properties with hotspots condition. They get all the in formations regarding a property and they deal only with such properties that are exceptional in circumstances according to the Jonathan Haward who is the chairman of County Homesearch.

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Research firm Global Property Guide published in Delo newspaper details of how prices for property of living places have undergone a major change in a few cities over the year gone by. Over the last year gone by reduction in property prices have been fixed in Riga. There have been significant reduction in these prices in some nations like the Unites Arab Emirates which recorded a 50% fall while Singapore showed a 24.9% fall and Property in Ukraine also showed a 26.6.% reduction in prices. Estonia was not far behind with a fall of 30.8%.

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Split, Croatia is a great holiday spot for many tourists and they take lot of enjoyment and happiness by visiting Split along with their families. The city is located by the Adriatic coast and the climate is very good. Every year, the city receives nearly 2700 hours of sun and tourists can really enjoy the shining of the sun. Planning a holiday in Split is very easy and convenient and you can always use a web site to reserve an apartment.

Rents in Split apartments are very affordable and moderate. If you are booking an apartment in Split, you are making a very good choice for your family as the rent price is very low as compared to hotel rooms. The rent price will be well within your budget and you would be very happy to arrange your accommodation in Split apartments. If you are looking for cheap accommodation take a look at discount last minute Split travel deals.

There are many places in Split, Croatia to visit which are very beautiful to enjoy. The city carries a 1700 history of archaeology, culture and monuments which include Palace of Diolcetian. In order to understand about the history of the city, you also need to visit Museum of Croatia which was established in 1893. There is also another Museum which is one of the oldest in Croatia built in 1820. There are huge and valuable collections treasured in this museum. Museum of Marine, Natural Science, Art gallery and collection of Franciscan Monastery are all some of the exquisite places you can visit in the city of Split.

Once you begin your vacation, you may not find time to pay a visit to each and every place, because you would be spending lot of time in getting to know about the history and monuments of the city. But at the end of the day, you will be very comfortable and feel satisfied that you have done a wonderful job by visiting Split.

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Currency trading forecast provides you with the information, that is based on the currency trade analysis, about the opportunities to earn a profit at the currency trade market. Currency trading forecast software offers you the information when and what you should buy or sell. You may get the currency trading forecast about Stop Loss Points or Target Levels directly on your mobile phone if you have no access to computer during your journey. The currency trading forecast will help you to know the ins and outs of currency trade market.

Currency trading forecast is published every day at 7:00pm during a week and at 3:00 on Sunday. Currency trading forecast is true till 4:30pm of the following trading day. There are different currency trade software, that provides currency trading forecast. Among the various currency trading forecasts, the GVIForex website offers you the information, based on the currency trade analysis from professional experts in successful currency trade. The other resource of currency trading forecast is There you will find news about currency trade market. Currency trade careerists as well as beginners take part in currency trading forecast forums all around the world, where they interchange successful currency trade techniques and research. The currency trading forecast is the perfect way to gain the information that you need to get a clear idea about the currency trade companies.

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As with any new business it is essential that you set up a detailed and realistic business plan, to ensure you have made provisions for any potential problems that may arise, and also so that you can budget enough money to set up your business and start trading straight away. There are some specific financial issues you will have to plan for in the real estate business and these include:

* Personal Expenses – real estate agents may need to travel long distances to meet potential clients and show properties, and so you will need to make allowances for personal expenses such as petrol, food and lodgings for you and any staff you employ.
* Marketing Campaigns – real estate agents rely on effective marketing to generate new business, (both in terms of getting properties on your books and selling them for a commission) and you will need to allocate a generous amount of your projected income to marketing. The general guide for a successful real estate business is to allocate 10% of the generated commissions to marketing campaigns, but if you are setting up a new real estate business then you may not be earning enough yet to spend this much on marketing. In this case you should try to concentrate on one or two low cost marketing methods such as a good website (this can cost as little as $40 per month) or a weekly advert in the local paper, and keep a close eye on how these methods are working for you to ensure they are cost effective.

* Business Stationary – real estate businesses generate a lot of printing needs, from business cards through to direct mailing campaigns, so it is very important to allocate some of your start up business budget to real estate printing. You can get some great deals from online printers such as, and once you have set up an account you can use the in-house software to create your own custom made designs (or even you can use one of the standard templates provided), and then you can order as many prints as you need from this proof once you are happy with the final layout.

* Real Estate License and Membership Fees– to legally sell real estate your company will need to have applied for a special real estate state license, and if you are covering other jurisdictions you will need to apply for an ‘out of state’ license as well. You may also be required to pay professional membership fees to Real Estate School .

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comments on the 2009 Budget

Key Highlights:

* Stamp duty holiday for properties under £175,000 extended until the end of 2009
* Homeowner Mortgage Support Scheme widened to include those in negative equity
* £400m gap-equity funding to restart stalled developments
* Extension to HomeBuy Direct shared equity scheme by 10,000 properties
* Additional funding for social housing including £100m for local authority building

(1) Impact of the 2009 Budget on the UK housing market

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The UK’s annual rate of inflation has dropped to its lowest level since April last year.

The inflation rate fell to a nine-month low in January as a drop in fuel and housing costs eased pressure on prices while the recession deepened.

The Consumer Prices Index fell to 3 % in December down from 3.1 % official figures have shown. Inflation has now fallen for four straight months from a high of 5.2% in September and driven down as prices of fuel, home rents, food and drink fell.

Upward pressure on inflation came from prices of games and toys, furniture, household appliances and alcohol, the statistics office said. Discounts in December were larger than a year earlier, meaning falls in prices in January were less than usual.

The decline is less than expected – the forecast was for an annual rate of 2.7% and this could be due in part to a reluctance by retailers to slash prices further after heavy discounting in December.

It’s predicted that we could see further price cuts as a result. Simon Webster, a Christian finance expert, tells Premier what the drop actually means.

“For the average man on the street prices are still going up but are going up more slowly. The cut in VAT, which I believe has had very little effect of the economy, has bought down the prices of most things by 2.5 %.”

But Mr Webster added that the real issue is that people are not as willing to spend their money anymore.

“They are hoarding their cash just in case they lose their job. Until confidence returns to the market I think we are going to see confidence fall still further.”

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Al momento della compravendita si acquista la casa, non il terreno su cui sorge. E’ importante sapere quanti anni di Lease sono rimasti. Alla scadenza di tale anni, si e’ obbligati a pagare nuovamente una quota d’affitto per il terreno, altrimenti il proprietario terrerio torna in possesso della vostra casa (la norma della lunghezza dei lease in Centro di Londra sono dalle 60 -100 anni)

Freehold: Al momento della compravendita si acquista sia la casa, sia il terreno su cui sorge. (Sono le proprieta’ piu costose)


Acqua, Luce e Gas utenze che naturalmente dovrete pagare vivendo all’interno di un’ immobile.

case lusso londra vendita , immobiliare londra , compravendite immobiliari londra

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