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London has always been a property hotspot, and it is now a magnet for foreign investors who are snapping up properties as investment opportunities.

A survey carried out for Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has revealed that many investors from overseas are now buying properties that are suitable for first time buyers.

These are being used in the most part as buy to let property investments and often hold them in offshore tax havens.

Foreign Investors
Many of these foreign investors originate from countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore, and between 2014 and 2016, they purchased 3,600 of the 28,000 newly built homes in the capital. Around half of these were priced between 200,000 and 500,000, which was targeted at the first time buyers market, given that the average first time home in London costs 405,000. In addition to this, a third of new homes in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and the City were also sold to overseas investors.

Sadiq Khan and the London boroughs are so concerned by this trend that they have called for blocks on foreign buyers until Londoners themselves have had an opportunity to buy. Seen as unfair, many are alarmed that this housing is not going to the buyers it was intended for.

One in eight of all new homes being constructed in Tower Hamlets, Greenwich and Wandsworth are being purchased by foreign investors.

Investment Types
Of the residential properties being bought by foreign investors, 70% are purchased as rental investments, whilst 15% were bought by businesses. A sixth of these were based in the well known tax havens of the British Virgin Islands, Channel Islands, Isle Of Man and the Cayman Islands.

Mayor Of London
Increasing pressure has fallen onto the shoulders of the Mayor Of London, largely from his own housing board who feel he should ensure that more homes are made available to Londoners first. They have called for particular measures to focus on homes priced for first time buyers.

Sadiq Khan has expressed his concern at the matter, and has pledged to keep the supply of affordable homes as his top priority. Nonetheless, he also understands the important role played by international investment, which provides developers with the finance they need to continue to increasing the supply of homes in the first place. Khan is yet to announce the measures he intends to put in place.

This is not an isolated incident, as the trend now also seems to be spreading to Manchester.

Research has shown that much of Londons largest residential development required overseas investment to get it off the ground. London has long been an attractive area to foreign investors, and has shown to be somewhere safe to keep their money, particularly if the buyer originates from a more unstable region. However, this has lead to concerns are using London homes to hide the proceeds of corruption.

With new apartment complexes in Southwark and Elephant and Castle being bough entirely by foreign investors, concerns are still being raised about the levels of investment being made and the potential under-occupancy of those properties.

Whilst foreign investment is necessary for any city, it is important that the residents of that city have somewhere to reside and so measures will need to be carefully considered to strike the right balance.

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Recently, we posted about the property bubble in London. London properties are selling at huge prices and presenting lucrative possibilities for investors. But its not the only place where investment opportunities are available. All over the country, there are possibilities that you may want to consider. There are a few reasons investing in property could be the right decision for you. Its one way to keep your money safe. Homes dont tend to depreciate. If the market does fall, it rises again eventually. Therefore, you know your money will always be protected. Though, not necessarily readily available. As well as this, theres a possibility to grow your finances through property investment. You can wait for the market to rise and sell the property you bought on for a higher price.

If youre interested in this idea, lets look at how you could do it.


Buy The Property

First, you need to think about what type of property you want. Dont forget that the property you choose is going to appeal to specific buyers or renters. For instance, small, one bedroom flats are going to appeal to young, single, workers. While bigger houses will be great for young couples. When you think about buying property, youve always got to consider who youll be selling it to. This is the best way to get a great property that is going to be valuable to you. Essentially, the advice here is to always keep the target buyer in mind.


By doing this, youll know what traits to look for in the specific property. For instance, if youre going to let to students theyll probably settle for the bare minimum. But they still want the property to be quite modern and attractive. Alternatively, young couples are more interested in security. Theres no point in investing in a great little family home if its in an area with a high crime rate. Think about these issues before you commit to making an offer on property. Theres probably a reason its selling for a low price.


You can look online to find properties to view and consider purchasing. For instance, businesses like Redbrick Property Management have a number of great properties for sale right now. If you check out their website, youll be able to view them and look at pricing.


Getting The Money Sorted

One of the biggest challenges people face investing in property is not having the money available to buy. Very few people have enough money in hand to buy a second home. Instead, they have to borrow. If youre borrowing to buy, make sure your credit rating is perfect. That way, you wont be charged a fortune in interest for the amount you borrow. Be careful that you dont borrow too much as well. Remember its easy to get on the property ladder and a lot harder to climb off.

Ultimately property investment could be the right choice for you. But you need to be sensible. Make sure you know the type of commitment youre making and what it could entail.

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So, you’re a landlord, and you’ve just purchased a new home. Now is when your hard work really begins. You need to focus on making your home as tenant friendly as you can. There is always work that needs to be done whenever you get a new property. You need to make investments that are going to yield returns in the long term.

So, have a look at the ideas in this guide, and use them to help you. You’ve got to focus on making sure the home looks great and is perfect for people to start moving in. These are some of the key things you’re going to need to focus on when you do that.

Clean Carpets

One of the key things you’re going to need to sort out with the place is cleaning the carpets. This is an essential step before you can start moving people in. The carpets are one of the areas of the home that attract the most dirt and dust. If they are a light colour, in particular, they are going to be a nightmare to keep clean. So you need to make sure you give them a thorough and professional clean right away. There are many different ways to clean carpets, and you might want to involve specialists. Make sure the carpets are spotless for your tenants.

Sort the Roof

There are often problems with any property, and some can be more of an issue. One of the most important parts of any home is the roof. This is integral to the rest of the building as a safety and security feature. And that’s why it’s important that you look for more info about roof repairs as soon as you can. There are bound to be some tweaks and repair jobs that will need doing on the roof. This is something you cannot and should not ignore. Make sure you get these issues sorted as soon as they arise.

Check the Locks

You might want to check out the lock situation in the home. Your tenants are going to be very conscious of security and safety. This is why it’s imperative that the locks on the home are as good as they can be. So you need to check these out thoroughly. It might be the case that you need to get additional locks fitted. Or you might even consider replacing the entire locking system completely. It might be a good idea to consult with a trusted locksmith who can help you make this decision.

Sort Out Repairs

There are bound to be repair jobs that need to be done in and around the home. This is almost unavoidable, and it’s part and parcel of being a landlord. So make sure you get these repair jobs done as soon as you can. You don’t want the tenants ringing you every week because they’ve found something else that needs to be fixed. Get these jobs all sorted, so the house is in the best possible condition to be letting out.


As an aspiring landlord, you can’t mess about with this sort of thing. You have to make sure get the place as perfect as possible. Always have your tenants’ interests at heart, and don’t try to cut corners. They will know if you do, and you’ll lose their business to your rivals. Follow this guide, and get the home prepared to start welcoming tenants.


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Outbuildings provide useful external space on your property. Buildings of this kind extend your property’s footprint by providing valuable room.

The size of outbuildings varies considerably from one property to another. From an old outside toilet to a gigantic hay barn, the size will determine how the outbuilding can realistically be used. The current condition of your outbuilding may necessitate structural work to make it sound. With the correct planning consent your outbuilding could be a goldmine. Either rented or simply enjoyed by you and your family, outbuildings are valuable assets.


Office Space

Many workers work remotely, either on a self-employed basis or an employed one. Home offices are commonplace in many homes up and down the country. Accommodating working hours, they provide a space for performing tasks unrelated to the home. A dedicated office enables you to close the door at the end of the working day. This provides a metaphorical and physical divide between your home and work life. Even if you don’t work from home, a dedicated space for your PC and documents is a bonus. An outhouse is an ideal location for a home office. Separated from your main residence, it is nevertheless easy to reach with just a short walk to work!



Turn your outbuilding into a workshop. Workshops are handy rooms for doing ‘dirty’ work that isn’t conducive to perform in the home. Your hobby may be carpentry where wood shavings regularly pepper the floor. A workshop allows you to spread out your tools without fear of dripping polish onto clean surfaces. It provides space to set up a large workbench and free-standing equipment. Workshops provide a storage hold for paints, gardening tools or domestic cleaning chemicals. In short, a workshop is the perfect ‘man cave’ for getting dirty in!


Holiday Let

When family come to stay a converted outbuilding is fit for purpose. The size will determine how much living accommodation it will fit in. At the very least, design the space to include a comfy bedroom and en suite. If you decide to use the conversion as a holiday let or tenanted building, you will need to add in extras. A kitchenette and lounge area are essentials. Enhance your guests’ enjoyment with quality fittings and fixtures. Furnish it with sturdy pieces that have all the comforts of home. Provide the unexpected like a four-poster bed and charge holidaymakers for the privilege. Create a two-bedroomed space to accommodate even more guests. Introduce double latex mattresses for a good night’s sleep, and a chaise longue in a restful boudoir.



Artistic homeowners will benefit from a dedicated studio. Painters can set up their easels and paints with relish. Crafters can install a purpose-designed craft table with storage for the tools of their trade. Home sewers have a light and airy space dedicated to making and mending clothes. A studio is a creative room, designed to be filled with natural light for close work. Easels, pottery wheels, and sewing machines are all equally happy in a studio environment. So unleash your creative streak with a purpose-built onsite studio in the garden.

Whether used as a money-maker or simply for personal use, utilise your outbuilding and benefit from the extra space it affords.

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If you’re planning on selling your home, you have a lot to consider before you go ahead. This guide is going to point out a few of the most important things you need to think about, so you can be sure you’re ready:


Should You Really Sell?

In some cases, it might be better for you to stay where you are. For example, if you’re moving to get more space, it might be more beneficial for you to have an extension instead. You could add some space on or even dig out your basement – whatever works for you. Moving costs a lot of money so you might save a substantial amount by simply adding space on to your home. Also, depending on house prices, you might not be able to afford one bigger than you’re already in anyway. So it would be much better for you to add space on, when you think about it!


Who Will Sell the Property?

There are a few different ways you can sell your property. You can either go about it yourself, pick an online estate agent, or a regular estate agent. Choosing an estate agent isn’t easy, so make sure you’re ready to pick the best one for you by doing a ton of research.


What Price Will You Put it Up for?

This is probably the hardest decision you’ll make when selling your home. You’ll need to do lots of research on the current state of the market, and have your house valued by professionals. You may want to use a couple to get an idea of your asking price. Don’t always go for the highest valuation, but remember to add around 10% on to what you’re prepared to accept. People will always try to reduce the cost and haggle you down.


Is Your Home Ready to Be Viewed?

There are so many ways you can get your home ready to be viewed by buyers. Don’t just leave it as it is and hope for the best. Putting a little bit of effort in at this stage can actually get you a higher offer! Get rid of any bad odours, and ‘stage’ your home to make it look better. De-clutter, and make it look more neutral with light paint. This helps people to imagine what they’ll do with it when they move in. You can even do things like bake bread; it gives people a ‘homely’ feeling!


Solicitor or Conveyancer?

You’ll need to look for a suitable solicitor or conveyancer when selling your home. You can start by looking at conveyancing solicitors and seeing what they can offer you. You might like to ask for advice from people who have sold their home to help you.

There’s so much more to think about when selling your property; this is just the beginning! However, if you choose suitable companies and services to help you, it shouldn’t be too difficult at all. The more you consider the things in this guide and take appropriate action, the sooner you’ll sell your home! Good luck!

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Property investment is a tricky game, and there are lots of things to look out for. It can be a risky business, so you need to make sure you’re fully prepared. Before you buy a property, think about these four things below.


You have to consider your investment aims before you buy a property. What are you hoping to do with the property you purchase? Will you be investing in a house that you want to add value to and sell for a profit? Or are you buying something that you’re going to rent out to people looking for somewhere to live? Get your aims sorted because it will be a factor in what properties you should be looking at buying.


Obviously, you need to be aware of the property price before you invest in it. There’s no point investing in something that you can’t make money off of. I’d recommend you do some market research or hire a property investment firm to help you out. Once you’ve understood house prices and what makes a good investment, then you’ll be in a much better place. You don’t want to buy something that’s too expensive. Otherwise, it could be hard to make money off it in the future.


There are so many people out there looking to make money at someone else’s expense. We see scammers in all aspects of life, they prey on the naive. It’s easy for a beginner to get scammed when venturing into the property investment world. There are loads of scams, ranging from a property investment seminar to overseas owners. Although each scam is different and intricate, they all have the same purpose. Their purpose is to take your money and give you something that’s worth far less than what you paid for. It’s important you keep an eye out for scammers when you invest in any property.


Consider whether or not you want to invest in properties alone or with partners. It can make sense to do it all alone, particularly if you’ve got the financial ability. It means that all your investments are 100% yours, and the money you make from them is all for you. But, some people may prefer to have partners and invest as a team. This saves you money on your investment, as the cost is split among however many partners you have. So it’s a good way to build a property portfolio with a group of other investors. You can still make money this way, and you may be able to invest in more properties at the same time. It depends on which option you think is best for you.


Once you’ve considered all these different aspects, you’ll be ready to start investing. I can’t stress enough how important it is you’re well prepared. Without preparation, you’re at risk of making failed investments and losing lots of money. But, if you’re prepared, then it’s easier to make money and create a successful property portfolio. Property investment doesn’t have to be difficult, just make sure you’re knowledgeable beforehand.

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Research has suggested that British property buyers are becoming increasingly interested in the Italian property market. According to online real estate specialist Gate-Away, which specialises in foreign buyers of Italian properties, UK purchasers are showing more interest in Italian properties and are also turning their interest to higher-value properties than they were before.

The number of requests received by Gate-Away from potential buyers in the UK has increased very significantly year-on-year. Comparing figures from the first quarter of this year with the initial three months of 2014 shows an increase of 87.5% in enquiries from British residents.

As well as making more requests in relation to Italian properties, British buyers on average are looking at more expensive properties now than they were twelve months ago. Indeed, the value of Italian properties catching the interest of British buyers has increased even more drastically than the number of enquiries, growing by 90% over the past year. Over the first three months of 2014, the average price of a property that received a request from a UK buyer was €190,000. Over the same period of this year, the average value stood at €324,000.

Requests from UK buyers in relation to properties for sale in Italy with values of less than €100,000 fell, at least as a percentage of the total number of requests. In the first quarter of 2014, 45% of all requests from UK residents related to properties in this price bracket. During the same period of this year, they made up just 39% of overall requests. Properties with values over €500,000, meanwhile, were the subject of only 4.9% of requests in the first three months of last year but this was up to 10.7% in the initial quarter of this year.

The UK is one of the Italian property market’s major sources of international interest, generating more requests than any other single country. Overall, 17.6% of all requests in relation to Italian properties that Gate-Away receives come from the UK. The USA takes second place, providing 14.2% of all requests, followed by France which makes up 9.3%.

Gate-Away predicts that the UK’s top billing in this regard is likely to continue, thanks to exchange rates which lean very much in favour of British buyers in euro zone markets. With the pound in a very strong position against the euro at present, UK purchasers are finding that the exact same sterling budget translates into a noticeably larger quantity of Euros than it would a year ago. This makes higher-value properties more accessible and lower-value properties more attractively-priced.

However, Gate-Away commercial director Simone Rossi says that the increase in the value of properties that attract the interest of UK buyers goes “even beyond the depreciation of the Euro against the pound.”

“More and more Brits than ever are being driven by the favourable economic climate and are finding that the Italian real estate market is far from inaccessible,” Rossi continued.

The region which attracted the most interest from UK buyers was Puglia, which accounted for 13.9% of all requests. In this regard, Puglia has displaced long-standing favourite Tuscany which was the subject of 11.8% of requests.

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With the surge in popularity of buy-to-let mortgages, becoming a landlord and letting out property to tenants has become a popular investment choice. It’s an attractive proposition, of course: not only do you get the regular benefits of property investment and the freedom of self-employment, it can be a profitable venture from the very start with a regular monthly income. However, just because entering the rental market is easier than ever, it doesn’t mean you should just rush into it. The wise landlord should consider a few simple steps to protect their investment.

Protecting your income

One of the biggest problems that landlords face is the issue of late payments or even ongoing arrears by non-paying tenants. Even a single missed payment can send costs spiralling out of control and cause you to struggle paying the mortgage. A service like Rite on Time can remove this headache by guaranteeing your tenants’ rent every single month, whether the tenant pays or not. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ll even take care of the administration after missed payments and – if necessary – handle eviction as well. Ritehome can also conduct tenant checks before you let the property.


While you’re not legally required to have insurance as a landlord, it’s virtually a necessity unless you’re prepared to pay out of pocket for any mishaps. Building insurance will cover structural damage or even total destruction if necessary, while contents insurance will cover your possessions – such as white goods or furniture – from accidental or deliberate damage, depending on your policy. If you struggle to find a tenant at any point, you can get insurance to cover the unoccupied property while it’s vacant. Finally, liability insurance is important to cover any injury or death on your property: in some cases, this may be enforced by the local authority or a university, if your tenants are students.

Statutory Requirements

Your property isn’t just an investment opportunity, it’s somebody’s home – so you have both a legal and moral requirement to carry out certain checks or risk huge fines, imprisonment, injury or even death. At the start of every tenancy, an electrical safety check must be carried out by a specialist electrician – including a PAT test for electrical items supplied for the tenant’s use. Any gas appliances must undergo a similar check by a registered engineer. Less pressing, but also important, is the requirement for an Energy Efficiency Certificate – not only is this an obligation that helps save energy, it could cut energy bills for you or your tenants.

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The process of finding or selling a property has been transformed in recent times, and now it is much easier and more straightforward than ever. The reason for this is the rise of the internet, and now there are fantastic online estate agents where you can easily find a property and not have to pay for pricey fees that you would if you were to go with high street estate agents. It also means that a large chunk of the process can be done from the comfort of your own home too, which makes it a less stressful and more enjoyable process, plus lots more benefits. Long gone are the days of looking for properties in the local paper, by walking around the town or by looking in the windows of estate agents, instead you simply go online and visit one of the many property portals.


With your property up on one of these sites it means that millions of people will be able to see it, all around the world and 24 hours a day. There will be high quality photos uploaded, descriptions, floor plans and plenty more, and people looking at your property can easily get in touch to arrange a viewing too. As you can see this is a much more efficient and easier way to advertise your property, and it should lead to a quick sale.


Why you Need an Established Agent

Seeing as finding or selling properties with the internet is now so easy and straightforward, it has meant that there has been a huge surge of online estate agents for you to consider. These estate agents still have a huge amount of work to do, and it is important that you find one that offers a high level of customer service, as this is still something that you need despite the fact that so much of it is done online. This means that you are best off going with an established online estate agent, as this way you know that they have a solid reputation and that lots of people selling properties pick them over other estate agents.


Whether you have used an online agent to sell or look for a property before or not, you will certainly be amazed at just how simple and stress free the process has become, and with the right agent it will all be completed in no time.

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London is one of the world’s most attractive property markets. Buyers and investors from across the globe snap up property in the capital, and they have been in large part responsible for driving up prices in and around the city consistently in the post-war years. The city still poses opportunities for property development, and for investments to turn a profit in both a residential and commercial context.

For those who simply want to find a property for their next move, it can be challenging to find the right place. For investors, it is even tougher. But where are the best deals hiding, and how can you take advantage of these as a property investor?

If you are approaching London looking to buy an investment property, it is essential to have a solid business plan in place. London is an expensive market to buy into, even around the outlying areas, so you need to have a firm idea of where your return is going to come from. Likewise, if you are looking to buy a home for yourself or your family in London, it pays to remember that you won’t get as much for your money as you would in other UK cities.

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Buying to let, buying to hold and even buying to revote are all viable strategies, each with different time horizons for returns. There is a lot of old housing stock in London still, much of it in now up-and-coming areas. This means there are still opportunities in renovating properties for resale. In trendier parts of town, it may be better to opt for a buy to let model, depending on the demographics of the area. This may be a good way to generate a stronger yield on your property over time.

One of the most important elements of investing in London property is understanding the importance of location. Location is absolutely key to value. If Monopoly has taught us anything, it’s that the Old Kent Road is a much less desirable part of town than Mayfair. You need to know the right areas – the parts of the city that are surging forward at the time of your investment. Much of the value of London property is derived from the location, so a fundamental knowledge of the city and its relative demographics is helpful for any investor.

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London can present the property investor with a number of challenges. Finding a property that works within budget, and can guarantee the right levels of return can be difficult. There is high demand for property across the city, and finding the right stock in the right areas is never as straightforward as you would think. To find the best properties to buy, you need to become more familiar with the London property market, and the relative market rates for different types of homes. This will help you make the best possible judgement about the viability of your eventual London property investment.


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As a landlord in London, it is your responsibility to make sure that the properties you rent out are safe and free of any potential hazards, ready for the arrival of tenants. This includes things checking your properties for hidden dangers such as gas leaks, faulty electrical wiring and the very real risk of asbestos. Doing a thorough property check will help you to avoid any number of future problems, including an asbestos claim from an unhappy tenant.

Asbestos use was very popular in the construction industry during the 70s, this is particularly true in London, an area that saw a lot of growth during that time. However, the material, highly desirable among building companies for its insulative, lightweight properties, was found to cause serious health problems, including several types of cancer. Despite the use of asbestos being banned in the 90s, the hazardous material remains prevalent throughout many homes in Britain.

As well as the moral obligation you have to a tenant, it is also your legal responsibility to check your properties for the hidden danger of asbestos. A rented property is considered a business and therefore must adhere to the The Control of Asbestos Regulations of 2006, regulatory guidelines formed under the framework of the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974.

The regulations state that ‘there is a legal requirement to manage asbestos in all non-domestic properties.’ This means that it is necessary for you, as the landlord, to carry out an asbestos survey of any property that you intend to rent out, as well as coming up with an appropriate management plan to deal with the discovery of asbestos.

Checking the wiring in your properties is another responsibility you have as a landlord. Faulty wiring not only poses a the threat of an electric shock, it is a fire hazard too. Negligent landlords are at risk of being issued fines or even prison terms if one of their properties is found to contain faulty wiring. To fulfill your side of the bargain, you need to make sure that your housing is checked over by a registered electrician, and has regular periodic checks thereafter.

As a landlord, you are also obligated to ensure gas safety in your rented properties. You need to check that any housing that you rent out meets the guidelines set out in The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. This means ensuring the maintenance of flues, appliances and pipes, as well as making sure that your properties get annual gas checks.

As a general rule, it is also important that any work you have carried out on your property is done by registered professionals. This will not only help to ensure that the work completed to a high standard, it will also give you a strong legal footing should any issues arise.

Doing things by the book can be rather arduous and energy sapping, however, it will make your life a lot easier in the long run.

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The Brookfield Asset Management, European chairman, James Tuckey, said that the investor had no plan of selling the Canary Wharf stake in the London. Instead, plans are to raise its assets for more coverage in London’s economic center. Canary Wharf is the second largest business district in Britain and its majority owner Songbird Estates attracted the attentions of the Chinese and Qatari investors.

However, James Tuckey said that the Brookfield Asset Management will defend its fifteen percent share must Songbird get any bids from would-be purchasers.

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Heron has succeeded in selling the vast majority of the apartments to owner-occupiers off plan, where the completion date of the scheme is anticipated in three years time. While selling to investors off plan has been achieved regularly in the past, we cannot recall a situation where such advanced sales have been made to owneroccupiers.
One street block to the west, Frobisher Crescent, part of the Barbican Arts and Conference centre has been converted by United House into 69 apartments, completed in May 2010. 45 of the 60 units that were initially marketed have been sold at an average asking price of £1,009 psf, with unit prices ranging from £375,000 to £1.875 million. In terms of pricing, it appears that Frobisher Crescent has benefitted from being in close proximity to Heron’s glitzy tower.

A little further north on the south east corner of Old Street roundabout, Tudorvale launched its Bezier development on 11th March 2010 on completion of the scheme. Comprising two blocks of 14 and 16 storeys, with 126 private apartments, advertised prices averaged £866 psf with a range in unit prices from £325,000 to £3.15 million. The specification includes air-cooling, underfloor heating, impressive kitchens and bathrooms and stunning views over the City from the 5th floor upwards.

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As a lot of things in life, balance is the key and the easiest thing to attain. There is a resonance in lots of areas of our life where ‘reward is commensu rate with risk’. Possible the finest quote in terms of finance when related to the ground rent investment strategies. The balancing process of making a low risk income that significantly and consistently outperforms money deposits is one which a multiple finance managers have fought ever since the phrase ‘prices can go down as well as up’.

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Research firm Global Property Guide published in Delo newspaper details of how prices for property of living places have undergone a major change in a few cities over the year gone by. Over the last year gone by reduction in property prices have been fixed in Riga. There have been significant reduction in these prices in some nations like the Unites Arab Emirates which recorded a 50% fall while Singapore showed a 24.9% fall and Property in Ukraine also showed a 26.6.% reduction in prices. Estonia was not far behind with a fall of 30.8%.

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LONDON November 4th 2009-The UK housing market has a surprising new winner for new buyers attracted to housing in one region. Wales has come out top for enquiries from potential buyers beating London and the South East . The surprise finding comes from The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors'(Rics)

Further good news for Welsh property market came from a RICS poll which also found that 11% more Welsh chartered surveyors said they expected an increase in house prices over the same period – the highest figure for price expectations since April 2007.

Tony Filice of Rics Wales said this “confirmed” the recovery of the housing market in Wales.

According to the Rics’ UK Housing Market survey, the number of surveyors in Wales reporting an increase in inquiries from new buyers rose 12% between August and September.

The good news was balanced with comments from Welsh estate agents commenting on the Welsh property market.

John Nicholas of JJ Morris in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, said: “Buyers lack confidence which is reflected in static or in some cases reduced ‘sale agreeds’.”

Paul Lucas of RK Lucas & Son, also in Haverfordwest, reported that confidence was slowly returning to the market but added: “Finance facilities are still difficult to obtain.”

While in Lampeter, Ceredigion, Andrew Morgan of Morgan & Davies, warned: “Any significant upturn we feel will be delayed to at least next spring as there is still far too much ‘old stock’ to move, which continues to contribute to a stagnation period in the market.”

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Split, Croatia is a great holiday spot for many tourists and they take lot of enjoyment and happiness by visiting Split along with their families. The city is located by the Adriatic coast and the climate is very good. Every year, the city receives nearly 2700 hours of sun and tourists can really enjoy the shining of the sun. Planning a holiday in Split is very easy and convenient and you can always use a web site to reserve an apartment.

Rents in Split apartments are very affordable and moderate. If you are booking an apartment in Split, you are making a very good choice for your family as the rent price is very low as compared to hotel rooms. The rent price will be well within your budget and you would be very happy to arrange your accommodation in Split apartments. If you are looking for cheap accommodation take a look at discount last minute Split travel deals.

There are many places in Split, Croatia to visit which are very beautiful to enjoy. The city carries a 1700 history of archaeology, culture and monuments which include Palace of Diolcetian. In order to understand about the history of the city, you also need to visit Museum of Croatia which was established in 1893. There is also another Museum which is one of the oldest in Croatia built in 1820. There are huge and valuable collections treasured in this museum. Museum of Marine, Natural Science, Art gallery and collection of Franciscan Monastery are all some of the exquisite places you can visit in the city of Split.

Once you begin your vacation, you may not find time to pay a visit to each and every place, because you would be spending lot of time in getting to know about the history and monuments of the city. But at the end of the day, you will be very comfortable and feel satisfied that you have done a wonderful job by visiting Split.

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The basic raw material of your new business or the starting point of your portfolio. So – where do you start – what do you buy? In buying property for investment there are a number of rules that you should follow and it maybe considered a cliché but the first and most important rule is Location Location Location. The second is to identify the type of property you want to buy, having considered what will be easier to let. Next – identify the tenant you want to attract – corporate or otherwise and last but by no means least – what do you intend to spend

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Nicholas King Homes delighted to announce the launch of a new residential apartment development at Lambs Passage, EC1 London, where luxury Studio, 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom apartments will be formally launched for sale at the marketing suite on Thursday 10th September from 12.00 to 21.00.

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An elegant and rare Grade II listed freehold residence built in circa 1825 by Charles Cubltt, discreetly located in one of Bloomsbury’s finest streets.

Full planning permission and listed building consent were granted on the 12th August 2009 for the property to be restored back to a substantial family home. The accomodation will provide 5,100 sq ft of living space.

The finished property would provide numerous notable features including a stunning open plan family room/kitchen and dining area on the lower ground floor leading out to the 60ft garden, a formal dining room and study on the ground floor, two intercommunicating Drawing Rooms on the first floor with floor to ceiling doors opening onto the balcony. A sumptuous master bedroom suite with two dressing rooms and en-suite bathroom, a further five bedrooms and three more bathrooms.

The finished product is a home that would offer a luxurious standard of living fused with period
grandeur, synonymous with this premier London address.Findout more property in clerkenwell

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